In addition to sharing ‘reveals’ of my home interior, I also want to make sure that I am sharing as many posts as I can with small details that I buy for my home. I read so many house magazines and spend hours having a nose at other peoples interior on Instagram, and fall in love all the time with the style and how they have created their homes. However, a huge thing for me with my home is that I always want to get the balance right between it being aesthetically pleasing, as well as being cosy and very homely. As much as I love modern and organised interior that you see in magazines, it is also very unrealistic and to me often not very welcoming. I love the small details in a home, and I especially love buying the little things that make it feel much more welcoming.

I vary so much in terms of what I spend on my home. Obviously, there are so many costs that you simply can’t escape, no matter how many hours you spend surfing the internet trying to find the best deal. To me, I choose to spend more money on my accessories.

Firstly, with little details in the home, often the cheaper products tend to not last as long and generally don’t suit my style. Secondly, I always think to myself that most of the time, when you move, all those things move with you. It isn’t like spending money on an expensive carpet which is definitely going to stay exactly where it is. Interior accessories make me happy, and I adore arranging and rearranging everything to add variation to my theme and keep the interior exciting.

I recently did a little shopping in my favourite interior shop, Biggie Best, choosing quite a few smaller accessories just to simply update a few areas in my flat. Everything I bought definitely follows the style of my home

and I like to think that a lot of the things will come in useful for their practicality. I thought I would put everything together in one place so that you can see everything easily. This is going to be my first ever interior haul on the blog… enjoy!

Plant Pot

In my kitchen I have a small window directly in front of the sink. When I first moved into the flat everything was very new and it took a very long time for me to adjust and start to love certain things about it. In the past few months, I have started to love this area in the kitchen more and more. I love the light that it brings in, especially as I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I love being able to look out when I am cooking. It is such a beautiful area to be able to look out of when doing something so boring, such as the washing up. The windowsill below the window has been something that I have really spent time on trying to make it look pretty. 

In the end, I think I spend just as much time looking at the things on the windowsill as out of the window itself. A few weeks ago I bought this beautiful pink plant, with the intention of having it in front of the sink. I knew it would look perfect in the area, and wanted to put the plant somewhere that I would really look at it and appreciate it. Obviously, with a plant, you need a pretty plant pot. This is where this absolutely gorgeous stone pot comes in, which was the first thing I picked up on my little shopping spree. It was one of those moments when I knew without even processing it that it was exactly what I was looking for, and now it is in place, I think I actually love it even more. It is very subtle and feminine, complimenting the colours of the plant so well, and obviously the grey matching the rest of my interior. For what it is, it was so reasonable, and I have to say, I am very tempted to make my way back for the smaller size!

My Buddha

I have never really been into using Buddha’s to decorate a home, but this one has something different about it. I knew very quickly that it would look perfect in my bedroom, with the idea in my head that it would also make me feel a little bit more relaxed. I am not a great believer in things like that, but when I saw it I actually really loved it. It is quite small, fits in perfectly on my side table and does make me feel peaceful when I look at it. It is also extremely heavy, making me think maybe it is meant to be used as a paper weight or something? The grey tones tie in perfectly with my interior, and it definitely makes me feel much more settles at night. I think sometimes it is just about finding the right variation of something for you.

Tealight Holders

How pretty and dainty are these little things? I fell for these instantly, for their sweet and feminine design, pretty colours, as well as how handy they are when you just want a small candle lit. They match the tones of the flat perfectly, and sparkle extremely subtly when they are lit. I think they really would work in any home.



A big thing for me in the flat since I moved has been starting to replace things that I bought originally to start me off. At the start you obviously have to buy so many things that the majority of the things you own are from IKEA. I am by no means saying IKEA isn’t good, I bloody love it, but it is the kind of shop where you can guarantee pretty much everyone also has the thing you have. My cutlery was one of those things. There is nothing wrong with the IKEA cutlery I have, honestly it was just me getting bored and also a slight craving to have something different. I tried copper cutlery, but that ended badly because I kept putting it in the dishwasher – safe to say my copper cutlery is just now very silver. 

This new set is everything I wanted without me even realising. They are a simple grey design, but I find them a little bit different. They have a slight ‘hippy’ vibe to them which I love, and tie in so well with everything else going on in the kitchen. They are also dishwasher safe which is a bonus πŸ˜‰

Pink Candle

I am only every going to be honest with you guys – I bought this candle mainly for the packaging and because I knew it would make a good Instagram photo! How pretty is it though?! It reminds me of something you would find in a little Parisian boutique or sweet shop, with the thin glass and dainty lid. The scent is actually gorgeous and the pink adds a very subtle splash of colour to my very grey living area. It’s safe to say, I’m sure I can out the candle jar and lid to good use when it has finished!

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