Last week a really good friend of mine and I went to Geneva for a few days. It was a much needed girly trip to somewhere neither of us had been before. It was never really somewhere that I had really thought of going to before, purely because I don’t actually know many people who have been there, or perhaps just voiced that they have been there. When she mentioned it, to begin with it was just a great opportunity for a much needed girls trip away, however as the time approached, I was getting more and more excited about the location. The images I had seen online were so beautiful, and I was really excited to be going somewhere different.


The city was vibrant, with beautiful views and a very Parisian feel without the manic number of people trying to roam the streets.

We landed up going late on the Monday night, so had three whole days to enjoy the city and explore everything we had heard about. Our accommodation was actually in France, just over the border, and we stayed in a little village which was very ‘ski chalet vibes’. It was so beautiful, to be surrounded by the glorious mountains and scenery, with a short journey into the busy city. We landed up booking accomodation quite late, which is why 

 we were quite far out, but in the end it turned out for the best. My face when the taxi driver asked if we wanted to go to France was priceless. However, once I understood our location, and how close it was, I felt a million times better! I think all your feeling are just heighted by tiredness and stress at points like this, as quite frankly the only place you want to be is in bed, ready to enjoy your trip!

Each day we stayed quite close to the city, never venturing out too far. We wanted to make the most out of it and try not to miss anything. In terms of what we say, it was a lot of walking around, slowly taking in the view and enjoying the sheer beauty of the location. The first day we headed straight to the lake in the middle of the city, as we wanted to see the famous fountain.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my hilarious boomerang dancing with the fountain in the background?! It was such an amazing thing to see, and we landed up spending a long time admiring it purely because it was so pretty and so mesmerising to watch. We then went on the huge wheel, on the side of the lake which gives you a beautiful view of the whole city from up high. To be honest, those wheels always make me feel so uneasy, but I know for a fact how amazing the views always are. This was the point that I think the two of us got over the stress of the travelling and our accommodation and really started to enjoy the holiday. Seeing everything from up high made us excited to continue exploring and enjoy everything Geneva has on offer. Definitely something I would recommend if you visit the city!

On the second day, we headed onto the water via boat. The sun was shining perfectly, and we knew instantly we wanted to see the city from a completely different angle. I absolutely love going on boat journeys – they completely relax me and just make me completely enjoy the scenery and look at everything without getting distracted. Being on the water also makes me so happy, so this was definitely something we had to do. My friend was listening to the audio that you could download via your phone, and was really getting into all the amazing facts and everything. I just wanted to sit and simply watch everything and everyone going by.

I adored this part of the trip!

Walking around the city itself, we walked a lot around all the shops – all the chains that you will find in every city, from the like of H&M to Louis Vuitton. For me, this was obviously great as I am definitely a girl who loves to shop! I did leave this until the last day though 😉 We fell from coffee shop to clothes shop over and over again! It wasn’t until the end of our trip when I landed up splurging a little bit, including some lovely accessories from H&M, a new jacket which is just gorgeous from Zara, as well as a Longchamp bag which I have wanted for so long! I have always loved the look of them, and wanted one to use simply as   a ‘practical’ handbag. However, I may have gone a little mad when I found Gucci on the high street. When I bought my black Gucci belt in March I was completely in love with it, and still love it and wear it just as much now as I did then, which is why I have wanted another one since. I saw the smaller version online, in a simple nude colour and knew one day I had to own it… I just wasn’t expecting to own it so soon! I saw it the moment we got in the shop and had to try it on. Basically, there was no way I was leaving the shop without it! So yes, that was a pretty good end to the trip!

In terms of food and drink, I cannot even tell you how many calories I consumed during this trip… it is so embarrassing! Before going, everyone stressed to me how careful we needed to be in terms of cost with food and drink, as obviously Geneva is the most expensive city in the world at the moment. This made me very aware of it from the beginning, however, I don’t know if it is because I had been warned but I really didn’t think it was that bad.

Obviously, it wasn’t cheap, but I would never say a meal cost more than it would have done in London or Paris for example?

I don’t think we spent more on food than we would have done anywhere else, and the only reason we did land up spending quite a bit is because we chose to keep stopping for food and coffee! Honestly, we were unbelievable… but I LOVED it!! We actually landed up eating a lot of Italian food, such as Gnocchi and Pizza. I had the best pizza of my life one evening in a family run Italian restaurant! All the Swiss chocolates, pastries and cakes were out of this world, and a strong memory from the trip will definitely be the amazing food I landed up eating constantly. A highlight for me, as well as for my friend who is very Italian, was the coffee. In England you cannot buy a good coffee… it doesn’t exist! Every single day we drank coffee after coffee, always started the day with a perfect espresso from the local patisserie in the French ski village. It was incredible, and I cannot even explain how much I am missing coffee right now!

Overall, the trip was amazing. I absolutely fell in love with Geneva and would love to go back one day to visit all the places we didn’t have time to see which just look absolutely gorgeous.





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