Back at the beginning of the year, on an amazing trip to Paris for my birthday, I ventured into the world of luxury shopping. I have never been into very expensive designer clothes and have very rarely ever had an urge to own everything I love from them. The truth is, the majority of the time I find things I love on the high street for a reasonable and affordable price. However, my black GG belt was something I had to own. I spent hours and hours searching Instagram and the website deciding on exactly which one I wanted, and when I tried it on there was no way I was leaving without it. It was love at first sight and I have been completely obsessed with it ever since. To me, this tells me that I made the right decision. So much so, that I landed up buying another one a few weeks ago in Geneva. Since having my first one I have worn it so much and knew that I wanted it in a more neutral colour. This led me to choose the nude one with the smaller strap and smaller GG logo. Personally, I felt this colour worked better in the smaller size and again I knew I would wear it so much.

An investment piece to me isn’t just something you will get your money out of, but something you will enjoy and love for a very long time.

The belts are my pride and joy and the most treasured items in my wardrobe, with them always making me think about designer fashion in itself. I see a lot of designer items that I love and would like to own, however the majority of them I would never actually buy. I can only ever justify spending that much money on things if I know they will be worn and are a genuine investment. This goes for clothes, bags, shoes and all other accessories.

The Item

So without being too obvious, the main thing to think about first when buying a designer item is the items itself. Is it something you need, can it be used in a practical way, is it going to last etc… I already have quite a clear vision of what I will actually spend money on like this in terms of designer things. The only ever piece of clothing I will consider buying one day is a Balmain jacket and a Burberry Mac. These are two things that I think are classic, easy to wear and I genuinely will get a lot of use out of. With other clothes, I just couldn’t spend that kind of money on them. Not only can I get clothes I love and are good quality on the high street, but most of the time I don’t even like designer clothes. They aren’t practical and are not things that would get you the right kind of attention walking down the street.

Accessories are the thing that I am much more willing to spend my money on. Obviously my belts, as I cannot even explain how much I love them, followed by handbags and shoes. Even with these though I am careful. I will only ever buy a handbag if it will hold its value and perhaps even increase. This therefore means that I will always stick to classic styles and minimal colours. Then with shoes, I would never buy ones that are going to get ruined very quickly. I want to wear them occasionally for special occasions and enjoy owning them as part of my wardrobe.

Cost Per Wear

For anyone with a sensible mind, the main thing when buying something very expensive is to think about the cost per wear. There may be a designer piece that you absolutely adore and think you have to have in your life, but the reality is that if you’re never going to wear it, it is a complete waste of money. The way I like to look at it is, if I don’t buy that because I won’t wear it, there is then spare money available to buy something else just as nice that you will actually wear! Before buying my belt, I had actually saved the money to buy an absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes which I am still utterly in love with. However, when I actually got to Paris for my birthday ready to buy them, everything quickly changed. I realised that I couldn’t have both, and in reality, those shoes were never going to be worn. I went into Gucci and tried on the belt, and my mind was made up instantly. That is the thing I could wear every day, it would go with everything and it actually did serve a practical purpose. The amount I have worn it already, I have definitely got my moneys worth!

Colour & Style

I think a very important thing when buying something expensive is to really think about the colour of it, and with clothes and bags, the style. I would never spend a lot of money on something which was very bright in colour, purely because my style is very minimal and consists of a lot of grey, black and beige. Some may call it a bit boring, but I am very traditional when it comes to my clothes and don’t ever like to stand out too much. With these colours I also find that I can get away with being a bit more smart casual, without looking overdressed or over the top… especially for a trip to the supermarket πŸ˜‰ The black Gucci belt in particular has been so easy to wear as it goes with 99% of my wardrobe and gives every single outfit just a subtle bit of glam.


The main thing I have going through my mind when spending a lot of money on one thing, is how many outfits I can wear it with. In terms of my black belt, when I bought it, it was at its Instagram peak. Not only did this mean that I could see it worn in so many different ways with lots of different outfits, but also it gave me a lot of inspiration in terms of my own wardrobe. The majority of looks that I wanted to create with my belt, I already had all the other items in my wardrobe, such as lace tops, chunky knits and the right kind of dresses. This is why I chose the gold detailing on the belt as opposed to silver, as I already knew the gold would match everything I already owned in my wardrobe.

Instagram made me do it…

Brand & The Ethics

I think a major thing that we have to be careful about in the world we live in is where the products we buy actually come from. I will hold my hands up and openly admit that I have never taken the time to research about the background of the brands I buy pieces from. I know I am at fault here, and I realise how important it is to know about this information. However, the scary thing is that I feel like a lot of people probably share this trait with me. When it comes to designer brands, I am always a little more conscious of it, as I feel it is something that has been talked about a lot as I’ve grown up. A big reason that I really wanted my belts was purely because I didn’t feel like I was being ripped off. Okay yes, they are expensive, but once you look around they are a hell of a lot cheaper than a lot of other designers.


A big thing for me that I hate about some people who own very expensive pieces is the lack of appreciation and the need to move on to something new. People strike me as getting bored extremely quickly of their expensive pieces, and falling out of love with them for no reason at all. I am never going to be someone who spends an absolute fortune on my whole wardrobe, and will only ever buy things that I genuinely love and want to keep forever. Every time I wear either of my belts, or use my Louis Vuitton handbag, a smile always comes across my face purely just from the sheer joy and love of wearing them.

High Street & Luxury

A big reason that I love following bloggers is that I like seeing the mix between where their pieces come from and the range with how much they cost. When it comes to celebrities and people who are very well know in the fashion industry, most of the time not one thing they are wearing is something I could ever afford to have, and to be honest, I don’t like most of them. A big thing I have learnt when it comes to fashion is that style is something that cannot be bought. It’s about using different brands and styles in the right way to create beautiful and sophisticated looks. When it comes to clothes, my favourite places to shop include Zara, New Look and H&M. I can find so many things that I love, which are okay for my bank balance and good quality. I will always choose to send more money on the accessories, which obviously includes my belts, as well as jewellery, shoes and handbags. Bloggers have such an eye for turning a relatively cheap outfit into something very on trend, by simply adding one item that is classed as more luxurious.

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