Every single person in this world has some idea of how they want their life to plan out, some in depth and others a vague idea whilst they blissfully take everyday as it comes. I am a bit of both, just to make things confusing as per usual. I am a very organised neat freak kind of person, who yes does have some idea of how I want my life to go. I already know about basic things, such as what direction I want my career to go, how much I want to have children and even where I would like to land up living. However, I am not as organised to have planned out the small details, like what age I will get married or detailed plans of how my children will be brought up. I am still very much at the stage in my life where I am enjoying seeing how things turn out, and quite frankly am just taking every day as it comes. I have learnt the hard way that life is not easy, and so many unexpected obstacles can be thrown at you. When things happen, I notice a change in myself. I never change who I am, but the way I approach life definitely slightly alters. I used to be so uptight about absolutely everything, and now I just feel very relaxed a lot of the time. I’m hoping my blood pressure will thank me for it in the future!

Life is about learning from your mistakes, taking each day at a time and appreciating the good times once you have experienced the bad.


A big thing I feel passionately about is how wrong it is with regard to how much pressure is put on young people. It’s like by the age of 15 you need to know exactly what you want to do for a living for the rest of your life, how much money you’re going to need and pretty much every step of your life thoroughly planned. I don’t understand how any ‘child’ can be expected to make a decision that is going to either benefit them in the future or cause them regret. Would you make a decision at the age of thirty for something that is going to determine your happiness in your eighties? It seems so crazy, especially considering that young people are so likely to change their minds. When I was 15 I wanted to be a teacher, and now I absolutely cannot think of anything worse! The only way to ever get around this is by staying true to yourself and really questioning what you do actually see yourself doing in 20 years time.

A Career

For a lot of people in the world, I have found so far that a career is either something people love or purely a means to an end. So many people take such pride in their work and love building up their reputation by what they have done. Whereas others seem to work because obviously they have to, but by no means enjoy it or see it as a positive thing in life. I want a lot of things in life, but for me I know it will be incredibly important to have a good career that I absolutely love. I want a job that I wake up and look forward to going to in the morning, something that drives me and keeps my mind occupied. In a way, I see it as something in my life that is only mine and it will be a chance for me to step back from everything else going on and work at it gradually. From being a blogger, I have realised so much how much I want to work in this industry, writing for a living, discussing fashion and food. Everything you see on here is such a big part of me and I would love to one day make it my full time job. I think a good career will only ever happen if you are truly happy with what you are doing and have made the correct choice for you.

To Travel

Recently I have been doing a little bit more travelling, in order to occupy my mind before my operation. Every time I go away I feel such a buzz, exploring a new place and ticking somewhere else of on the map that I have now seen. I adore discovering new cultures, seeing other traditions and exploring the history each place in the world has to offer. I am never going to be someone who wants to go backpacking around the world, but I know that there are so many places I would like to see. I feel like it is a bit of a bug, and the minute you put your toes in you suddenly want to see everywhere. I am hoping to build up my travel history slowly over time, exploring all the magical places with different people and making lots and lots of memories.

My Top 8 to Visit Are:



  1. Venice, Italy

  2. India

  3. Sri Lanka

  4. New York City

  5. Thailand

  6. Jamaica

  7. Oslo, Norway

  8. Ireland

To Learn a Language

Stemming from the craving to travel the world, my frustration at myself to learn a language seems to be growing and growing. I really want to thoroughly learn French, purely because it is just getting silly now that I am not able to. I have a strong basis with the language, as I was taught it all through school, my granddad is fluent as well as some friends and I have spent a lot of time travelling in France. For me it is all about the confidence, as when it comes to the language I have none whatsoever. I think it is going to be something that takes time, but one day I will be able to do it!

Marriage & Children

For me, I want to be in a happy relationship. I am by no means the kind of person who relies on a man or needs one to be truly happy, but I know that I do want to share my life with someone. I want to build a life together, share experiences with them and make really good memories to look back on. Marriage is a very controversial subject, and at times I do question whether I actually need it to be happy? The truth is, I don’t think I do at all, but I know that it will be the natural stage to progress in a relationship and a true sign of commitment. Also… how can I resist the urge to wear a pretty white dress? When it comes to having children, I literally can never express enough how much I want to be a mum. I honestly think I was born ready to me a mum, and cannot wait for the day when children come into my life. Even now it makes me so excited, and I feel like my life will never be complete without their existence.

To be Kind and Generous

Day to day, I feel like I spend so much time dealing with people who are rude, impatient and selfish etc… This ranges from people on the road, to people I work with and even people a little closer to home. It scares me when I think about how many horrible people I have encountered in my life, and I know this is the case for the majority. I am by no means perfect, but I get so much enjoyment out of being kind and generous. I love making others happy and being helpful when someone is in need more than I am. Most of the time it isn’t massive gestures that do this, but more little things that happen in life every single day. I never want to lose this, and will always strive to be as kind and generously and humanly possible throughout my whole life.



I guess ultimately all I and anybody wants from life is to be happy. Happiness can be achieved in so many different ways – everyone is different which means everyone will have different things that make them happy. If I have a happy home, and am surrounded by happy people I know that I will have achieved everything I could have possibly hoped for in life… and perhaps even more?

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