The kitchen. The heart of the home and my baby. It has taken me almost a year to do this reveal on the blog, and I cannot think for the life of me why. It was the first thing to be finished and was probably the biggest thing on my mind when buying things for the flat. Obviously I love the kitchen because I love to cook and bake, having my own space to create delicious food and host dinner parties for friends and family, but I love the interior itself. I love all the little details that you can add to a kitchen to make it a home, as well as being juts as practical as it is beautiful. It is probably the hardest place in my home to keep clean and tidy, but I find everything about it so satisfying. It really is where everyone comes together and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. It has taken a really long time to get it just right, but it was definitely well worth the wait.

I wanted to create a space where I felt at home and able to carry out what I love every single day.

When I moved into the flat, the kitchen was new and ready to go. Luckily, it was done almost exactly to my taste. It is white and bright, with everything I need and the ability to make it a little homelier. I like the fresh and clean look, which was definitely achieved with the cupboards and appliances. Therefore, I knew that I would try to keep with the white theme, adding subtle silver details and trying to keep it practical. The only part which I really really don’t like is the black worktops. They are so new that I won’t get rid of them as it is such a waste, but I am dreaming about some real wood or even white marble. Luckily I think all my details have balanced it out a little bit and I do love the final look.


When I moved into the flat, I didn’t have one thing for the kitchen. Apart from maybe a milk jug and pretty mug which I’d kept in a box for years ready for when I got my own place. I don’t think you ever know until you do it how much you will need for your own kitchen, especially when you enjoy cooking. It was the one place in the flat that seemed like it was never going to be finished. Even last week I realised I didn’t have something which cost me only £3 in TK MAXX! It’s incredible how many things we rely on!

The first thing I bought for the kitchen was my kettle and toaster. Perhaps the most expensive part of the kitchen…but by far my absolute favourite! I got the kettle and toaster from SMEG, as I was just completely in love with them from the second I saw them. They are expensive, but I have used and loved them for over a year now. The rest of the appliances were then bought around these, such as the microwave, blender and utensils. I’m not going to say too much about these, as let’s be honest, they’re pretty boring.

The Look

I guess in theory, I like to think that I based the kitchen on an instinctive style, but really I think a lot of my inspiration came from Instagram and Pinterest. For example, I first saw my kettle and toaster on Instagram when one of my favourite bloggers featured them in a video. The whole style is based on these alone. I wanted a bright and happy space where I felt comfortable cooking and obviously had good lighting for recipe images! Dark colours often depress me, so light is essential throughout my home. The lighter look is probably much harder to keep clean and organised, but I wouldn’t have it any other way… I simply adore it!

Utensils & Cutlery

The small but essential details in the kitchen are the parts that take the longest to collect. I started by fully kitting the whole thing out with things from IKEA, then gradually replacing them over the past year to things I love more. The best thing to do is really shop around and find places where you can find things for your style which are also reasonably priced. Biggie Best has proven to be my favourite place so far for the kitchen, as they have everything I need in terms of glasses, cutlery and crockery. Utensils I have mainly bought in places like Sainsbury’s, as honestly, they are perfectly up to the job. I have got a few pretty bits from TK MAXX, but as they spend most of the time in the drawer of dishwasher, it really doesn’t need to be anything fancy.

Crockery & Glassware

Most of my crockery and glassware has come from Biggie Best. I like things that are a little bit quirky and unique, however also being subtle and fitting in with the theme of the kitchen. A few years ago I had absolutely no interest in things like this and only ever spent my money on clothes, but now I find a pretty bowl extremely satisfying. I can’t decide if that’s good or not?! I’m hoping to collect a very beautiful collection, that is different but also functional and easy to use everyday. My only advice would be to really shop around and discover what your style is before buying a lot of one thing.

The Best Places to Shop

I think I shopped mainly in all the normal places when kitting out my kitchen. In terms of practical things, I used Sainsbury’s, TK MAXX, John Lewis and IKEA. However, I then discovered a lot of little independent places all over Bristol, where I would buy just one or two of something which has gradually built up my collection. The essentials are always worth shopping around for and getting the best price, as I do think you can get ripped off very easily. The kitchen is somewhere in the house that I think is very personal to each family, and the little things in it often tell a story.

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