This year, movies and TV programmes have been my life. In the run up to my operation, which all in all was about a three and a half year wait, I had so many recommendations of things to watch and my list just seemed to grow and grow. I have slowly been getting through all of them, obviously getting distracted by other things such as ‘I’m a Celebrity’. My operation was a lot closer to Christmas than I had expected, so this meant that I was able to enjoy all my favourite festive films guilt free and one after the other. In fact, this is still part of my daily routine at the moment! I love Christmas films, as the majority of them are so innocent, easy to watch and just full of festive joy. However, a lot of the films I watch which I class as Christmas films aren’t actually at all festive. I think it is an association that I have developed with them over the years. Part of the association is going back to my childhood, when Christmas was just so overwhelming and the best part of the year. As a result, a lot of children’s films are on my list, which I enjoy and they take me back to that time. Then, I have a lot of films which are very girly and funny, which I used to watch growing up with my grandma. During Christmas we would always get through so many ‘trashy’ films so now it has kind of become a tradition. Christmas is the time of the year when I most enjoy sitting and relaxing watching a movie, as my body and mind are in the right place to enjoy it. I thought I would share my top five choices, just as something maybe a little different for you to enjoy this year with family and friends.

Through the years I have developed an association with a lot of movies that they are festive themed, when in fact they are not at all, it is simply because this is the time of year when I really enjoy a good film. A lot of them are easy to watch and films that I have enjoyed as a child or with my grandma through the years.


This was my favourite film and book ever growing up… I must have watched/ read it over 100 times. I don’t exactly know why, but I just adored the story and even now, I can’t get enough of it when I pop it on. The story follows an amazingly clever little girl who is really ignored by her family and left home alone whilst her father sells dodgy cars and her mother plays Bingo. She lands up going to school, which is not at all ordinary, where the head mistress is beyond horrible. She is played by one of my favourite actresses, Pam Ferris. Matilda has special magic powers, which she uses to help her gorgeous teacher and tries to make the school a better place.

Obviously I know what is going to happen, but the film pans out really well and the story is so engaging. It is a film that can be enjoyed by everyone, even after all these years, and I really hope that in the future (like the very distant future) my little girl or boy will enjoy it just has much as I still do!

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Pretty Woman

This is my favourite film of all time, always has been (well since I was old enough to watch it), and always will be. I think it is also the favourite film of every woman in my family! It follows the life of an American prostitute, who meets a very rich businessman who hires her for the week. Their fondness for each other massively grows over the week they spend together, with her accompanying him to business events. The story is very cute, showing the two people from very different backgrounds falling in love and eventually wanting to be together.

I think a large part of me also really enjoys the film as I love the scenery, fashion and obviously romantic love story. There is so much to take in and a lot of subtle humour to keep you hooked throughout. I think a lot of people have watched this and loved the movie, and it comes out a lot in my home over Christmas. My partner will not even attempt to endure it, so I snuggle up in bed with a hot drink, happily enjoying it all by myself!

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The Holiday

Probably mine and my grandma’s favourite movie of all time. I have talked about this film countless times on the blog, especially when I share about my Christmas eve rituals which I have with my grandma every year. Once we have sorted everything out in the house, we put on pyjamas, eat a chilli con carne, pop on The Holiday and finish it all off with a glass of freezing cold Bailey’s. It is a tradition we have had for a good few years and one that I hope to keep forever. If it isn’t possible to do this on Christmas eve, we will just have to find another day as it is too good to miss out on every year! There is something about the film that is so magical and Christmassy, even though only the very end of the film is actually set at Christmas time. It follows the life of an accomplished American trailer producer and English journalist who swap houses for a week. There is serious romance, hilarious comedy and unlikely friendships which all shape together to form the best easy to watch movie I have ever seen. It might also be easy to watch thanks to the beautiful man who is Jude Law. If you haven’t watched it, I strongly suggest you do!

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It’s Complicated

Another favourite for my grandma and I, however this time I was introduced to it by her. Yes, the story involves romance and ‘aw’ moments, however the best thing about it is the humour. It is very subtle humour, but it is absolutely incredible. An elder divorcee, played by the fabulous Meryl Streep, lives her life in a beautiful house, running a bakery and running around looking after her three grown up children. Her ex-husband, who left her for a so say younger model, comes back into her life when her youngest child leaves for college and the couple rekindle their romance whilst attending the graduation. The fling continues for a few months, with a lot of funny scenes happening along the way and new romances along the way. 

It is a very innocent film, something that I love to watch when I need a distraction from life or just generally need to be cheered up. Nothing about this film involves Christmas or the theme of the season, however it definitely fits into the category of films I love to watch over December. At this time of year I just want to watch movies that are going to make me laugh, and this is certainly one of them!

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Valentine’s Day

Yes, I am aware that this is definitely the wrong holiday, however this film always gets me into the spirit of Christmas. It follows a huge group of people, couples, families and friends, who all link in a way bringing the whole film together. It follows them all on this one day of the year, showing the romantic stories, relationships blossom and the day bringing everybody closer together. It is a very chilled out, easy to watch film, that has such a beautiful and magical feel to it. The narrative is very engaging, which is probably a huge reason why I love it as so many films lose my interest about half way through. The producers of Valentine’s day also then produced ‘New Years Eve’ a few years later, although I didn’t feel like it had the right ring to it. Essentially you would think that this was much more suited to the season, but it really didn’t have as magical a feel as I get from Valentine’s Day!

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