I have been so excited about getting this post up for weeks now, purely because I have just become so obsessed with buying lipsticks over the past few months. I have always loved finishing my makeup looks with a different shade on my lips, however have always stuck to very similar shades in terms of what I think compliments my skin tone well. For some reason, I have just become much more brave recently, and have really been trying to make an active effort to mix things up a bit. Not only opting for much bolder colours, but going for colours that don’t necessarily match the season we are in. This Autumn there has been a huge transition in the colour trends of the season, with all the deep red and burnt oranges being slightly pushed out, being replaces by mustard tones and a lot of navy. I have loved this transition, as I love these colour combinations together and am certain that they really work well with my style. As a result, this has also made me slightly change my makeup colours and tones, obviously including lip colour.

I have really enjoyed experimenting this Autumn with different and not so classic colours for Autumn. I only ever choose colours that I feel compliment my skin tone well, however have tried to mix things up a bit, slightly stepping out of my comfort zone.



I didn’t want to put a post together with just countless red lip looks for Autumn, not only because I have done it before but also because I am slightly over it. I wanted to share a few different looks that I have been loving and going for much more than I ever thought I would over this time of year, how I have styled them and the reactions I have had to them. I have also tried to include a range of different products, across different price ranges, in order to comment on quality and obviously whether or not I would recommend them to a friend.




So here it is, this year’s guide to the perfect Christmas lip shades.


A Rich & Dramatic Purple 5

MAC in shade ‘Rebel’

Liner in shade ‘Nightingale’ by MAC

I wanted to feature this lip look first, as it is a very bold choice for me, however I had so many people comment on it the first time I wore it. All of whom liked it apart from my grandma, who is a creature of habit and only ever likes me in very subtle shades! Needless to say, this isn’t quite her cup of tea! I adored wearing this colour, it made me feel so glamorous, even without actually having to make too much of an effort. I bought this shade a few weeks ago on my latest trip to London, when I quickly dropped into MAC shortly before leaving. I asked the lady to suggest a shade for me for Autumn that wasn’t red toned and something a bit different. She came up with this straight away, putting it on me and praying I would love it. Safe to say, I loved it more than anything, even though I was a bit dubious when she showed me it in the stick. I think it suits my skin tone perfectly, standing out with my fair skin and complimenting my subtle makeup looks.



When I wore it, it was my first outing after my operation so I opted for a comfortable grey jumper and jeans. It was casual, however wasn’t too slouchy, and I think the lipstick really helped put it together. Everyone seemed to love the colour, and I even had someone say to me a few weeks later how they went and bought it a few days afterwards! What a compliment! I think if you are looking for something a bit different this Autumn, Rebel is definitely a winner. In order to prolong the lipstick through the day, I always wear a lip liner, and for this look I chose ‘Nightingale’ which is also another MAC product. The majority of my liners are from MAC, as I am always so impressed with the quality and they obviously are very handy with all my lipsticks! Nightingale is almost identical to Rebel, meaning they are the perfect Autumn combination.


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An Autumn Coral 


Chloe Lewis Beauty in shade Berry Kiss

Liner in shade ‘Peachy-Beachy’ by Rimmel London

One of the newer shades to my collection, which I actually only got my hands on about two weeks ago. The shade ‘Berry Kiss’ from the Chloe Lewis Beauty collection. I have to confess, this was a bit of a spontaneous purchase, mainly because I loved the packaging and was interested in trying out the new brand. I chose the shade thinking in my head that it would be a little but darker, however I am really happy with the result. The shade ‘Berry Kiss’ is a beautiful pink shade, with slight hints of coral, without being too bright or overpowering. A lot of the time with pink shades I feel like the wash my skin out, although this one seems perfect. It isn’t what I would consider to be an Autumn colour, but I do think it works really well with all the Autumn coloured clothes I have been wearing this year. It is a very easy daytime colour to wear and ha proven to be one that I am naturally reaching for when getting ready in the morning. The shades are very poignant in colour, last for a good few hours and seem very healthy on the lips. To line my lips, I used a coral shade from Rimmel, which just brings out the depth of colour a little more in the lipstick. I love this combination for Autumn and think it is a good seasonal balance if you do prefer the pinker shades on your lips.



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Parisian Red 4

Chanel Stylo Stick in shade ‘Fiction’

Liner in shade ‘Cherry’ by MAC

I know that this Autumn we all seem to be about mixing up the colours and straying away from tradition, which I love don’t get me wrong, but I couldn’t really do an Autumn lipstick shade post without including some form of red. I mean, it just wouldn’t be right. Instead of doing for a rich and deep red, I have chosen a much bolder colour, which I want to talk about for more than just the colour itself. Starting with the liner, I went for my trusted ‘Cherry’ shade by MAC. Again, they are reliable, work well with any lipstick and really do make any lip look last so much longer through the day. Cherry is a very good standard red colour and will work with any red lipstick you have in your makeup collection. The lipstick I chose is the Chanel Stylo Stick in the shade ‘Fiction’. I bought this a few months ago at the airport in Croatia, which was actually a very quick buy. I had used on of these sticks before in a pink shade, and have been loving and using it religiously ever since. I wanted to try it out in another colour, and knew I couldn’t really go wrong with a red. I didn’t use it for a little while, so when I did I wondered why it had taken me so long to get round to it! The colour itself is just a very simple bold and bright red, with a glossy shimmer that is natural on the lips with it’s well know Parisian edge.


However, my favourite thing about this is how easy it is to apply. With so many red lipsticks I always mess up the application, which means that I always land up with smudges around my lips and often an uneven edge around them where the lipstick it. It sets way too quickly and drives me crazy! The Stylo Stick is the first red lipstick that I have ever used that gives me time to work with it, getting the colour evenly on my lips and most importantly lasting for hours and hours. It is a reliable product which has utterly stolen my heart.



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A Pop of Girly Colour 


Rimmel in the shade ‘It’s A Keeper’

Liner in the shade ‘703’ by KIKO

This Rimmel shade has been in my collection for a while now, and I have been loving it over the past few months. I class it as one of my easy to wear products, as it is such a great colour for everyday. It is a light and rich berry colour, perfect when it was the transition between summer and Autumn, as well as with the very modern tones of Autumn. It is a little gem in my collection, that works perfectly with my skin tone and compliments all my everyday makeup looks. I have always loved Rimmel lipsticks for their range of colours, ease of use and most importantly quality of the products. The lipstick needs very few touch ups through the day and just adds a subtle bit of colour to my face when I don’t want to wear anything too bold or out there. To go with the lipstick, I start with a KIKO liner in the shade 703. This is a simple dark nude shade, which obviously adds a good base for the lipstick just to make the colour of it all really pop at the end. The two products work perfectly together and compliment each other exquisitely.



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A More Rural Look 


Gigi Hadid x Maybelline in shade ‘Erin’

Liner ‘704’ KIKO

When doing a regular Superdrug round a few days ago, I came across the new collection for Maybelline, in collaboration with Gigi Hadid. I don’t know whether it was her sensationally beautiful face or gorgeous packaging that drove me in and resulted in a few purchases! I was so excited to try out these new purchases and have completely fallen in love with a shade that is so far from what I usually go for. In the end I bought two of the lip kits and one individual lipstick; the individual lipstick is the one being featured today. I have loved using all three of these products so am hoping to get a whole post on them out to you guys in the new year. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or send me a message! Anyway, back to the lipstick. The shade I am loving at the moment is names ‘Erin’, a very unusual dark brown colour that I think blends in perfectly for the more unusual colours we have been seeing this season. It is a little darker than I had originally thought, but it did very quickly grow on me. I love the combination with the mustard and navy tones in fashion trends at the moment, and I think the lip colour compliments everything perfectly. It is something just a little but unique, and a great start if you want a change from what you’re used to. In terms of quality, I think all these lipsticks have been incredible.

My favourite part is that they are not at all drying, so my lips don’t feel dehydrated at the end of the day, which naturally also means that the colours have a very subtle sheen to them. They last for hours, with touch ups about two or three times in the day, and they are very hard wearing with the cold weather we are now experiencing. As a liner, I simply wanted to choose something as similar as possible in colour, just to prolong how long the look lasted for. I chose a Kiko liner in the end, shade 704.



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I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own.

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