For many years I was completely obsessed with the American TV show Gossip Girl, at the time where the phenomenon was huge. I just loved everything about it, from the very fast paced and surprising story lines, the romances, the friendships and most importantly the fashion. For a very long time, my fashion icons were Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen. They each had such an individual sense of style, which completely reflected their characters and their sheer lust for fashion. Every outfit was original and was so inspiring – as much as I know it isn’t real, I loved how much effort went into all their outfits. I took so much inspiration from everything they wore and particularly how they wore it. In every scene they stood with such poise and were so confident in themselves, which subconsciously I always thought was hugely reflected in their clothes. The Gossip Girl stylists very clearly did a great job of keeping the girls on trend, mixing big designers and the catwalk pieces of the season with a much more everyday and student like look.

Blair Waldorf was my first ever fashion icon. There was so much originality and self-assurance in her style, which complimented her character beautifully. She made me fall in love with clothes and gave me a great need to always be conscious of what I am wearing.

In terms of being inspired, I don’t think it was just her clothes that inspired me. It was everything about her. My style choices are a direct result of who I am and how I want people to see me. Blair Waldorf always represented herself as being someone very in control of any situation, striving to be the best she could be and never giving up on the things she wants. 

Everyday Fashion

In Gossip Girl, there really was no such thing as everyday outfits or even the word ‘casual’. Everyday was another excuse for an outfit and another excuse for getting excited about clothes. Not once did I ever see any of the girls on the upper east side step out the front door looking anything less than a 10/10, and I just loved watching every episode to see the fashion choices on option. Each and every outfit was different and inspiring, stirring up different ideas in my mind and getting all my fashion juices flowing. It really brought it home to me that I needed to stop dressing just to fit it and not draw attention to myself and simply just be me. There is nothing wrong with people staring, take it as a compliment!

Dressing for the Season

A big thing I learnt from watching Gossip Girl and admiring Blair Waldorf’s style, was how to change my own style with the season. I have always struggled to dress in a way that makes me happy all year round, simply because it has taken me a very long time to learn about what actually suits me. I have always loved Winter and Autumn clothes, finding it so easy to dress during these seasons. Although, when it comes to Summer and Spring, I am a little clueless. I admire so many peoples look through these seasons, but can never manage to replicate them and feel happy in myself. I think I have learnt a lot over the past few years, although I still definitely prefer Autumn Winter fashion. In Gossip Girl, I always found that they did an amazing transition in fashion through the year, with different seasons and different weather changes. Blair’s style transitioned a lot, however she always kept her signature look. This gave me the confidence to dress more appropriately through the year, in a way that I thought was stylish and right for me.

Letting Your Personality Shine Through

The main thing when it comes to fashion is to only ever be you. Don’t wear clothes just because they are on trend and have been seen out and about in the city – choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and are a true reflection of you. I have made the mistake so many times of buying or wearing something simply because it looked good on someone else, but in reality it was so wrong for me. It was either wrong and unflattering for my body shape, didn’t suit my personality or a lot of the time just didn’t make me look like me. There is nothing at all wrong with experimenting and wanting to conform to the latest trends, however it is all about being ruthless and only choosing what is truly right for you. The stylist for Gossip Girl got it so right, always ensuring that Blair’s fashion sense really reflected the character and influenced her fans in the correct way.

It’s all in the Accessories

A major part of Blair Waldorf’s look was her strong ability to turn any outfit from boring to fabulous with just a few simple accessories. With every outfit she wore a statement necklace, or a beautiful bangle, or even with the contrast between a handbag and her outfit. I used to be really self conscious when wearing jewellery and accessorising an outfit, as often it can be too much or not right for the occasion. What I learn from Blair’s style was how she adopted her poise and confidence through how bold and daring she was with her style choices. This in itself assisted with bringing all her outfits together, with the balance between colour and textures always spot on and the look just being perfect every time.

Dare to be Bold

The thing I respected most about Blair Waldorf was her confidence and lack of ability to care at all about what others thought. In real life, or even just in my life, most of the outfits she wore would draw so much attention and not even for the wrong reasons. It isn’t like she was dressing inappropriately, more that it was just very over the top compared to the jeans and uggs which seems to be the general dress code in the UK. I think a lot of people actually choose not to wear such outfits, as they hate people staring. I was like that for ages, until the programme gave me a new found confidence. She often looked over the top and different, but didn’t care in the slightest. She wore exactly what she wanted and look fabulous doing it.

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