After my operation, my grandma and I made a pact that three months afterwards we would go away somewhere. The main reasoning was that I was on warfarin for three months, which meant that I was restricted by certain foods and importantly to me, I couldn’t have a drink. As you can imagine, this was pretty crap over Christmas. So I knew that as soon as possible I wanted to get away. My grandparents had never been to Edinburgh, so after I had fallen in love the city last year, I really wanted to take them. In the end my grandad couldn’t come, so it turned into a much needed girly trip with just her. We planned to go for just three nights, enough time to see it all and enjoy a little bit of a rest, staying in a new hotel situated in the heart of the city as well as just getting a quick flight from Bristol.

We started the trip with a very leisurely flight, which luckily was at a sophisticated time in the afternoon, meaning that we didn’t have that dreaded 4am wake up call. This meant we could relax in the airport, have some lunch and enjoy a much needed glass of Prosecco. The perfect start to any trip I would say.

Getting into Edinburgh at about 4pm, meant we could get to the hotel and unpack, whilst also enjoying a slight rest before starting to explore the city. We are not really the kind of people to be up running around the whole time trying to see everywhere, so we planned on just taking it easy that evening. The last time I was in Edinburgh I discovered this delicious tapas restaurant, so decided that on the first night I would take my grandma here to experience the delicious food. We walked there from the hotel, which did turn out to be a little further than I had anticipated, but well worth the trip. The interiors of the restaurant are gorgeous, extremely unusual for anything you see here and such a cosy atmosphere to enjoy a good meal. To go with our rather large glasses of wine, we ordered six tapas dishes to share, which obviously we devoured very quickly.

The food in this restaurant is some of the best I have ever had, with so many different options available and such good sizes for the money. If you ever do land up going, I would really recommend the salmon or the honey battered chicken. It is so good! As you can imagine, we both had a very good night’s sleep after the walk and all the food!

A big part of this trip was having a rest as well as seeing the city, so a much needed lie in was very much appreciated the next day before a delicious breakfast in the hotel. We started the day by heading up into the heart of the city, walking along the road with a perfect view of the beautiful castle. One of my favourite parts of this city is how the castle completely dominates it – it is the key feature situated right in the middle, to be seen most of the time. We landed up swaying into most of the shops along the way, where obviously I manged to pick up more than a few goodies. Edinburgh is definitely the best place I have ever been to for shopping.

It literally has every single shop you could ever think of, everything you ever need and even the things you don’t. This is one of the main reasons that I wanted to bring my grandma, because she is definitely someone who appreciates all the shops being in one place! Through the day we landed up stopping for countless coffees, as well as a delicious lunch in Cote, one of our favourites. Unfortunately, all didn’t go to plan as they seemed to get a few things mixed up, but nevertheless we were both feeling so relaxed that nothing at all really seemed to bother us! Later that day, after walking around the city a bit more and admiring everything it had to offer, we landed up in one very special shop where I had already planned on making quite a big purchase.

For such a long time I have had my eye on a very special bag, for more reasons that just how beautiful it is. I have always wanted a really nice big tote bag, which I can use every day, especially for work, where I can just easily throw everything in it that I need. I’m guessing this is part of the reason why this bag is so popular. I chose to buy the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, and went into the shop to decide between the medium or large. For a £40 difference I went with the large, as it can actually be made smaller and to be honest, I could easily fill it every day. It is probably one of the biggest purchases I have ever made, but I don’t regret it one bit. I absolutely love having it and it honestly makes life so much easier with carrying everything around.

That evening, my grandma and I decided to do something a little different. Our favourite film of all time to watch together is The Sound of Music, so when we saw it was on at the Edinburgh Playhouse right next door to our hotel we immediately bought some tickets.

So after having a quick dinner in the hotel, as well as a predictable Prosecco, we headed to the theatre. It was something a little different to do that evening and we had such a great time. The play so good and the children in it were outstanding. I can’t quite say the same for the man who played the father, but I will leave that to you to figure out. I think he is known for being in EastEnders, but seeing as I don’t watch it, I wouldn’t be able to say for sure.

The next day I actually got up to something extremely exciting. A big part of my blog this year for me is starting to develop my photography and location choices. I decided that I really wanted to find a photographer in Edinburgh to get some good outfit photos to use on the blog. I found someone through Instagram who turned out to be way better than I had expected. She was so passionate about helping me and I felt like I was having an educational tour of the city whilst we did our shoot. It was so amazing to be shooting somewhere so beautiful, and also so different to where I usually do so. We went everywhere, tying the outfits into the location and making the most out of an extremely sunny day. Obviously this took us a little while, but we got there in the end and I was so exhausted afterwards! Well worth it though! My grandma and I then headed out for a late lunch, whereby I introduced her to her first ever Wagamamas.

I think we have both decided that it is officially one of our favourite places to eat. The katsu curry and ‘bang bang’ cauliflower is just heaven… especially when you’re hungry and have been running round all morning! After a final walk around and look around the shops, we decided to have an earlier night, attempt to pack all the things we had bought and get ready to head home. Due to the big, late lunch we were a bit naughty and opted for some chips from the fish and chip shop for dinner whilst indulging in married at first sight!

The next day we had the morning the kill some time before heading off to the airport, so we decided to leave the bags and head out to go on a bus tour. I did this last time so knew it was the way to experience the city. We chose to go on the Edinburgh Bus Tours (the green bus), as you get someone at the front talking into a microphone and telling you all the history and everything about the city. It lasts about an hour and a bit, and was the ideal thing to do so that we had officially been all over Edinburgh during the trip! As opposed to just having been shopping! So after a quick coffee, we headed back to the airport ready to go home.

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