This is definitely something that I have spoken about before, perhaps even done a whole blog post on it, however I feel like my tips and tricks have developed massively since I last shared it. My work life has developed in a way that I never thought it would this time last year, and I am so happy with the direction it is going in. Obviously, trying to build up my career as opposed to going straight into a regular job means that it requires a lot of work, particularly at times when I would rather be doing something else. Well sort of, I actually really love my job. Anyway, what this means is that I have been finding it difficult to find the time to fit blogging in. Prior to starting my blog, I never appreciated how much work actually goes into them, and in more ways than you can think. It takes so much preparation, photography time, editing, writing and the big thing for me now, formatting it all online. Since moving to WordPress I am convinced that an average blog post takes about 4 to 5 hours now, with sponsored ones being even longer as obviously involves a lot more preparation and email time.

When I was having time off work, I realised very quickly that I was just as busy as before, except just with blogging. If it weren’t for the money, I could completely give up work and still have enough to occupy myself 5 days a week… if not more!

When I recently went to a blog event with four bloggers, two of which were full time, they were so encouraging about being full time and it really did motivate me. However, the difference is, I am either not making as much money as them or I don’t have someone else to rely on. I have therefore learnt about lots of different ways that I can make working and blogging full time a possibility. Yes, I have a few sleepless nights and get extremely stressed a lot of the time, however do think I am getting used to the balance and feel like my head is still above water most of the time. It is really difficult to balance your time and try to prioritise certain things, but I feel like once you have the routine sorted and you’re organised about it, it can definitely be done!


I guess the main thing to remember is getting your priorities straight and learning what to spend your time on. This is something I have used as a point a lot in my lifestyle posts, but that is only because it is true. For me, at the moment, my biggest priority is focusing on my job and making a future for myself. I don’t want to land up being someone who does a job that they hate and can’t stand going to work every morning. Although, I also appreciate that there are other important things in life, such as my family and friends. I don’t ever want to be someone who neglects them for work, which I highly doubt would happen anyway because I enjoy spending time with them all far too much. The main thing to do is make sure that you budget your time well, and arrange social events around your work life. I used to be the person who would just happily spend a whole evening g by myself watching TV after work, but now I am much more conscious of spending time doing things with friends and generally just being a little more active.

In terms of working and then keeping up with blogging, the main thing I can say about this is just using as much of your spare time as possible to blog. I have set shoots in for the photos, so when it comes to preparation and writing, I literally will squeeze the time in anywhere. This could be just whilst watching TV in the evening, during a lunch break and often I will get into bed an hour earlier than normal just to get at least one post nearly done. I have even started just writing posts on my phone and working on them just whenever I get the chance. This makes blogging so much easier as it means you are constantly keeping up with everything, and not having to spend a huge chunk of time in one go on it.

Giving Up Spare Time

Following on from the last point, unfortunately in life you can’t have everything, so sometimes you do have to give up something fun or just more interesting than work. I have never been someone who has to be out on a Friday and Saturday night and don’t mind working at unsociable hours. I think if you are really serious about blogging, but still have to work, a big sacrifice you have to make is giving up some of your spare time. I will sometimes spend a whole Friday evening at my desk getting organised, or skip on a family meal so I have the day to be focused. I get that it is a bit annoying, but I enjoy blogging so it never really worries me. Putting in the time is the only way you will ever get anything out of it, which ultimately is the most important thing.

The way I treat blogging is like a second job. I don’t make enough money from it to justify doing it full time, however in my head I class it as an opening to my career. This way I am very strict with myself and ensure that I make the time to get it done.

Learning When to Say No

As much as I would like to say that you should be spending ALL your time working and blogging, it just isn’t realistic. I am one of those people who will work and work and work until I make myself physically ill and so stressed out that I don’t recover for a week. My grandma is probably the one person who can vouch for this, as she is the one constantly telling me to calm the hell down. I am passionate about my work and blogging, so that is the thing that keeps me going, however I do now respect the fact that sometimes my body physically can’t handle it. After all my body went through last year, I have found a new respect for it and a need to take it more easy. This is the main thing with blogging and working full time – it is so hard to physically have the hours available and you can push yourself top far. As an individual you know your limits and the key thing to remember is to learn when to say no. This isn’t just because you may need a long nights sleep or a night in, but also when your friends and family come first.

Being Organised & Motivated

I think the main thing I have taught myself from juggling the two ‘jobs’ is that the only way to make it work is by being super organised and keeping your mind motivated. I am now at a stage where I work a month ahead with my blog, in order to not feel stressed when there are a few days that I can’t spend on it due to work. This has made my life so much easier as I am starting to enjoy blogging much more – I always know when a post is going up and in my head I know that I don’t have to worry about getting something up constantly. The main reason that I was able to do this is just because I had some time off work so I could get ahead, but to be honest, I think if you dedicated a few weekends and evenings to it, it is definitely possible to do so whilst also working. Since doing this, I have found a huge difference in my motivational levels too. As I am not stressed about getting a post out this month, I have extra time to create posts that I really love and am proud of, knowing that they don’t have a really tight deadline. This in itself keeps me going as I can continue to be excited about posting.

The Latest Editions to my Jewellery Collection

In this post, I am wearing some jewellery which I was kindly gifted by Bacoca Boutique. The collection is all rose gold with the beautiful clove detail which is proving to be very popular nowadays on Instagram. I am obsessed with the pieces and have been wearing them constantly as I am a serious sucker for anything rose gold. In this outfit I really wanted to pair the jewellery with a very black, ‘bloggeresque’ look. The hat is something a little out of my comfort zone, but I am seriously loving it. I am mainly loving the fact that it doesn’t matter what my hair looks like in the morning because no one can see what is hiding underneath the hat! They are great at jazzing up an all black outfit and such a great quality for every day use. Find all the links to the jewellery below!

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Coat – Ted Baker

Hat – Topshop

Jeans – Zara

Boots – Zara

Jewellery – Bacoca Boutique

 Photography by LJ Horton Photography


I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own. This blog post is in collaboration with Bacoca Boutique.


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