I am writing this post unusually late for me, as usually I am fully prepared and typing everything up weeks in advance. Blogging and working can be so difficult at times, so being organised is key in order to produce regular content. Nevertheless, I was still determined to get this post up today. It seems strange writing this as there is currently a snow blizzard happening outside my window, which is annoying as today is meant to be the first blog post for Spring. I decided not to change this because of the current weather and power through as it is a part of the annual fashion seasons that I love the most. Dressing for spring is something that I feel like I have mastered for myself, much more so than any of the other seasons. I think the styles suit my own taste down to a tee and the variety of items on offer from high street brands are always so beautiful at this time of year. It is all about mixing up florals and pastels, whilst also wrapping up from the cold and still enjoying inevitably needed hot chocolates. I feel like my best self is always brought out at this time of year and I suddenly just have a surge of motivation with everything in life.

Spring style is all about transitioning in terms of colour, pattern and textures, whilst also inkeeping with the unavoidably cold weather we have to brave in the UK.

The Catwalk to the High Street

Ironically, Spring is the time of year when I feel the least influenced by the catwalks and magazines. The fashion featured is all so unobtainable and a lot of the time I know it would be so unflattering on me…a normal size 10 person compared to the size zero people modelling them. The looks just are never really something I would go for, which I guess is probably the same for a lot of people looking to expand on their wardrobe during the season. When it comes to Spring, I think the best place to go for inspiration is Instagram or even high street store

adverts. I have been given so many ideas this year, simply from walking past shops and seeing what the mannequins are wearing. The fashion is so beautiful and so simple, tying perfectly in with the season and what a normal girl wants to wear. Again, it is just a simple reminder that you don’t need to spend a fortune to reenergise your wardrobe or even stay on trend. Fashion bloggers seem to also be really nailing it this year with the Spring style, as they are really adopting the good parts of the catwalks and again just creating looks that are actually desired by normal people like me.

One Item: So Many Looks

My favourite thing about Spring fashion is how I always manage to find one thing that works perfectly with everything else. Generally this seems to be a jacket or some kind of outerwear, although it could also be an accessory or shoes. I have always found the spring colour combinations to be very neutral and inkeeping with the weather, therefore, they genrally all do just go together. The most important thing with this item, which I have always found, is that it should be something that requires no thought at all. You will subconsciously go to grab it all the time; it will make you feel comfortable everyday and will be something that you also feel very happy wearing. This year I can already see that mine is going to be this beautiful mac from Zara. I had my eyes on this for such a long time before I finally took the plunge and bought it in London just before my operation. Obviosuly, this meant that it landed up sitting in my wardrobe for weeks, but since I have been back on my feet it has been a go to. It isn’t the warmest coat I have, so I definitely haven’t worn it as much as I would have liked to, but I know once that problem is eliminated it will be worn probably everyday. The colour is very wearable, it goes with everything and to me is the perfect balance between it being casual but also very smart.

Social Media

I touched briefly earlier on how Instagram and bloggers really do just get Spring so right, however it isn’t just the clothes that motivate me. The aura of the season completely mesmerises me, with countless blossom photos and beautiful crisp white backdrops, it is enough to make me an Instagram addict every year. I mean I am already, but it is definitely worse during this season. The Spring images which can be seen everywhere are such a big inspiration for the few months it is here, as they really help you to embrace it, which often does affect the choices we make in terms of fashion. If we feel like we are enjoying the season and are constantly seeing floral images, for example, this is going to subconsciously have an affect on what we choose to wear in the morning. I personally am much more likely to choose lighter colours, often with more patterns and much softer textures. I love this as is it means I am constantly experimenting with my wardrobe, without even actually putting much thought into it.


Spring for me is the one time of year when I find accessorising an outfit pretty difficult. Winter and Autumn is all about darker tones, where golds and statement jewellery is big part of lots of looks. The big tote bags can make an entrance, as well as other accessories such as chunky scarfs, leather gloves and then lots of different styles of hats. Summer is then about all the floral hair accessories, experimenting with body jewellery as well as pops of colour with little brightly coloured handbags and shoes. Spring, for me, is the most neautral season with lots of beige, tan and grey. For me this just makes accessorising that little bit harder. This year, I think the evolution of rose gold is really going to help to resolve this as it is the perfect balance of whatever the weather and whatever you’re wearing. It is a colour that does go with everything and adds a subtle touch of glamour. My aim for Spring 2018 is to introduce my accessories into my wardrobe, starting with a more structured hat and neutral handbag. 

This look combines everything that I love about Spring style – a combination of neutral and sandy colours, whilst also looking exciting and smart. My key piece of advice for Spring is to use the hell out of your black jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love my trusty denim jeans, but I think the contrast between the neutral colours and black really does create a much more edgy look. 


What is your perfect Spring look?


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