Travelling light has never been easy for me, hence the heavy item stickers always glued to my holiday luggage every time I go through bag check in! I definitely think it is something in my family, so I am blaming it all on my genes. I have been trying to get better over the last two years, 2017 in particular when I did quite a lot of travelling just with hand luggage. Not going to lie to you, it was a challenge. Anyway, so for me, the area I have had to be more careful is my beauty products. For such a long time I couldn’t leave without taking absolutely everything I needed, you know, just in case, but particularly in terms of weight I had to stop. I have really learnt now all the things that I absolutely need to take with me and the products in particular that I like to use more when I am away, which I may not necessarily use very much when I am at home.

I have always found my beauty routine to be something that I do change a lot when I go away, whether it be hot or cold, or any time of year. Naturally I always just seem to use a few different products which I may not necessarily use at home.

I have got very temperamental skin, and it really does change depending on the weather. The minute I go anywhere hot, or in the summer, it needs such different care to when it is cold. In winter, through to summer my skin gets so dry and dehydrated which means I use a lot of products to try and give it the nourishment it needs. Then, in the summer it is the one time when my skin gets extremely oily, resulting in break outs. I find it quite hard to deal with this as it doesn’t happen for very long, but it is nice when I am away to not have to worry about it. It is also really nice to have lots of beauty products that make life easy in the morning, as I hate spending loads of time getting ready when on holiday.

Cleansing & Exfoliating Products

The main thing for my skin, at home or away, is cleaning it properly. This consists of a good cleanser and gentle exfoliating. The products I use change a lot purely because I am always looking for the best products for my skin, however I think it is important to say that this is a key part of any skincare regime. In the heat, and after a day in the sun wearing lots of sun cream my face is always in need of the best clean. The Dr Haushka face scrub is one of my favourite products when I am away, as it is extremely good at exfoliating the skin whilst also keeping it hydrated with the oil content. To cleanse, I use a few different ones, but the Liz Earle hot cloth cleansers is one of my favourites, particularly when I am away. When away, because of the change in climate for your skin, I would always say to double cleanse morning and night.

Staying Hydrated

This is not necessarily a beauty point; however, I have found that it is beneficial in terms of beauty. I have always found, whenever I am away I always need to drink about three times the water I drink at home. This could be because of the extreme heat, walking around when exploring a new city or for me, often just shopping!

Coconut Oil, Vaseline & Moisturisers

My little saviour products when on holiday… everything I need to keep my hair, skin and face hydrated. If you only have to take one product with you, the one I would never leave without is coconut oil. You can put a small amount in a container so it can be used in hand luggage, and a small amount will really go a long way. It can be used as a body moisturiser, as well as for your face, on your lips and even in terms of beauty. Coconut oil or Vaseline can be used to darken your eyebrows and eye lashes to create the illusion of an extremely put together fresh faced look. This for me is always a saviour when sitting around a pool, or even when I want to go out wearing no makeup. A good face moisturiser is also my favourite thing to have with me when I am away. There is no better feeling than getting into bed when away, slathered in face cream!

The little basics…

For years, I have been away so many times forgetting small things that are really annoying when you don’t have them with you. For example, the things I have forgotten over the years include tweezers, a nail file and hair bands. For me, they are three things that I am the most likely to forget, but the most likely to need.


Obviously, when it comes to our travel size products, we all really do have it nailed in terms of our washing products as skin care. However, there are a few other small products which I always love to take with me. The first one is a mini body spray, used as an alternative to perfume. I have had so many of those tiny little Ted Baker body sprays in gift sets and they are now one of absolute musts every time I go away. They are so easy to use as a perfume in the morning and evening, as well as to be carried around in the day for constant top ups. The Ted Baker ones are my favourite, as they are plastic bottles which means they are really easy to take as they are so light. My next essential mini, is my hand and nail serum in the smaller bottle size. When I’m away this stuff is the best as it obviously is used to keep your hands and nails hydrated, however also can be used in foundation to keep your skin hydrated through the day as well as in your body cream… or coconut oil πŸ˜‰

Tinted Lip Balm

A tinted lip balm is one of my must haves on holiday, mainly in the summer or a warm climate. As with the coconut oil for your brows or lashes, tinted lip balm is the best thing for an easy makeup free radiant look.


Since I have begun being more aware of what I am taking away with me, my makeup has been a key thing to be careful about. I used to just throw in my whole makeup bag, whereas now I am really thorough with the products I take with me. I only take what I know I will actually use and also try to use things in a clever way. For example, using my bronzer as a eyeshadow, in order to save on taking a whole palette. There are also a few products I choose to take which I don’t actually use much at home, such as a highlighted primer for an extra glow or my Clarins face illuminator. This product is great for travelling, as if you add a tiny bit to your face cream morning and night, just whilst away, you will have such radiant and beautiful skin for the duration of your trip.

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