So a few weeks ago I turned twenty and I made the decision that it was time to really start properly taking care of my skin. Ever since I started using skincare I had really gone through loads of phases, being on and off with what I was using and constantly changing the products featured in my skincare regime. They were such a variety of products as well, from luxury to high street and everything in between. A big part of my lack of effort towards my skin was also that I was very lazy, and at the end of the day, I simply couldn’t be bothered to take the time to properly remove my makeup and then also have to cover my face in products. For some reason, in the lead up to my birthday this attitude very quickly changed purely because I was getting sick of how unhealthy my skin was feeling. It was dry, I was having frequent breakouts and the redness was getting out of control. I knew I wasn’t using the right products for my skin and I just needed a little guidance with how to change this. The big thing was that I was also spending quite a lot of money on heavy duty makeup to hide how insecure I felt about my skin, so I decided that if I invested this money into my skincare, the need for expensive makeup would very quickly disappear.

I was not brought up in a home where things like skincare are necessarily important. My grandma doesn’t use anything on her skin and it is honestly incredible. However, I know that my skin type is different to here’s and it needs much more love.

When I visited the EF Medi Spa in Bristol last year I did pick up two products which I love to use, so I didn’t want to change this part of my regime. In order to really get the products right, I asked the wonderful girlies in my local beauty salon what they would recommend as they are a salon who specialise in Guinot. I have heard so many people rave about the Guinot products, and had used them before in my treatments in the salon. I knew they were going to be what I needed, however I just needed someone to let me know exactly which products I should be using. Most importantly, I also needed someone to tell me how. This sounds ridiculous, but with a lot of beauty products, how you use them is actually not as easy as you would think!

So after finding out what I need to use, and putting everything together, I finally have a routine that I am happy with and is making my skin so much better. I have only been doing it for just over a month, but I have notices a huge difference and love how healthy my skin feels and looks.


So to begin with, after removing my eye makeup, I start by cleansing. The cleanser I use was one recommended to me by the medical spa and I have now been using it for probably around nine months. It is from an amazing brand called Skin Ceuticals and it really is the best cleanser I have ever used. It feels soft but fresh on my skin and doesn’t feel like it is doing anything other than looking after my skin properly. It is a mild formula, that removes impurities and excess oils. It does seem to specialise in targeting dry and sensitive skin, which is definitely perfect for me. I use it once on a cotton pad to remove my makeup, then again to really cleanse my skin.

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After cleansing, it is then time to tone. I use the Origins balancing toner for normal to dry skin. I used to be terrified of using a toner, as for the few times I did it really seemed to hurt my skin and I just thought it was making it so much worse. I now know that not only was I not using the wrong products for my skin, but also I was using way too much. When I spoke to my beautician about this, she said to me that with a toner you just want to quickly brush it over your skin to get rid of excess makeup and balance the oils out again. It is a very light sweep as opposed to a vigorous rub like I do with a cream. I chose to use the Origins one as I had heard so many good things about it and am so pleased I did. It is really working for me and I love using this product.

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A big thing I learnt over a year ago when I saw a skin specialist from Dr. Haushka was that scrubbing your skin vigorously is one of the worst things you can do. It exfoliates away the dead skin cells, but then also goes deeper and damages the new ones. Therefore, it is a constant cycle of you damaging your skin, with it looking unhealthy. When they told me this, suddenly it all made sense and I just stopped using them all together. When I noticed that I needed to take care of my skin more, I knew that some sort of exfoliator was exactly what I needed.

My beautician recommended the Guinot gel exfoliator, and I can honestly say it is the best product I have ever used. You rub it into your skin for about five minutes until it goes silky, then you just wash it off with a warm flannel and dry your skin. My skin feels brand new after I have used this and so refreshed. I only use it two or three times a week, but they are my favourite evenings!

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The serum was the second product recommended to me by the medical spa, as a deep skin analysis showed that my skin was not very healthy deep down. It was so weird to see this as you literally could see everything! This would only come out gradually over time, but it didn’t mean that I couldn’t do something about it. The serum hydrates my skin all the way down, which you can really tell because when you apply it, my skin literally sucks it all in within a few seconds. It is by no means enough to use by itself, but I can tell that it is going to be a life saviour for my skin in the long run. The serum is expensive, however it lasts a really long time, as you only need two small drops when you use it! Shop the serum here. 


To finish of my skincare, I now use a Guinot moisturiser which I absolutely adore. It is so nourishing for my skin, smells amazing and I can really tell the difference since I have been using this. For a few months, I wasn’t actually using a moisturiser at all, because I was told the serum was enough, however for my skin I do disagree. My skin was often dry, just in small patches, which has now completely gone since I have been using the cream. It definitely just adds the top layer of hydration that my skin personally needs. It also adds such a beautiful dewy look to my skin! I would actually go out without makeup on when using this… which is a big thing for me to say! Shop the moisturiser here. 

Face Mask

I decided to buy myself a face mask when I was doing a Boots order and landed up buying the Bare Minerals clay mask sort of on an impulse. I have loved using this product, but only do so probably once or twice a week. This also is only ever on an evening when I haven’t exfoliated as I feel like it might be a bit much for my skin. I just apply it all over, leave it for about 15 minutes, or whilst I have a bath, then wash it off with a hot flannel. I love that feeling and my skin feels so refreshed once I have taken it off. I think a great thing about this product is that it really goes a long way. I have used it so many times and it isn’t even half full, which is something good to know if you are going to spend a little bit more on a product, as this one isn’t cheap at £32.

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Morning Routine

In the morning I love applying some skincare and then chilling for a little while knowing that it is all soaking in nicely. This usually means I have some time to have a coffee, eat some breakfast and have a good old scroll through Instagram. The perfect amount of time to let it do its magic! In the morning, unless I am having a pamper, all I do is cleanse once, tone gently and then apply my serum and moisturiser. I never wash my face in the shower as I feel like it really doesn’t need it, but if I am washing my hair, I will do that first and then do my skincare so it doesn’t get washed off. This is much quicker than the evening, and the perfect way to wake up in the morning.

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