Is there anything better than a night in with a box set and a delicious curry? I think Indian cuisine is very quickly becoming one of my absolute favourite foods, and I am really started to look cooking it more. For a long time, it was never really my thing as it just didn’t really taste as good and took a really long time, however my patience has definitely grown over the last few years, as well as my ability to get the flavour balance right in my dishes. This is the first curry I have ever made using prawns, as they seem to be the only thing I want to eat at the moment. I have been experimenting with the flavours and I think I have finally mastered this particular curry. I am from a family of mild eaters, as well as my other half not being able to stand any spice, so this curry is very mild. However, you can definitely make it more to your liking. It is by no means an extremely quick meal to make, although when you have some time to spare at the weekend, it truly is a treat. I think this tastes so much better when it is made the day, or even two, before. It completely transforms the flavour, as well as consistency of the dish.

This is one of my favourite dishes when I am in need of complete comfort food. My weekends are all about completely over indulging, with a home cooked meal and time well spent with my favourite people… not forgetting the naughty kitten!

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 45 minutes

Skill: Easy

Serves: 4


360g Prawns // ½ Ring Chorizo // 1 Can Coconut Milk // ½ Red Chilli // 4 Cloves Garlic // Lemongrass 2 stalks // Coriander large handful // Curry Paste 3tbsp // Onions ½ // Ginger 1tbsp // Turmeric 1tsp // Fresh tomatoes 10 halved // Canned tomatoes 1 can // Garam masala 2tsp // Cumin 1tsp // Cinnamon ½ tsp // Lime 1 // Mango chutney 1tbsp // Yoghurt 2tbsp


In a bowl, add the prawns, chilli, garlic, yoghurt and curry paste. Also season generously with salt and pepper. Mix everything together and leave for as long as possible. I try to leave this overnight, however an hour or so would still be okay. Baring in mind, you can start cooking the other ingredients for a while before you need to add the prawns. Prawns cook extremely quickly, so they aren’t added for a while.

When you are ready to start making the curry, in a wok type deep pan, heat some oil and a knob of butter until bubbling. Fry the onions until soft and golden, then add the chorizo and cook for another two minutes until slightly pinker in colour. The chorizo adds a lot of flavour, particularly salt, so be careful when seasoning throughout.

Then add the spices, including lemongrass, ginger, turmeric and Garam masala. As well as half the coriander. The dish will now really start to smell delicious and resemble a real curry. About two minutes later you can add the fresh tomatoes and keep cooking until they have disappeared and a thick sauce has formed. They will spit a lot because of the water that comes from them with the heat, so don’t be alarmed!

Now it is time to add the liquid to form the sauce. Add the coconut milk and canned tomatoes – let this bubble away gently for about fifteen minutes. Season well with salt and pepper. Taste to see if you would like to add any more spice or seasoning. If I were cooking this just for me, I would have much more chilli, however I am trying to please everyone with the food I produce!

Now for the main star of the show, place the prawn mixture into the liquid, as well as the lime juice, mango chutney and remaining coriander. Let this cook on the lowest heat for about fifteen minutes. The prawns will slowly and gently cook in the sauce, and shouldn’t be chewy as they are only being cooked for a short amount of time. Let this sit for about an hour and re-heat slowly on a low temperature to serve. This allows the flavour to really come through.

Serve with brown rice, a dollop of yoghurt and extra helping of coriander. I love to use brown rice, as not only does it contain many more vitamins, but I like the subtle crunch in contrast to the curry.

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This recipe is entirely my own.

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