Decorating the flat has been a very long and draining process. Obviously, as I did suddenly realise how much I enjoy interior design it has been really fun, however I am at the point now where I am just so ready to be done and completely enjoy my home. The final room in the flat to decorate was the guest bedroom, which for around 18 months really has been used as my messy storage room where everything goes that I don’t know what else to do with it. I have spent a really long time thinking about how I would like to decorate the room, I have changed my mind multiple times, but now I have finally got to a stage where I know exactly what I want and have even got the process going. The main thing I had to do was really clear out all the stuff, as it had all just been piling up for such a long time. This took months, however it was quite nice as it occupied me whilst I was house bound for about three months.

I want my guest bedroom to be a very useable and beautiful space, where I feel relaxed and organised whenever I am using it. I also want it to be an area where my guests feel like they can chill out and really enjoy themselves.

The only thing I knew from over a year ago that I wanted was the wallpaper that I had put up, as it is actually the black and white version of the one I had in my pink bedroom back in my grandparent’s house. I absolutely adored that paper, in fact I still do, but I didn’t want to go for the same thing again as sometimes I feel you just need a change. Saying that, when I do eventually buy my nice big house, my office is going to be exactly where that hot pink wallpaper will go! To many people, the paper I chose is probably a little old fashioned, or not something you would expect a 20-year-old to choose, but I just absolutely love it. It has a real vintage look to it, which is ever so chic and is going to make the room so homely.

On one of my many scrolls through Pinterest, adding all my favourite design ideas to my boards, I came across a room with wallpaper of the same colour tone to mine. I guess you could say it was also very old fashioned, but they had made the space so beautiful with a perfect contrast of modern and old. When I saw this, I instantly knew that was how I wanted to decorate the room with a few additions to express my own style. The main feature of that room, is the colour of the wallpaper with the blush pink tones. I may have gone a little overboard with the pink, but it is without a doubt my favourite colour. To accessorise, the only option for me would be copper. The combination of these colours works perfectly and I am so happy that I chose to go with this. It is a very feminine room, as is most of the flat, so I’ve figured that before I land up living with a boy, I need to get the pink and flowers out of my system! With the colour code in order, I could eventually start buying all the minor details and thinking about where everything would go.

Interior design isn’t about it just being pretty on Instagram. It is about creating a space where you feel relaxed and where you have expressed your personality, with the look of it being a complete representation of you.

My guest bedroom is technically also being used as an additional wardrobe and dressing space for me. It amazes me at how many clothes, accessories and shoes I own, but I guess I am just going to have to admit that I am completely obsessed. The thing with me though is that I do actually wear pretty much everything I own, so I can kind of justify it. I haven’t yet got round to having my fitted wardrobe done in my bedroom, which is another reason why I need to use this space for my clothes. The wardrobe really will create so much more storage space for my things. So naturally I needed somewhere to keep it all in the mean time. This means that part of the second bedroom features clothes rails and storage drawers. I want to keep this really simple, just with white rails and trusty old IKEA drawers, as it will give the room a real Scandi feel whilst also being practical.

The IKEA drawers that everyone seems to have really are a god sent. They are so easy to use, go with everything and in terms of practicality, they are so incredible. I am completely obsessed!

In terms of style, I want to keep this room very mixed with a balance of old fashioned and modern, whilst also intertwining my favourite Scandi style. I want it to look clean and fresh, with a unique design and beautiful space to be used. The Scandi style is mainly coming from the IKEA drawers, however I think small accessories can really accentuate this look throughout the room. I am thinking copper baskets, a puff and some beautiful hanging plants to add some subtle warm tones. This is the part of the room that I am finding very easy to build up, as there are so many amazing things available to buy on the high street nowadays! I have got some stunning things to reveal when the room is done from brands such as Primark, New Look and Urban Outfitters!

The most exciting part for me was choosing some prints for the feature wall above the bed. I wanted them all to tie in with the colour scheme, as well as also representing the fact that it is a space for guests to relax and for me to enjoy fashion. Therefore, they are all pink toned, with black and white. All together they work beautifully together (I have a few more than in the images here), and are really going to bring the room together in terms of contrast and texture. I chose the prints from Desenio, as I have seen them splashed around Instagram so much recently. They have such a variety to choose from and they really do look beautiful ready to go in their frames.

Everything is so nearly there now, but I really wanted to share the thought behind creating this room and the basics which are going to bring it all together. If anyone has any interior pieces to recommend for this space, please let me know!

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