When I was contacted by Rush Hair I was so excited to enjoy my experience in their salon and have some much needed time for myself. Life is just so incredibly busy and every day, week and month seems to just be going by in the blink of an eye. Therefore, instead of just writing about my amazing experience in the salon, I also wanted to intertwine it into a post all about you time and just taking some time out to refuel ourselves. I am definitely someone who tries to please everyone, there is just always so much to do and not enough time. I love being there for people and making others happy, even with simple things like cooking the ones I love a meal, making sure I see enough of everyone and being there for every little thing the people in my life need. With work, having a social life and trying to keep fit, it can really all get a little much sometimes. It is so important to take some time out for you and enjoy just being by yourself for a short amount of time.

I was thrilled to take the time to visit Rush salon and simply have an hour just for me. I could escape the house and just completely relax knowing that my hair and I were in very good hands. I felt amazing once I had left and could enjoy my beautiful hair all weekend!

I think it is very obvious that as humans we do all need some alone time, just simply to refresh our minds and refuel ourselves, however how we do that is very dependant on the person. Everyone is different and everyone relaxes in different ways. The important part of having some time for yourself is the way in which you feel afterwards. You should not only feel less tense or anxious, but also very much motivated. I feel like I have the energy to tackle anything after having some time to myself, even if it was only for half an hour or so. Simply going to the hairdressers to get my hair washed, or just getting my nails done is often enough to make me feel better for a long time afterwards.

Taking a moment…

I think the main thing about taking some time out for yourself and just simply relaxing is that it doesn’t have to be for a very long time. I can get quite stressed when I’m at home, as I work from home a lot, have a very energetic kitten and there always seems to be a million and one things to do. Sometimes, I take myself out just for a quick coffee and it is exactly what I need in order to get on with my day. All it means is that I have a short amount of time to gather my thoughts again and just not feel stressed for a minute. Coffee may not be your thing, but there are loads of ways of just taking a moment for yourself; going for a short walk, popping to the shops to pick something up or even just a phone call conversation with someone you love. I have always found beauty treatments to be a great way of having some time for me, as they are always relaxing and make me feel glamorous again. When Rush invited me into the salon for a hair treatment, not only did it feel great as it was some time for me, but also I was giving my hair a little bit of attention which it does really need. Killing two birds with one stone I would say!

Everyone will have something which really relaxes their minds, however it doesn’t have to be physically relaxing. You could enjoy going for a blow-dry or having a massage, but your thing could also be some form of exercise or even spending time with friends.

Enjoying a Hobby

Having a hobby is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Whether you do it with a friend, partner of family member, as long as it is something you genuinely love, it is amazing for your mind. Obviously, mine at the moment is blogging, however I do have a growing list of things I want to try out. For example, I would love to start doing yoga, some pottery lessons and I really want to start horse riding again. Obviously I will never be able to do this all in one go as I simply don’t have the time, but I definitely need to start one as my blog is probably quickly becoming something that I can no longer class as a hobby. A hobby should make you feel relaxed and happy, just something easy to do, and my blog certainly has become much more than this. It can be incredibly stressful at times!

Looking After Yourself

Having some time for yourself is a massive part of taking care of yourself. My attitude towards taking care of myself has really changed in the last few months, as I have a new found appreciation for my body and feel so much happier in life when I am looking after myself. Looking after my hair is a big part of this, as it is probably my favourite part of myself. I am not one to say I love myself, as I am always going on about my flaws, but when it comes to my hair, it is the one thing I will say I love. I am so lucky to have naturally straight blonde hair, mainly because it doesn’t require much work, however I do think an occasional hair treatment is exactly what it needs. Laila, who took care of me at Rush Hair was amazing and really made sure my hair got the love it needed. She used a treatment which she said my hair sucked up straight away, suggesting to me that is really needed the care and nourishment. The result, much softer, hydrated glossy locks with a beautiful bouncy finish. I got some time for myself, and my hair was looked after. Win Win.

A big thing I have learnt about hair from a lot of hairdressers is how fussy you need to be with what products you choose to use on it. As with skincare, there are so many products on the market which allegedly look after your hair, however they contain ingredients which really aren’t very good for it. When it comes to taking care of my hair, I have complete faith in the professionals and would much rather spend a bit more knowing it is being looked after properly.

Relaxing & Being Pampered

Being pampered is about so much more than just having some time to switch off knowing that you are being taken care of. I really love having my own pamper nights at home – washing my hair, taking care of my skin and usually painting my nails. I find it so relaxing to just have a long session of looking after myself usually whilst watching a chick flick or two. However, when I do visit a salon for my hair or beauty, a big part that I love is having a conversation and escaping my own life in that way. Yes, you do talk about yourself and what you’ve been up to, however when I learn about other people’s experiences and share stories I feel so relaxed and raring to go afterwards. I find it some important to learn about others and knowing about their experiences, usually in a way that you can relate to. When I visited Rush, Laila was so easy to get on with and she really made the experience truly great. We talked about everything in life, from Venice to being 30 with cats and it was just so nice to meet someone so positive about life and amazingly passionate about her job and everything hair. I really felt in safe hands in the salon.

Rush Hair | Bristol

Rush Hair is a multi-award winning brand with 90+ salons across London, Essex and the South East. I have heard a lot about the brand previously to being invited so was honoured to visit the Bristol salon which has been open for a year. Laila and her team actually won salon of the year, beating all other Rush salons, this year. It was so amazing to see how proud they all were as a team for winning this award… I just happened to be there when their trophy got delivered! The salon is situated right in the middle of the city, very close to Primark, and is a beautiful large and open salon, with a buzzing atmosphere and very positive team. It was actually nice to be somewhere where everyone clearly got on very well and were enjoying their work. Sometimes I do feel such an awkward tension in some salons, which is definitely something I have had a lot of people agree with me on!

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This blog post is in collaboration with Rush Hair, however all views and opinions are my own. Thank you so much to the whole team at Rush Bristol for making me feel welcome, as well as the marketing team who invited me.

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