I think when it comes to fashion, especially as someone who follows a lot of fashion influencers, it can be difficult not to get carried away when trying to stay on trend. You could land up spending an absolute fortune if you were to copy the wardrobe of every fashion influencer online, especially with the ever growing use of very expensive designer pieces. Gucci must have made an unbelievable amount of profit with the rise of the blogger. Anyway, it can also be hard with the amount of people online always advertising high street products, particularly with the swipe up option. I love everything fashion and do spend the majority of my money on it, although I would never say that I am silly when it comes to what I actually choose to buy. Watching fashion vlogs, it really makes me look like an absolute saint!

I think the most important thing when spending your money on fashion is that you are doing it correctly and choosing the things that are right to you. There are so many areas of fashion to invest in, however I truly believe some are much more beneficial than others.

As an individual lover of all things fashion, I have become very sure about what I enjoy spending my money on and what I now simply refuse to. It has been a long process and I feel like because of how much I have grown up in the last two years, this is one of the main reasons for the change of attitude I have now had. I am just so much stricter with myself about what I buy, and I really do find myself justifying absolutely everything. This could also be because I now also enjoy spending my money on food and interiors. You can’t have it all I guess!


When it comes to an outfit, or making a high street outfit look amazing, the way forward is always through how you accessorise. For example, my first go to is a belt. I chose to invest in my Gucci belts over a year ago now, but I haven’t looked back once. Usually when I spend that sort of money, if it isn’t the right thing to do I usually start to really regret it as time goes on and feel guilty about buying whatever it is. With the belts I have just loved them more and more every day and adore how the completely transform any outfit I am wearing. I have the medium black one and small nude one, so there is a real variance of colour which means I always have once to go with any coloured outfit I am wearing.


The next accessory I think that really transforms an outfit is always a handbag. It can take it from a 3 to a 10 in a second and is obviously the most practical part of any outfit. Whenever I am out and about I always look at peoples bags, as well as it being the first thing I notice when reading an outfit post on any fashion blog. This is mainly because I just am absolutely in love with them, but I do honestly think they are the staple piece for any outfit. Hence, why I tend to be using a different one every single day.


Good Shoes

Something that my grandma taught me, and a lot of painful hours wearing cheap shoes, is that shoes are not something you should spend nothing on. I am not by any means saying that you need to go all SJP and spend £500 on every pair of shoes, however I will never ever spend anything less than £20. My favourite place for reasonably priced, great quality shoes has always been Dune London. I have never worn any of their shoes that don’t fit properly, feel comfortable, or indeed last a very long time. Not to mention how incredibly beautiful they are. Don’t get me wrong, they are not the only place I buy shoes from, but they are definitely my favourite. I just think good quality footwear is an absolute must and should always be prioritised when it comes to spending money on fashion.

Skincare vs Makeup

When I turned 20 a few weeks ago I made a very big decision to start investing lots more money into my skincare, as opposed to makeup. I know this isn’t necessarily fashion related, however I did really want to include this as I feel like it is so important and obviously along the theme of my blog. I spoke to my regular beauty technician who specialised in Guinot products, which I have only ever heard amazing things about. We discussed my skin type, as well as skin types that run in my family and she recommended some amazing products in order to really help me to take care of my skin. I was by no means doing what I should have been before and just am at the point now where I want to get my whole routine completely nailed. Obviously, this means that I am now spending a bit more money on my skincare, but it does also mean that I hopefully will be spending less on makeup. I think our skin is one of the most important things we can invest in and I am so excited to really get into the routine of using my new products. Blog post coming soon…

Coats and Outerwear

As well as shoes, I think the next most important thing to spend our money on is a very good coat, or indeed jacket for spring/ summer. I am someone who is known for always being cold, which is definitely something I inherited from my mother! Having a good coat is always something that I think is so important, not just because it practically keep you warm but also because it is really the only thing that ever gets seen. One of my favourite places for coats has to be Zara, however they are not known for always being particularly warm. This year I finally took the plunge and bought a coat that I had been pining over for what seems like years from Ted Baker. I managed to get it in the Swindon Outlet centre when I visited for a blog lunch, and again have not looked back since. It was worth every penny and has really proven to me how much it is okay to spend a little bit more on a good quality coat.

Tailored Clothes

A big lesson I have learnt from buying cheap clothes, especially for my body type, is that tailored clothes really are a little bit more expensive for a reason. The material used is much better quality, the shape is much more thought through and the final touches are so much better. I am not saying that for everyday use it is essential, but for a special occasion or maybe one piece that you know you will wear a lot, investing in tailored clothes really is worth every penny. My advice would be to start with a really special blazer, especially as it would be perfect for transitioning into Spring. I am not saying it has to be a Balmain blazer, but something a little higher end would be so worth the money.


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