In two days’ time I will be celebrating my 4th anniversary for the blog, which I am absolutely astounded by. I cannot believe it has been that long since I first started blogging, with really no breaks at all in between. It is a long time to keep up a hobby, and is starting to get quite difficult to think of ideas to write about, particularly in terms of fashion. I think my readers probably have a fair idea of what my style is like now and all the fashion tips that I have in my little book. So what is left to write about? So my latest idea was when I was muddling with the idea of everyday fashion. I read so many fashion blogs that feature so many beautiful outfits and tips, as well as accounts on social media. They are all amazing, apart from the fact that I would probably never in a million years actually wear the outfits. We live in an extremely casual society, where you really do look out of place if you dare to wear shoes with a heel or anything other than jeans. I do find this really sad, but I guess it is just one of those things that you have to go along with. So I wanted to write a post about real fashion, about the things that I actually choose to wear as well as things that are achievable for the majority. AKA not dripping in designer.

Fashion blogs really are overtaking every other form of fashion media, however the one thing that does really get to me is how unachievable the clothes actually are. Not just in terms of cost, but also how out of place you would look stepping out your front door.

To be honest, as much as I would like to be really creative with my clothes, I am so busy all the time that I often go for the same outfit over and over again. I like to be comfortable when I have stuff to do, which is why I tend to go for jeans and t-shirts a lot more nowadays. I do get quite annoyed with myself as I love wearing more formal clothes, but sometimes it just isn’t the priority. Anyway, this post is about the outfits that I genuinely do wear and how to style the simplest of outfits to make them just slightly more ‘stylish’. As well as when I would wear them.

Jumper & Knee High Boots

Since the whole knee high boot craze began, well since it came back, I have been obsessed. I can’t really tell you exactly why, I just adore them. I think the style is so flattering, they really create the illusion of longer legs and in the winter they do genuinely keep you so warm. I love how they can transform an extremely simple and boring outfit into something much more fashionable, especially with statement jewellery. One of my complete go to and easy outfits when I want to be warm and comfortable is a jumper, with jeans, knee high boots and a necklace of some description. It is so easy to throw on and always looks like it took much more effort than it really did. This pair of grey boots are from Carvela from Kurt Keiger, and were extremely popular in AW17. They are so incredibly comfortable and great value for money, hence why I then also bought them in black.

T-Shirt and Leather Jackets

This is my weekend, want to be comfortable but look chic go to. A pair of fitted jeans, a slogan t-shirt and my trusty leather jacket that cost me about £20 4 years ago from New Look. It is the only jacket that I have found that actually fits me properly and looks how I think it should in my head. This outfit is great as it goes with boots, converse, trainers or pumps and is very easy to wear for anything! It is particularly great for shopping, as it is so easy to take on and off in the changing room! Zara are my favourite place at the moment for slogan t-shirts, with such a range of looks and quotes, all reasonably priced and great quality.

Midi Skirts with Ruffled Boots

This is more of a work everyday outfit, and the style that I have been wearing continuously since getting back to work about a month ago. I love a midi skirt, whether it be floaty or tight, and is so easy to wear with a simple cami top and my smart work coat. To go with the midi skirt, my go-to footwear has to be my black knee high boots, which I tie just below the knee so that they are actually ruffled. They stay in place and look so continental with all my work outfits. They are obviously much more comfortable than work heels and can be worn with any of my outfits. This is very much a fashion hack, as I don’t think I have seen these boots to buy in that style. But mine we a simple £20 pair from New Look and they have been incredible.

The Shopping Outfit

So I thought I would separate this part into five very simple tips that I have sworn by over the last few years. I get so frustrated when I am shopping, so my clothes are the key thing to being comfortable. I have been caught out so many times wearing the wrong thing, so have definitely learnt for the best. 

Always wear clothes that are easy to take on and off. Jeans and a light jumper are always good, with some sort of trainers that don’t need to be tied or buttoned up.

Always wear an over the shoulder bag, so you can shop hands free. This is probably my biggest tip and the thing that is essential for me. It means that I can get to my purse easily and can really look around the shops without worrying about my bloody bag falling off my shoulder or arm.

Comfy shoes – don’t even think of wearing any such heel or brand new shoes!

Headphones – This is something I do often forget, but one of my favourite things when I’m shopping is to have headphones in. It really gets me in the zone and relaxes my mind so I am focused!

Layers – there is nothing worse than getting hot (in my case) when shopping. Always make sure you have a thinner top on underneath.

Shirt and Jeans

This is a very new style to me, but since I have been so much more care free with my outfit choices, one of my favourite looks is a pair of fitted jeans with a loose cotton fabric shirt. It is so easy to wear, you have such a variety of footwear to choose from and I do really always find that the look is incredibly flattering. My favourite place to buy such shirts has always been from Fat Face. They are such great quality, have a great range of colours and patterns and seem to last forever. To be honest, I am also really impressed with their jeans. I have had them time and time again and find them so comfortable. To really mic things up, I also enjoy wearing the shirts as a jacket with a t-shirt, which again is also another very flattering look. Here are a few of my favourites

Shirt No.1 | Shirt No.2 | Shirt No.3

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Jumper – Zara

Boots – Kurt Geiger

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