Oh Paris… my favourite city on Earth. Last week I was lucky enough to spend a few days in this beautiful place with my grandparents, as it is somewhere we try to go to as often as possible. Every time I go there I feel utterly at home and completely happy in myself. The vibrant buzz of the city is everything you expect after watching the city in movies and nothing ever really disappoints. You can walk around the beautiful park and streets, admire the views of the Eiffel Tower, indulge in countless calories of delicious food and shop to your hearts content. This trip was definitely more relaxed than others, with us just all enjoying some time together and taking a break from the hectic lives that we were leaving behind in the UK for just a few days. Don’t get me wrong, I do not by any means think that city breaks are a rest, but mentally they do wonders for the human mind. 

Paris is probably my favourite place in the whole world. The buzz of the city intertwined with the beautiful, historic culture is something that I have never found anywhere else before. It is relaxing, whilst also being exciting.

My favourite thing about Paris every time I go is the countless amazing meals that I get to eat. There really is no such thing as a bad meal, or a horrible glass of wine. Wherever you go, you are guaranteed to be indulged by even the simplest of recipes, which definitely tastes even better when you can sit outside in the sun watching the Parisians going by. It really is an incredible feeling, and probably the one thing that brings me back every time. We ate in a few different restaurants this time, all offering delicious food, great wines and amazing hot chocolates. I thought I would just sum up the best places that we ate, with a few little pictures to sum up the amazing trip that we had.

La Coup D’or

This restaurant is situated right by our hotel, Hotel Duminy Vendome, by the beautiful gardens. We went there on the first night for convenience, as we had been twice on our last visit. It is such an easy restaurant, with traditional seating outside and dark toned gold interiors. To celebrate being in the beautiful city, I treated myself to a steak with French fries and béarnaise sauce. It was beyond delicious and everything you would expect from such a traditional French meal. I think a big part of eating in France is the atmosphere, as well as the food. It genuinely makes it taste better when you can see all the French life walking past the window, and for me, admiring all the beautiful clothes. As you can find in most restaurants in the city, they offer a very traditional menu, including ‘Croque Monsieur’s’, packed up salads and chicken and chips. We actually did go back one night, where I had the delicious chicken and chips. It is a very relaxed restaurant, with doggies wondering around, traditionally dressed French waiters, and a delicious glass of Bordeaux served in an instant.

Paris London

This beautiful café is placed perfectly in the middle of Madeleine, around the beautiful square that surrounds the amazing French architecture. We have been to this café a few times and it really is the perfect spot to sit with a drink, soaking in the sun rays and watching the world go by. In fact, it is quite an eventful area of the city… we even got to see the French police pull over a motorcyclist. I must say, the French really don’t hold any prisoners. Whilst my grandparents enjoyed a coffee, I opted for a Venetian hot chocolate. To be honest, it is very hard to ever find a bad hot chocolate in this city, unlike in the UK where they are mainly watery and have absolutely no flavour or rich taste of real chocolate. This one though, was incredible. It was a thick, dense tasting chocolate, topped with the most delicious vanilla whipped cream. It really was the perfect thing to enjoy whilst having a mid afternoon sit down.

La Rotande St Honoré

This restaurant is situated a little higher than the hotel, along the beautiful road of Rue Saint-Honoré, with a view of three beautiful Parisian streets. We went to this restaurant twice, as I think I actually had one of the best meals of my life. For lunch on the second day, we sat outside this beautiful restaurant, in the blazing sunshine. I had a much needed glass of cold Prosecco, which was utterly delicious, as I was celebrating the fact that I was 6 month post my operation. I mean really, is there anywhere better in the world to celebrate such a special day?! 

Anyway, back to the food, we all went for the Chicken with a tarragon sauce and potato puree. Oh my gosh, it was incredible! The sauce was packed with the right amount of mouth watering flavour, and I have never had such a smooth and delicious posh mashed potato. It was everything you would expect from a good Parisian meal, and in fact, maybe even a little bit more. It was so good, I had it twice.

Ladureé Paris


I’m sure this is somewhere that most people have probably heard of, and probably even been to if you have been to Paris, but it honestly is my favourite place to go in the whole world. My grandparents and I have a little tradition of what we have when we go in there, and all three of us absolutely love it. We always share a massive Pistachio cream cake as it is beyond rich, but honestly the yummiest cake in the whole entire world. I always have a Ladureé hot chocolate, which is thick and creamy and the best tasting hot chocolate in the world. I love how it comes in a beautiful silver jug and the waiters pour it in front of your eyes.

My grandparents actually had iced chocolates this time as it was such a hot day, but I just couldn’t stray from my tradition. This restaurant/ café is not just great for the food and drink, but the interior is the most beautiful design I have ever seen in my life. There is beautiful artwork on the ceiling, the most Parisian table and chairs and the attention to detail is just incredible. After our hot chocolates, I always then have to go into the shop next door and buy myself a ridiculously expensive box of macaroons. They are the best you can get and no others will ever compare once you have had those. My favourite flavours are the Pistachio and the Blackcurrant.

Café Palais-Royale

This restaurant is right by the Musée D’Orsay and is so traditionally French. It is a very easy going restaurant with dark leather interiors, perfect for a quick and delicious lunch. I opted for a hearty salad, with goat’s cheese, beans and that one of a kind French dressing. Again, that dressing really doesn’t taste the same anywhere else in the world. Paired with a delicious glass of wine, it couldn’t be a more perfect combination. In France, I am really always leaning towards a dry and crisp Rosé, which is something I cannot stand to drink at home. For some reason, I can never really find one that isn’t overly sweet. Paired with the goat’s cheese, it was ideal.

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