A topic that comes up a lot when I am talking to bloggers, or even trying to explain what I do for a living to people, is the healthy balance between our lives on the Internet and learning when to put our phones away. The Internet has proven to be a wonderful, as well as powerful tool in the modern world, however it is extremely easy to become consumed in it. I have had so many days in the past where my brain is buzzing and in complete overdrive from spending too much time online and allowing myself to become so focused on my Instagram engagement and follower count going up and down. It didn’t take long for me to make the decision that I needed to learn how to switch it all off, however after having my surgery, it was the perfect kick I needed to get the balance right. After my surgery, I couldn’t stand being on my phone as it made my eyes go so weird, which in turn made me realise how little everything online actually matters. Starting to world regular hours and on set days has now allowed me to develop a routine and work out what hours I spend in the day online.

The Internet has become such a vast and powerful resource, that we have forgotten what life was like before we were all reliant on it. Getting our brains to forget about it is becoming much more difficult.


At this moment in my life, with blogging and my job, I am never going to be able to withdraw myself from the online world. I do hope that one day in the future this is a possibility, as I never want my future children to be fighting for my attention against my phone, but for now I just have to get the balance right. I thought I would share my few tips for making this possible, as I am starting to feel much better in myself and using my time online more strategically.


Social Media definitely has peak times – for example, I would never post a photo at midnight or four in the morning as now one is awake to see it. This isn’t from just a point of, I’m not going to get likes or engagement, but more so because that most of my photos take a lot of work so obviously I want people to see them! However, what I’m trying to say isn’t about getting the most engagement on your photos, but about using this to learn when your times on your phone are. I have not got set times, usually, in the day when I let myself indulge online. This being a few minutes in the morning whilst my brain starts functioning, a quick scroll on my lunch break and then about half an hour at some point in the evening. This seems like a lot, but trust me, it is so much less than it used to be!


Something that has definitely made me step back a little from social media, is by being organised and scheduling the majority of my posts a week ahead. This means that I am never stressing about finding things to post, or even posts that are in collaboration with people. It has made my whole online experience so much more enjoyable as it has taken the pressure away and means that I spend less time just generally thinking about it.

Becoming addicted to social media is obviously very dependant on how you use it. As a blogger, I have had to develop strategies to see it as a job and only use it at certain points during the day.


At the end of the day, the main thing to remember about being online is that there are so many more important things going on in the real wide world. This is what I realised when I was in surgery recovery, as the only thing I needed was the love and support of my family around me. I didn’t care at all about what was happening online and it did really make me realise how much I used to focus on it. There isn’t really much to say on the subject, as I feel it isn’t a new topic of conversation to anyone, however there are still a few people who seem to forget every so often.

Your Phone, Work Phone

This is not a step I have got to yet, and I have to say this applies much more to my job. Although, I can now so the importance of having a work phone to separate that area of your life from your leisure time. If you work in an industry where you do use your phone a lot, then I would always say to keep it separate from your personal one. Not just for phone calls and texts, but also the online side of things.

A Healthy Attitude to Social Media

This is different for everyone, as everyone reacts in different ways, but I do think the best step towards having a good balance in your online life is by understanding what a healthy attitude actually is towards it. For me, a healthy attitude is being able to put your phone down for two hours and not be waiting and thinking about picking it up again. It is about not sharing every single aspect of your life on social media, and also sometimes not getting too involved in it. The main thing for me, as a blogger, is also not to focus on my followers and engagement too much. At the end of the day, it isn’t the biggest problem in the world and your engagement will rise as you are more relaxed and very clearly enjoying what you’re doing.

One thing to remember… the important things on the Internet never go away. If you have a day off, it isn’t going to kill you.

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