We seem to live in a world where nothing ever really stops, and everyone is just simply trying to stay one step ahead at all times. It feels like it is so important to be focused on work at all times of the day and keep up in life with the same things that everyone else is up to. Oh she went to that festival, so I need to go too, that mum takes her children to this class, so mine must go too, and that person works seven days a week so that must mean I have to as well. It was a really difficult mental battle, where in a way you do have to stay busy to keep up, however it can often mean that we miss out on really important stages in life or even can feel the effects on our health. Stress is the biggest cause of heart attacks in the UK, and I don’t think this is really a shock to anyone at all.

Living a life that you deem to be successful is the most important thing to ask for. One person’s idea of success is always different to another.

Before having my surgery, I was quite a stressed person, every little thing used to annoy me if it wasn’t perfect and I seemed to be on one at all hours of the day. I am very much one of those people that I keep going and going for months or weeks until I crash and burn and spend two or three straight days feeling ill, emotional and a little bit of a princess. I feel a lot better when people tell me that they are very much also like this. Anyway, after recovering from my surgery I noticed how much more chilled out I was. During my time off when I really couldn’t do much, nobody died, nothing bad happened and life carried on. That was when I realised how important it is to get into perspective how stressed you get about life and ultimately how the only thing that really matters are the important people in it.

Your Career and Job

Where has this obsession come from with everyone having to have this amazing career that they can look back and be proud of? It seems like it has been made out to be the most important thing in life, and something that we have to think about all the time. Being 20, I think my generation was one of the first where there is a huge amount of pressure being put on young people to know what they want to do in life and the career they want to carry out. It seemed to me like the minute I started doing my A-Levels it was just kind of expected that I knew what I wanted to do, and the truth is that I didn’t have a bloody idea. Even now, I enjoy what I do, but I don’t know if it is what I want to do forever.

I think the important thing for everyone to remember is to stay relaxed about it, follow the paths that you are passionate about and try your best to do something that you genuinely enjoy. Having a thriving career doesn’t mean that you have to work seven days a week, and it doesn’t mean that you have to be solely focused on that one thing.

“Life is about balance.”

Learn to say no.

I was having this conversation a few weeks ago with a friend, where she said that she just always says yes to everything and everyone, whether it be a family thing, work thing or something for her. Then, she gets to the point where her mind is fried and she is so stressed by everything that it is just too much. When she said this I could totally relate as I am exactly the same. I hate letting people down, and I also worry that I am going to miss out on opportunities by saying no. You never know what you could get from doing something, however that definitely can’t be put in front of your health. Always evaluate how important it is to you and what you are going to get out of it, before committing.

Your Home

I think the part of my life that makes me the most stressed at the moment is actually keeping on top at home. I am a self confessed neat freak and love everything at home being organised and up together. As everyone knows, it is incredibly hard to keep up with everything, from cooking, ironing, washing, cleaning, looking after the cat and also keeping the car clean. I is a bloody nightmare, but the one thing that I cannot stand getting behind on. If the flat is dirty it always puts me in a bad mood and I can never concentrate when I know stuff needs to be done. The way I have overcome this, is to do small things everyday. I can’t just leave it to build up to one day. Always make sure everything is tidy before you go to sleep and clean when you leave the house in the morning.

Being Lazy

I think this is quite a split topic in the world, with a lot of people hating the laziness that seems to be shown in the modern world we live in. Although, I do think it has gone a little bit far. Sometimes, we need to accept that it is okay to rest and re-energise by taking a day or a few hours to be lazy. I am really not a lazy person, as I am always trying to get everything done and keep up with life, but sometimes my body just needs to take a break. Instead of going to the gym I will sit on the sofa and watch the Kardashians, or instead of spending the evening doing work, I will go out for a spontaneous dinner with friends for leisure time. It is totally okay to be lazy sometimes and enjoy yourself.

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