A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a fashion event at the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Centre, Swindon. The event was hosted by Kate Evans, a renowned fashion stylist who discussed all things Summer fashion. We also got to see a makeup trial, created by some of the girls from The Cosmetic Company. The whole evening was designed to prepare women for their summer holidays, with what to pack and how to feel the most confident. Swindon outlet kindly catered for the event, with it being in one of my favourite restaurants, Carluccios. The canapés and bubbly went down a treat and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to what Kate and The Cosmetic Company had to talk about.

I always feel pretty confident when it comes to fashion, however this very much excludes Summer fashion. I hate tight, short, revealing outfits and would much rather be snuggled up in a warm winter coat.

The event was definitely interesting, and a real eye opener to things that I have been doing wrong in fashion. This isn’t because it was the opinion of the stylist, but it answered questions that I already had when feeling uncomfortable in certain outfits. The tips and tricks for packing for a holiday were amazing, and I really wanted to be able to share everything I learnt that evening here on the blog, whilst also intertwining a bit of my own advice. A huge problem when it comes to fashion, is that ultimately it is down to personal taste, so as long as you feel happy and confident then you shouldn’t let anyone put you down.

Organisation is Key

As Kate Evans rightfully pointed out, you would never go and do a food shop without some sort of structured list. Packing for your holiday is no different – as this way you will allow for a stress free holiday not having to worry at all about what you’re wearing, or having obviously forgotten anything. The best thing to do is get an old fashioned piece of paper and pen, and draw a chart with the days you are away, then subsection, day outfits and evening outfits. Then, you can easily slot in where you would like your outfits to go and what can go with what etc… It will make life so much easier as you definitely wont over pack and there is nothing to think about on the other side.

Key items for your summer holiday wardrobe…

A white summer dress – after attending this event I instantly bought myself a white midi dress from New Look, which was actually a little bit of a coincidence as I saw a blogger wearing it on Instagram and all I had to do was swipe up! When I was in Madrid last week, that was when I realised how correct Kate Evans was! It is amazing for holiday. In the day I could wear it with sandals and my rucksack, then in the evening it looked perfect with some big earrings and wedges. On the last day, it was also so chic just on over my bikini by the pool. A complete essential for any holiday.

Pretty summer tops 

This was king of a given, as everyone loves a pretty summer top, however I felt like I had to include it as there was lots of discussion about different types of pretty tops. For example, I love wearing bardot tops as I feel like having my shoulders out always flatters my figure. However, as Kate mentioned, if you have any obvious cleavage, all that happens is it bunches up and just looks like a disaster. Fashion is all about learning what styles work for you and your figure, not just what is being worn by size 6 models in magazine. Explore the different styles around and wear what you feel happy in.

Lightweight Cardigan 

This is the one item that I usually always forget and then get really angry with myself about. Having a lightweight cardigan isn’t just great for lounging around in the room but also as a back up when you’re out, just in case there is a slight breeze.

I have always found that when I am away near the sea, at some point I am definitely going to be cold.


 I know that not everyone is a fan, but I definitely am, and so does it seem is Kate Evans. I adore espadrilles, flat or heels and do generally wear them the most when I am away. They are so comfortable, easy to walk in and dress up an outfit when you just want it to be easy but look nice. Kate recommended a company called espadrille.co.uk, who sell wedges wear you can choose the heel size you want. I am yet to buy some, but definitely will do so when my pay check comes in!

Beach Bag to Airport Bag

For years I have always used my large tote as my travel bag, and then packed a separate beachy bag for swimming etc… as Kate mentioned, why do we do this? A beach bag can be used as both? Just thought I would throw that in there for anyone else like me who hadn’t twitched about this!

A few don’ts…

Linen – Kate expressed quite hatred for linen, for one simple reason. It creases, all the time. Something that I have been frustrated by one too many times. Even if you are sat down for 5 minutes, there will be a crease right in the place that you don’t want one. Basically, unless you know for certain that there will be an iron on the other side, generally I wouldn’t bother.

Pleats – I love the pleated midi skirt look, whatever the colour and whatever the season, but I could never figure out why it didn’t look right on me. The minute Kate said it I knew instantly. Basically, if you have any curve whatsoever in your hip, the pleats will stand up instead of falling down effortlessly. Let’s be honest, it isn’t a great look.


I think everyone still goes by the tradition that stripes one way make you look thinner and then the other doesn’t? As Kate said, and I completely agreed with, it isn’t the case at all. Everyone’s body shape is different and most striped items don’t fall in the places that they are designed for as they are always created with one body shape in mind. It definitely isn’t a strong don’t, but more of a be wary!

The Cosmetic Company

During the talk about summer holiday makeup look, I really enjoyed seeing what products were used as I am a sales persons dream when it comes to beauty and makeup products. One of which was a MAC foundation, which I definitely need to try as it seemed to have that dewy finish that I love the most. To be completely honest, as wasn’t as excited for the makeup compared to the clothes, as in the day on holiday I really very rarely actually wear makeup. The last thing I can be bothered to do is paint a face of makeup on, and also my skin just needs to soak in the sun as it very rarely gets to see it!

A huge thank you to McArther Glen for inviting me, and of course to everyone involved who made it a really special evening.

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