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So, where to begin with my fabulous sensory experience with Maria at Shy Mimosa? Last week I was honoured to visit Maria in her wonderful perfume shop, which has now been open for two years in the buzzing setting of Clifton Village. I actually used to work a few doors down, so remember when the shop opened and thinking to myself ‘I must go in there’! I have always loved fragrance, however I think like a lot of people I have been consumed for many years by the strategic marketing of big brands, who use different methods other than good perfume to sell their products. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to not only learn about some beautiful independent perfumers, but to step back in time a little with someone who had a whole dictionary in her mind about everything you could possibly ever need to know about perfumes and its fabulous history.

Marias passion for perfume was utterly contagious and she always aims to showcase artisan, small and independent perfumeries, which to me is incredible important. As we all know, this is where the best products and scents are always found.

I really did find the whole process truly satisfying and it really awakened a love for luxury perfume in me. Being in Shy Mimosa, it was very apparent that there is a substantial focus on personal experience and unobtrusive service, in an extremely intimate environment. In a small space, receiving this experience, it felt extremely cosy and I felt like I was very much immersed in a boutique perfumery like my great grandma would have been so many years ago. Since those times, I think we have all very much lost touch with what a really good fragrance should be like, choosing to buy products purely because of the celebrity who is on the cover.

As a result, not only do we not receive a truly beautiful product, but we miss out on the experience that should always accompany buying it. Perfumery is an art, with everyone having their own individual taste. As a result, every fragrance in Shy Mimosa is unisex. This very much signifies the quality of the experience that you are receiving, as it is always going to be a scent catered to you as an individual, as opposed to just your gender.

In order to provide the most personal experience, Shy Mimosa also focus on Taylor making each customer’s needs when finding their signature perfume or fragrance they look for to wear during a special occasion, such as wedding. This level of service is extremely rare, no matter what you are shopping for, but especially perfume. You most certainly won’t find this when shopping in your local Boots. Again, emphasising that the Shy Mimosa experience is about hand picking a scent that is correct for you and your personality, as opposed to a scent that is on trend or allegedly being worn by a famous star.

Brands selected by Maria

Giovanna Antonelli – this is a beautiful brand that is exclusive to Shy Mimosa in the UK. I had the pleasure of experiencing ‘411 Intenso’, which was a divine rosy and floral scent with woody notes that reminding me of being in a forest. It was inspired by Palais Royale, Paris. Naturally, I fell in love.

Le Galion – are you aware of the famous Marilyn Monroe quote, “I sleep in nothing but Chanel”. It was a total marketing stunt. Her actual favourite perfume is rumoured to have come from this beautiful Parisian brand, and the perfume is named ‘La Rose’. It is classic, timeless and based on an elegant French Rose. Having had the pleasure of experiencing this scent myself, I can very much belief that such a beauty icon like her would have fallen in love with this scent, and it is definitely on my list for one to add to my small collection.

Gri Gri Parfums – Something extremely unique came from this brand, whose admiration for tattooing was incorporated into the design of the branding. The scent I got to smell was very unusual, at first being sweet and resembling bubble gum taking me back to those Summer days as a child pretending I was cool chewing on Hubba Bubba. However, the scent started to change, into a much more mysterious and dark aroma.

Daniel Josier – this was possibly my favourite brand featured in my perfume experience, however I am going to refrain from saying too much, as I plan on bringing you a whole blog post dedicated to this brand and perfume in the next few week! Stay tuned!

Aedes de Venustas – who else is like me and utterly obsessed with Vanilla? Well, Aedes de Venustas have managed to capture that distinctive, sweet scent into one perfume. Not at all overpowering, this perfume placed my mind in my kitchen, baking and eating warm vanilla fairy cakes. Born just a mere twenty years ago in New York City, Aedes de Venustas (which means Temple of Beauty in Latin), has become the global Mecca of perfume connoisseurs.

The Shy Mimosa experience is nothing like anything you have experienced before. In a comfortable and chic setting, Maria will guide you through her extensive range of perfumes, educating you on all the rare and niche scents she has to offer. Shaping a palette for what you as an individual truly love, as well as what works for you on your skin. It is the ideal experience for a celebration or milestone in life, as well as a treat to indulge yourself in if you are looking for a bit of me time.

I was extremely lucky to be gifted a beautiful Daniel Josier perfume, which was hand selected by Maria dependent on what I looked for and loved in a perfume. I really want to experience this perfume a lot more over the next few weeks, which is why I am going to be bringing a whole review and story of my experience to the blog in the next few weeks.

If you would like spoil yourself to an experience like to other with Maria or purchase an artisan perfume from Shy Mimosa, Maria has kindly given me a code for my followers to use which will give you 15% off your personal scent. This can be used at the checkout online or in store. Obviously, I would completely recommend that you get yourself to this beautiful boutique in Clifton for a little nosy of everything they have to offer!

This blog post is in collaboration with Shy Mimosa and Socialight App. However, all view and opinions are my own.