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I have found such a love for makeup in the last year, exploring a range of new products and differing my looks through the seasons. Doing my makeup in the morning can often be the only chance I get in the day to get a little creative, and it really uplifts my mood. When Urban Decay released the Naked Heat palette, I fell in love with the colour combinations and depth to the tones. However, initially I didn’t purchase it as I was actually quite afraid to use it. One of my best friends got her hands on it, and it has very much become a part of her everyday makeup routine. Although, she does tend to wear makeup that is a lot warmer in tone to me and she just thoroughly pulls it off. When putting together my birthday list this year, I thought I would pop it on just in case. Luckily for me, my grandma bought it and I have loved it ever since. I think what scared me about it was that I am not very good at using darker coloured products, as I am always scared I will look a little like a drag queen.

My number one tip when it comes to makeup is blending. I used to be so scared of applying too much, and often found that because of this fear, it didn’t really look like I had anything on. Now, I just apply as much as possible and spend the majority of my time blending. It has completely transformed my makeup looks.

For Autumn, this palette is going to be my go to. I haven’t used it much through the Summer as I like to go for the subtle ‘no makeup makeup look’, especially in the heat, unless I had a spontaneous night out! During the Autumn/ Winter season I do opt for these darker tones, and love a good rich eye look and darker lip. I created this look for the purpose of the blog, and have been recreating it most days since the greyer sky and lower temperatures have arrived. So what did I use to create this look?

First things first, let’s start with the skincare. Autumn is an amazing and beautiful season, that also brings the colder weather resulting in dry or dehydrated skin. Keeping up with your skincare is key, not only to protect it from the weather, but also to be able to create a flawless makeup look. To read my full blog post featuring my skincare regime, click here.

So, for my complexion, the minute the new season hits I always resort back to my fuller coverage of makeup. I just find that I enjoy the barrier in the cold and feel so much better when wearing my foundation. So to start I use two products from Revolution makeup. The first being their face primer. I love this product as it is incredibly light on the skin and without a doubt makes my foundation last longer and look much more sleek. The second product from Revolution is then the foundation base stick. I love this product and through the Summer just used it on its own as my face makeup. However, now that the colder days are here, I am using it as an extra layer underneath my liquid foundation. These sticks are so soft, apply very easily and colour match exquisitely. Then, I use my trusty No.7 Stay Perfect foundation, which I wear in shade Calico. I love this foundation for many reasons, the first being the amazing coverage it offers, how it works perfectly with sensitive skin like mine and has a very beautiful dewy finish. All these products together complement each other and work extremely well to offer a flawless and magazine worthy finish.

To conceal, I use the Revolution ‘Conceal and Define Concealer’ which I always read amazing things about online. I love this product as it truly hides everything I want hidden and is very light on the skin.

So, for the eye look, I primer the lids with a little smidge of the Revolution foundation stick just using my finger. This product is a much cheaper way of priming and offers the perfect base for your eyeshadow. Using the Naked Heat palette, I firstly use the shade ‘Chaser’ with a large eye brush to cover all my eye lid up to my brow, followed by ‘He Devil’ on the lid. In the crease I then use a smaller, denser brush with the shade ‘En Fuego’. To finish, I lightly go over the look with shade ‘Lumbre’ to add a little shimmer. I then thoroughly blend the look together and use a beauty blender around my eyes to finish the look.

Using my favourite Rimmel liners, I then add a line and a flick to the top of my eyes, and using the pencil, darken my water line. I personally find that with the red look, you need the liner to add that added definition.

For my lashes, I start by priming with my Maybelline eye primer. This was a miracle find in my local drug store, after a friend had mentioned it. It is honestly one of the best products that I have ever used. You put a little on your lashes and let it dry slightly before applying mascara. My lashes stay in place all day and have probably doubled in length and volume when wearing mascara since I have been using it. Once it is a little dry, I then use the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, applying one coat followed by another. These products together work amazingly and my lashes have never looked so long without having extensions or a lash lift.

For my brows I always use the same one product. I am very lucky that my brows are naturally dark and well-shaped, so just need to simply give them a brush and a little colour in the lighter patches. I use the L’Oréal ‘Paris Paradise Brow Pomade’. It is a gel product, that I apply with a small brush and then brush out with a brow comb.

To contour, I use the same products all year round in general, however in the Autumn I just use a little more. I also use a little less highlight, as I prefer to keep it a bit more matte at this time of year. I use the Benefit Hoola to bronze, just on my cheeks, followed by the Revolution blush palette in the apples of my cheeks. I blend this all together, then I use my foundation beauty blender underneath to make sure that the contour is even. I then lightly highlight the top of my cheeks, using the Revolution compact highlighter and a light fluffy brush. This is all so easy to create and can be done very quickly.

For the lips, I like to go for a bigger pop of colour and something a bit richer in tone during Autumn. One of my go to lipsticks is the Bourjois liquid lipsticks, in the velvet shade ‘peach club’. I wear this on its own as it last for hours and has enough colour in it to warrant not using a liner. I love the slight orange tone that it has, making it much easier to wear in the day through to the evening.

What is your favourite makeup product for Autumn?

Products Featured:

Primer – Revolution

Foundation Stick – Revolution

Foundation – No.7

Concealer – Revolution

Eyeshadow – Naked Heat

Liners – Rimmel

Lash Primer – Maybelline

Mascara – Maybelline

Brows – L’Oréal

Bronzer – Benefit

Blush – Revolution

Highlight – Revolution

Lips – Bourjois


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