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When moving into the flat, I knew that it would take a very long time to get everything together properly. Years. Which is fine, but it can become quite frustrating when you have a picture in your head of how everything is going to turn out and it is just a long waiting game to get the job done. My wardrobe was something that came last when getting everything together, firstly because I couldn’t decide for the life of me on what I actually wanted. The rest of my bedroom was easy to create, but I just couldn’t work out how to make the large piece of furniture work in the room. Where the wardrobe needed to go, there is also a slant in the roof, which meant that there was only room for one wardrobe, as opposed to two together, which would never have given me enough space. It is probably pretty obvious from this blog that I need a lot of wardrobe space 😉

I really needed a space that fitted into the wall perfectly and was just as much functional as it was pretty. Wardrobes can be quite a personal thing, as we all have different clothes and accessories and a reasoning behind the storage space within them. Hence why I chose to explore the fitted wardrobe option.

Fitted wardrobes are a very bespoke service, which is often reflected in the outrageous price. I wasn’t prepared to choose one of those ridiculous companies you see in TV adverts as I knew it would be a really difficult process and way more money than it should be. So instead, I did a bit of research using social media to find someone local. In fact, it wasn’t that hard as I already had been following them! So, we discussed the options, I basically told him everything that I wanted from the wardrobe and then left it all to him. The result is AMAZING!

So, the finished product, a beautiful subtle 4 door wardrobe, with an oak interior, matte white with beautiful grey rose handles. In the slant of the wall, there was originally going to be doors, but when starting to put it together, we both agreed that it would look so much better as open shelves. The oak inside, with the white around it adds the perfect contrast to the finished product and completes the look. I just cannot put into words how much I love it and how much it has transformed my room. It has also forced me to completely reorganise my wardrobe, throwing out stuff I never wear, putting together new outfits and actually for the first time having everything in one place. So instead of just showing you my wardrobe and talking about it, I thought I would put together my own little guide on how to organise your wardrobe and have a good clear out!

Remove Everything

The only way to start, which to be fair was easy for me as it was already out, is to remove absolutely everything from your wardrobe and chests, usually on to the bed and work with one item at a time. This includes every piece of clothing that you own, so if you have other items in storage for the next season, make sure they are there to be sorted too. Separate everything into three piles. Keep, Charity and Bin. Yes, the room is going to look such a mess, but it will be worth it in the end.

Be Ruthless

Having a clear out will only work if you actually clear everything out. You have to be as ruthless as you can and be honest with yourself. So many times I have looked at something and thought to myself ‘I will wear it in a few months when I am thin again’. Let’s be truthful, has anyone ever managed to fit into something that they have once looked at and said this? Don’t bother keeping anything you can’t fit into, something that needs altering, something that is even slightly broken and something that you only bought in the moment and have no idea why.


Only use thin hangers, usually that are grippy in texture. This will help you to fit so much more in your wardrobe and if they are grippy your clothes will never fall of them.

Also, when you put everything in the wardrobe hand the hangers backwards. Then, when it comes to your next clear out, everything that hasn’t been turned around has to go!

Colour Matching

This may be a little OCD, but I find that when I have a clear out and reorganise my wardrobe, I always have to put everything back in colour order. By that I mean, on each rail I start from black on the left, going through the colours to white on the right. It seems to extra, but it honestly makes getting ready and choosing outfits so much easier. I am always in a rush when getting ready so this really is a life saver.

Seasonal Rotation

Obviously, when having a clear out, the easiest thing to do is separate your clothes seasonally. There is no point keeping clothes in the wardrobe that you are not using, so come this time of year, you need to bag up all your holiday pieces, Summer dresses and accessories and pop them into storage. This will open up so much room for your Winter clothes, which more so than Summer need it as they tend to be a lot bulkier.

Find a new home for the coats

I love Winter fashion, therefore I own a lot of Winter coats. Something I learnt a few years ago when my wardrobe was getting very full is that coats need a home of their own. I now keep all my coats in the spare room on a clothes rail, so they are separate and not taking up a silly amount of space with my clothes.

Polaroids/ Images

Okay, so I don’t do this very often, but a technique that I have used and loved in the past is taking polaroid’s when organising my wardrobe. In an ideal world, and if film was not so expensive, I would probably have an image of everything in my wardrobe, but unfortunately for me I can’t afford a system like the one seen in Clueless.

So, using polaroid’s, sometimes I take images of specific outfits that I love, or items in my wardrobe that I am likely to forget. For me, this works quite well with shoes, as I keep them all in a box so you can’t see them easily.  This way I can see all the shoes I own and make sure that I actually manage to wear them all as opposed to just one pair over and over again.

Investing in a storage bed

One of the best things I own in the flat has to be my bed. Not just because I love sleep and it is incredibly comfortable, but also it has all the storage in the world inside. I mean, the downside for me is that I tried to be all ‘girl power’ and build the bed myself…which resulted in a failure of the mechanics so it is really hard to open and someone has to stand and keep it open whilst I arrange the things inside. So apart from this, the storage bed is great! Having a storage bed can make life a lot easier when it comes to seasonal rotation.

The ‘sentimental’ items

We all have those few items in our wardrobe that we have not worn in years and never plan to, but simply can’t get rid of because of some sentimental reason. Usually the reason for me is that I spend £50 on it, so if I get rid of it I have wasted £50. If you are not wearing something and never see a use for it in the future, you cannot keep on to it just for a sentimental reason. Start looking at your wardrobe as something much more functional than personal.

Create a holiday box

I have got a lot of clothes in my wardrobe that purely only ever come out when I am away. So why do I just keep them there taking up space? I heard a blogger talking about this on Instagram and it instantly set something off in my mind. Just have a space where you keep everything separate and you can easily go to when putting your holiday wardrobe together. This doesn’t have to be a holiday box. It could just be a separate drawer, a rail in your wardrobe or even just under you bed.

Spend money on perfect storage solutions

So even if you have the perfect wardrobe and chests, you are still going to need additional storage systems to keep everything organised. For example, in the bottom of my wardrobe I have bought some medium sized boxes, so now I can separate my shoes in categories, accessories and gym wear. In my chests I also now have some smaller IKEA trays, which have made storing my makeup and jewellery so much easier. I can also now find my gym socks all the time! YAY!


One of my favourite apps is Depop. It is incredibly easy to have a clear out and sell on your things knowing they are going to a good home. I love using Depop in particular because it feels very safe to use it, with all the protection laws in place and a lot of support from the app itself. I have never had a problem selling or buying on the app and would thoroughly recommend it if you need to sell on a few things.

Perfect the art of folding

Learning how to fold your clothes, accessories and underwear properly can majorly transform your wardrobe/ drawers. It will amaze you at how many more items you will be able to store, and how much of a better condition they stay in. Click the link here for an amazing visual lesson on how to fold.

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