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So my favourite fashion season is officially upon us and it is now time to say hello to chunky knits and knee length boots again. Yay! A few months ago, at the beginning of Summer, I put together a little colour matching blog post that was very specific for the season. The response was great to this and I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. As a result, and after talking to a lot of people about Autumn fashion in recent weeks, I wanted to put together another one which is obviously relevant to right now. Autumn is probably the season that I feel most comfortable dressing for, and that I also feel changes the least through the years. Yes, as with every season there are different trends and looks from the catwalks, however I do believe that we are all much more traditional during this time of year.

This is my favourite season to dress in, not only because I feel like the colours and textures suit me the best, but also it is by far the comfiest. Is there really anything easier to wear than a chunky cardigan, jeans and trainers?

Here in the UK, the Autumn trends definitely suit our culture the best. We are all very into our burgundy, burn oranges and navy, whilst also being very good at dressing for the colder weather 90% of the year. In terms of skin tone, I am very much someone who can see how flattering these kind of colours are on someone like myself with a very pale complexion. Let’s be honest, this is also the majority of us in the UK, so naturally I think everyone always looks really good during this season. So what else do we need to do to perfect our Autumn looks, and how do we colour match for this crisp season?


Growing up, being surrounded by women who enjoy fashion, I have always been told that you shouldn’t mix up your colours when it comes to jewellery, i.e. silver and gold or even nowadays rose gold. In the last few years this has changed drastically, with models walking down the catwalk boasting both, however in general I think it is still very much a basic rule that a lot of us go by. In the Summer, I tend to forget this rule as I am so hot most of the time I couldn’t care less, however in the Autumn Winter months, especially with the trends at the moment, I think the choice of jewellery can make or break an outfit. For my personal style and with the general Autumn colours, my go to has to be gold. It really brightens and outfit up and always gives it a touch of glam.

Black, Burgundy and Navy


Let’s be honest, as much as we all love to try to be different and really express ourselves through fashion, when it comes to Autumn sometimes we all just need to accept that we are going to look the same. The go to colours: black, navy and burgundy. However, in my view not together. When getting dressed in the morning, I usually choose one of these colours and work with it. For example, on the day that black is my go to I will usually wear black or denim jeans with a black jumper, tan or black boots and add a pop of colour with a handbag, scarf and accessories.

The Mulberry Effect

For some reason, when I think of Autumn and accessories the first image in my mind is a Mulberry. I don’t know what it is about them, but the classic and simple design just screams British Autumn. I have always seen so many beautiful outfits online featuring chunky knits, statement belts and a Mulberry on their arm. It is a classic look and something that I always go to during this season. Obviously, I am not saying that you have to fork out a hefty £1,000 on a handbag in order to look chic this Autumn, but I think it is quite easy to replicate the look for a much more reasonable price. The best thing to do is find a bag that is simple in colour, material and style. Zara have always been great at this, as well as brands like Dune London, Fiorelli and Ted Baker.

A Pop of Colour


If you follow the Autumn colour rule as above, in some area of your outfit you are going to need that instant pop of colour. This year, from studying Instagrammers and watching what I tend to reach for, the poppiest colours would have to be red or mustard. So many times I have paired my mustard bag with a black, navy outfit, as well as yellow coloured scarf or my infamous red boots. It is never too much colour, nor in your face, but it just adds something extra to avoid a very dull and boring look.

The Colour Rule – as my grandma has always taught me, no outfit should really ever have more than three colours. Even after all these years, I still think of this quote every day and it truly shapes every outfit that I wear.

Skin Tone


As I briefly touched on above, your skin tone really is the deciding factor in what you should be wearing. This is purely a personal opinion, but as I am so fair skinned and very blonde, I have always got on better with very dark coloured clothes. They complement my skin better, flatter my figure and in general I believe that they just look so much nicer. A lot of my friends, who are much darker than me, completely pull of lighter colours, even in the Autumn Winter months. It is all just completely dependent on you, and what you feel suit you best.


I wear a full face of makeup all year round. I know I know, it isn’t great for your skin, but I just cannot stand the way I look without it. Makeup is my armour and in my opinion also completes an outfit. My face and eye makeup doesn’t change too much through the season, however in the Autumn I also tend to be a lot bolder with my choice of lip colour, as well as a little colour on my eyes. My go to last year was ‘Rebel’ from MAC which is the most amazing rich and deep purple. It went with everything in my Autumn wardrobe, which I am hoping is going to continue this year.


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