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Recently I have been focusing a lot on how to grow my blog, what my readers are enjoying and a little on how it all started. Back when blogging was cool and I had just began this little adventure in 2014, my content was very different. I spoke about things that I was loving in life, not focusing too much on the quality of my images as well as how constant I was at producing my content. It has now evolved to be something much more serious, where I get professional photos, I spend a lot longer on writing and the overall look is just much better. That being said, I do feel like I have lost a little bit of me in my work. For example, in recent months I have stepped away from lifestyle and sharing my recipes to focus much more on fashion. This is a change that happened unintentionally, purely due to a lack of time to produce extra content myself.

Having a scan through my older content, I was quite sad that I have stopped this part of my blog, and want to start making more of an effort to mix up my content and bring much more of a variety here for my readers.

This post is my first attempt at bringing this part of my blog back, starting with something very simple yet something that I always enjoy reading from other people. Handbag essentials has always been a big topic on blogs/ videos, with one of my own very first blog posts being all about what is in my handbag. If you would like to step back in time a little, you can read that post here. Anyway, I thought I would together an updated and 2018 version of my handbag essentials and everything I need with me in order to feel confident in the day.

Makeup Must Haves

A Bold Lipstick – Obviously this one is completely dependent on what you choose to wear during the day, however for me I find that keeping a brighter/ bolder colour in my handbag is a must have, even if I wore a nude in the morning. Purely because, through the day as my makeup starts to wear off, I find that I always need a brighter colour in order to make my makeup pop again and just generally make me feel good. My favourite at the moment is from a brand called ‘Stila’ that I recently discovered, when on a shopping trip at the Swindon Outlet Centre.

Under Eye Concealer – I cannot leave my home without this one miracle product from Seventeen. I don’t use it when I first out my makeup on, unless I have a bad spot, but for touch ups in the day it is incredible. It is a very thick concealer, designed specifically for under eyes. However, during the day, just using my fingers it is great at topping up all my face makeup, particularly in places such as around my nose and creases on my eyes.

Lip Kit – I use this much less than my bold lipstick, however it always comes in handy. Having a lip kit is great, not only for the liner but also when you want an instant and easy to create matte look. I have recently discovered the kits from W7 makeup, and am really loving them. After using a lot of drug store lip kits, I have come to the conclusion that there really isn’t the need to spend a fortune on designer ones.

In The Beauty Section

Tangle Teezer – This little gems have to be one of the best inventions ever. I don’t know how I ever managed to brush my hair before these came around. In the day my hair gets so knotted, especially now that we are coming into Winter, just from the wind and the cold. I always need a tangle teezer to remove the knots, particularly underneath by my neck. I can use a normal brush, but it is so much more painful than my teezer.

Vaseline – This is probably the product that has been in my handbag for the longest out of everything, and is the product I first ever started using on myself. Even when I was about 10 I would reach for the Vaseline and smother my lips completely. I always need this in my bag in case my lips get sore, or if my eyebrows need putting in place.

A Good Hand Cream – I cannot live without hand cream. Not only do I like to try and keep my hands and nails soft at all times, but I also get quite bad eczema in the cold. Having some in my handbag is always an essential, and I always find it so amazing how many people ask if you have any!

Large Makeup Brush – Even if you don’t take much makeup out with you, having a makeup brush in your bag is the easiest way to quickly sort your makeup out. I find by just blending, your makeup instantly looks fresh again, even if there is a little less. It is just the best way to get the balance right again and remove any smudging.

Getting Technical

Nail File – Okay, so when your nail snaps, is there anything more irritating than not being able to sort it out? I have had countless days where I have been scratching everything and landed up biting my nail down purely because one broke. Save your sanity and just have a nail file with you at all times! This glass one was a gift and it is one of the best things I have ever received.

Clear Nail Polish – So, this is my little Winter trick, not necessarily for my nails. I wear a lot of skirts and dresses with tights, so have learnt to keep some clear nail polish on me for when I get an inevitable ladder in my tights. All you have to do is paint a little on the beginning of a ladder in order to get them through the rest of the day. When I heard this trick a few years ago it was a game changer!

Roller Perfume – For Christmas last year I received the Gucci Bloom and was so excited because I had been trying to get my hands on it for months. As well as the regular bottle of perfume, I also got a 10ml roller perfume in the set ideal for travel. Since having it, I have used it every single day in my handbag and been able to top up my perfume through the day.  In fact, I am not really sure how there is still some left. So, the final item you must have in your handbag is a roller perfume!


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