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From my own experiences, Winter has always been a time for me that can really affect my mood. The darker days and colder weather can lead to a very negative mind, and for me this has always been something that I have found difficult to overcome. However, in recent years I have had a lot of things making me stressed, which I think is why the Winter can just trigger the emotions I feel with everything going on. Having now had my heart operation and finally be in a good place with work, I am hoping that this year is going to be different. Different for the better. That being said, I know a lot of other people who suffer a lot more in the Winter and also find it very hard to stay positive. In technical terms, this is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), suggesting that it is definitely something that we all need to start taking a lot more seriously.

The thing I remember hating the most about the ‘Winter Blues’ is how it makes me feel so out of control with my emotions. I am not someone who suffers from depression or any sort of mental illness, and am very much in control 99% of the time. So when I am feeling down because of the weather, the confusion really affects me.

It is all good reading tips on how to overcome this, although I think the first step in really making an active effort to avoid suffering is to open yourself up to trying out new ways of dealing with it and really committing to spending the time on yourself. I am definitely someone who spends a lot of time listening to peoples advice and trying to make a change, but I do think the biggest thing that always holds me back personally is not believing that I can do it.

When it comes to mental issues and feeling low, it is a very bumpy road to being able to cope, and it is never going to be something that you can completely overcome. So, this blog post isn’t going to be me giving you my advice on how to deal with this during the next few months, as I am by no means someone in a position to give this out. It would be a case of me discussing what we all ‘should be doing’ and me in the end probably having to take my own advice in the next few months. I want this to be a little more of a positive post, highlighting the reasons why I am so far feeling great this season and what a lot of us do have to be thankful for. If you are in need of a little advice on how to help overcome SAD, the NHS have a great piece online which you can view here.

Family and Friends

The biggest thing in my life that keeps me going and what makes me extremely happy on a daily basis is those who surround me. I have an amazing supportive family, a handful of really close and special friends, an incredible boyfriend and such lovely people who I get to work with and be around. We all seem to do a good job, well the majority of us, in appreciating those around us and prioritising time to put them first. I am grateful every day for the ones I love. They fuel me through life and always keep my spirits high.


Okay, this one may just be because I have had my fair share of health issues, but nevertheless, when I hear or see those horrible TV/ Radio adverts regarding charities, I always count my lucky stars that I am healthy. No matter how much money we have in our bank accounts, or how many green smoothies we drink a day, unfortunately sometimes our bodies just won’t play ball and there is nothing we can do about it. Be grateful every single day for your health, and simple being able to get up in the morning, able to take a breath, look outside and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Real success is when you have things in your life that money will never be able to buy. People and your health will always be the top two.

The basics that we take for granted

I have been thinking about putting this post together for a while, and it all started when I was in the car going over my to-do list. For some reason it just suddenly came across in my mind how lucky I was to be able to just get around in the car, sorting everything out. It is such a small thing, but my car gives me such independence and I love the feeling of being able to basically do whatever the hell I want. Obviously, it isn’t just driving, but other things in life that I think a lot of us have forgotten is a luxury not a necessity. It is going to be different for everyone, but I think it is so important if every day you take two minutes and just really think about all the things you are grateful for in life.

A few other things I am excited about…

Winter evenings – I am such a Winter baby. I love everything chunky knits, blankets, hot chocolates and evenings on the sofa. I am so excited for the seriously cold evenings, being able to enjoy my evenings snuggled up with the ones I love and my baby Nelson.

Winter Food – is there anything better than a good old-fashioned English Winter meal? Whether it be a stew, something with mash or even a full on roast, Winter food makes me unbelievably happy. Simple, yet delicious.

Christmas – it is officially time to start thinking about Christmas and I am beyond excited. This year I am feeling so relaxed and ready to take a good festive week off, surrounding by my family, wearing Christmas PJs and watching festive films.

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