Last week I had the pleasure of visiting The Barn; a beautiful niche salon and place to escape buried in the country lanes of Somerset. I have been following along on their journey via Instagram for a while, completely besotted with the interiors and ethos of the brand. Kelly, salon owner, Dermologica ambassador and therapist, was kind enough to get in touch to see if I would like to visit the salon. As you can imagine, I jumped at the opportunity. Luckily for me, and unluckily for my bank card, I found a love of salons quite early in life and enjoy nothing more than taking some time out for me and visiting a salon to explore new treatments to help me escape, whilst also being beneficial for my skin.

The Barn, who celebrated 10 years of business this year, was first established in 2008 and is formed from the oldest building in Loxton. Using the original stone and oak timber beams, The Barn was rebuilt and is home to an extremely tranquil and unique salon, with a heavy focus on skincare and mental well-being. At The Barn, simplicity rules, with natural and honest beauty seen throughout all Interiors and products,  as well as a natural attitude towards taking care of ourselves mentally and physically. Being a leader in the industry, The Barn connects cutting-edge treatments with the calmness of the natural world. Sitting in the waiting area, filling in my form, I felt instantly at ease with a view of the surrounding land. The green hills immediately rest your mind and soul. Set within 2 acres of gorgeous land, The Barn is completely private giving clients the opportunity to enjoy the serene setting. This is a feeling that is very hard to achieve in the modern world we live in. Because of this, The Barn is a huge step ahead in my eyes compared to a lot of other salon/spas, purely for how you feel when you are in it.

I was lucky enough to take full advantage of the new treatment lounge within the salon, which is home to the beautiful pedicure area, manicure station, massage table and THAT copper bath! I felt extremely privileged to enjoy a blissful hour in the raw copper bath which was fully equipped with candles, mineral salts, fresh herbs, essential oils and the very Instagrammable rose petals. It was an experience like no other and a sheer moment of relaxation, ideal before my massage treatment. I rarely experience moments like these, as unfortunately taking a bath at home will never compare. Especially with my screaming cat next to me begging to come in and explore the water.


Carly, who was the therapist responsible for my divine massage, has been with The Barn since 2011 and has over 10 years’ experience in the industry. Stepping into The Barn, I knew instantly that the treatment was going to be amazing, and boy It didn’t disappoint. I have been having massages for a good few years now mainly due to back problems, so am quite particular with what I like. Basically, I love having the balance of relaxation whilst also feeling like something very good and effective is happening to my back physically. Those knots won’t get rid of themselves in a hurry. Carly was thorough, responsive and is extremely talented. My back felt extremely at ease after my treatment and the whole thing just put me completely into a chilled and peaceful state.

Having now finally visited the salon and experienced what they can offer, I can definitely say that I will be going back. I couldn’t fault my time at The Barn in the slightest and I am incredibly grateful to have been able to switch off and just enjoy a few moments for myself. I have a lot going on at the moment so it came at the perfect time. I am also extremely keen to try out some of their skincare from Dermalogica, as it is very apparent from being in The Barn that there is a heavy focus on good skin and helping those get to a good level with their skincare and regimes.

The Barn 


Instagram – @thebarnsomerset


Thank you so much to Kelly, Carly and all the team at The Barn for making my experience incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. I will definitely be back!


This blog post is in collaboration with The Barn, however all views and opinions are my own.

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