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My favourite season to dress in has to be Winter. I love being able to wrap up warm, enjoy all the knits, get creative with a scarf and grab for my boots every morning. It is the season that I feel the most comfortable and enjoy the prospect of putting an outfit together. It is also my favourite season to shop for. I have no idea why, I just get so much more excited about shopping for Winter bits and seeing what is on trend. Leading on nicely to my favourite task being finding the perfect Winter coat. Don’t get me wrong, I have a huge pile to choose from at home, however I do love choosing one special coat a year, based on the current trends and what I am feeling like wearing. During these cold months, the fashion is great, but in reality the only thing that ever actually gets seen inside or out, is generally a coat. Therefore, in my eyes it needs to be something exciting, chic, good quality and most importantly, comfortable.

For years I would buy coats based on purely the aesthetic. Was it pretty and is it on trend? They would generally be very poor quality, which is probably why I only paid about £30. Having countless days out and about feeling completely frozen, I decided that coats were probably the best investment for Winter.

No matter how much you try to escape it, the only way that you are going to get your Winter coat right is by increasing your budget a little and staying away from places like New Look. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE New Look, but in terms of warmth, it is quite hard to find it with a New Look price tag. I have found, in order to achieve everything and feel happy in the Winter, you need something that is layered inside, usually tailored and a colour that goes with a lot of other items in your wardrobe. It is not a difficult task to find these types of coats, but what I have found is that it is difficult to always find ones that are right for my style and go with a vast selection of my wardrobe. Hence why, for the last few years I have been trying to expand my collection, so I have a handful of very good quality coats covering me for every occasion.



The first coat that I ever invested in was a Barbour. For such long time I had loved this brand and seen a lot of people wearing them. The only feedback I had heard was completely positive and the main thing I took from it was that they are renowned for their warmth. This instantly drew me to the brand and I knew that I had to try one out for myself to see if the style and the look suited me. Luckily, if not unluckily for my bank card, I fell in love with it straight away and bought it in the same day. I went for the classic design, as I think Barbour is one of those brands that the best ones are always the classic, in black.

I knew that this would go with so much of my wardrobe and would be extremely versatile. In fact, almost three years later I still wear this coat nearly every day. Although, going back to having coats for different occasions, my Barbour is not really a great look for work. Therefore, it is much more of  a weekend/ off duty look.


Around a year after buying my first Barbour, I landed up in the shop again just having a browse with my grandma and came across what is now my second Barbour in my coat collection. I love my first black Barbour, however with it being so toasty warm, as it got more towards Spring I needed something a little bit lighter. From their Spring Summer range, I bought a lighter weight classic Barbour in a beautiful light tan colour. I love this one too, however it definitely doesn’t get as much wear as the black one, purely because the time frame to wear it in is much less than the long Winter months. If you are looking for an easy to wear, warm and classic looking coat, I would always recommend Barbour for the quality and overall sophisticated look.


Going back quickly to what I said about high street shops, I do have to admit that I do have a few Winter coats that are definitely an exception to the poor quality rule. Over the last few years, I have had some very good Winter buys from Zara, which have all been incredibly warm and great quality. But, as many fashion readers will know, Zara coats do not come with a cheap price tag. They do average at around £90, so for that price you would expect to own a coat that was going to keep you warm through the Winter. My favourite coat to wear last year was what I called my ‘Biker Coat’ which was almost a sell out at Zara within weeks. I fell in love with it straight away and it very quickly became a huge staple piece in my collection. Again, it was not cheap, but worth every single penny.

I think the main thing to suggest when it comes to shopping on the high street for coats is to actually go into the shops and try everything on. So many times online I get stuck with something which looks great but isn’t very good quality, so to save the time and the hassle just go in and make sure you have tested everything out before buying.

Ted Baker

As featured in this blog post is the inspiration behind shaping this whole article together, as last year I found a love for Ted Baker. Not Ted Baker in general, but their coat section. I have absolutely loved Ted Baker for years and have always praised them here on the blog for the quality of the products against the price. Personally, I know it is not the cheapest brand in the world, but I do believe that everything they sell completely resembles the price point. I was lucky enough to be given a gift voucher for the Swindon Outlet, where I found this beautiful midi length black coat which was obviously from the season before. 

In the end I landed up paying less than half of the original price, but can honestly say that having worn it and loved it for a year, I would have been willing to pay more. This coat has been a staple piece in my work wear collection and has even managed to make its way into my casual style, teamed with trainers and an over shoulder bag. The overall design is flawless, with it having the ability to be worn several different ways dependant on your desired look of level of warmth that you want to get from it.

Having fallen in love with this coat and been extremely excited to start wearing it again this year, I knew that I wanted to explore the range even more when going on a Winter shopping trip a few weeks ago.

When having a look through the selection in Ted Baker, I came across the shorter version of the design, which is equally beautifully. I knew that if I was going to get one it would be in either nude or grey, as already having my black Barbour and Ted Baker, there was no need for a dark toned coat. Although, having owned a nude coloured Winter coat before, I remembered how filthy it got and what as pain it was to clean, so that eliminated that from the selection almost immediately. So, as a result, grey was the only option. I don’t think it is any secret that I absolutely adore grey; all my interior blog posts will be great evidence for this.

Nowadays with the trends, and with my style in particular, grey is incredibly well suited to every other item in our wardrobes, and has very quickly started to catch up to everyone’s love of black. This coat is perfect for the majority of looks in my wardrobe, and I do think that it very much helps to brighten everything up a little. With the tailored design, easy to wear colour and fabric, it is also great for day to night and work to casual. This is the main reason why I chose this, as I really wanted something that could easily do both.

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