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This year seems to have completely flown by, and now all my Christmas preparations are in full swing. Can you believe it?! Personally, I feel like I have just had a manic 11 months, with so much going on in terms of my surgery recovery, work and my personal life. I have really grown and changed this year, and cannot believe how many things I seemed to have learned. I have had some real ups and downs, but as with any experience you go through in life, you always come out with a lot of new knowledge and know how to handle things in future situations. Also, by making mistakes, you learn valuable lessons and can be assured that you will never make them again.

Making mistakes and getting through different experiences in life is what helps as grow as people and become who we are meant to be. Everything happens for a reason and every year we move on to the next having gained more and more life lessons from the last.

I am so excited for 2019 now, having had such a whirlwind of a year and thrilled to be able to apply everything I have learnt into really growing over the next 12 months and making it my most productive yet. For the last few years I had my surgery hanging over me (read about it here) so found it very difficult to focus on the future and anything else. This year the surgery was over, however I was still very much in recovery, so for me 2019 really is going to be my year. I want my focus to be on my work and making memories with the ones I love.

To do this, I am going to use all the skills I learnt this year, so I thought I would share them with you guys, as a sort of stepping stone if you have not yet come into contact with some of the downs I had this year. Sometimes I think just reading about other people’s experiences and mistakes can be crucial in ensuring that you don’t make them yourself.

Never let anyone know what you’re thinking…

So this is technically something I have known for years and generally stuck by, but this year is the year that I have really seen the impact of it. Not so much with anything that I have done, but I have seen others be very open about how they feel about a situation and it did not end so well. I definitely believe that we are all totally entitled to our own opinions and we should be able to voice it, however I also believe that sometimes it can be much more powerful if you don’t always share the extent of how you feel with others.

Take a day a week for you…

This is what I have massively learnt from being ill and run down, but whether you have health problems or not, this should be a rule that we all live by. We all live in a world now where everything is always so fast paced and everyone feels as if they never have the time to stop because they are in constant competition with everyone else. Social media has played a massive role in this, for me personally, as I always think to myself when I see people being so productive online that it is wrong for me to rest. Our bodies are now able to keep up with this 24/7 mentality and we all need to take some time every single week to recharge and do things solely for the purpose of enjoyment and to improve our mental wellbeing. For me, this is my Sunday. A day of rest, catching up with things at home and generally watching episodes of Friends with countless cups of tea. Since I have been stricter with myself and making sure I do this, I have started to feel so much better in terms of my health. I also find that my weekdays are then so much more productive.

Nothing happens overnight…

This is probably the biggest lesson I have learnt this year, mainly when it comes to my job. There may be a few things in life that we are able to take control of and get done quickly, however the important things in life take time. I have had a real battle getting my business going, and am still at the very beginning of a long process, however the important thing I have learnt is the value of patience. Sometimes you simply have to accept that things are going to take some time, and ultimately it is always going to be worth the wait. This is something that I am definitely going to have to take with me into 2019.

Never work without a contract…

So, this is the biggest lesson I learnt this year in terms of the workplace, and very much applies if you are employed or self-employed. If you are ever doing anything for money, you should 99.9% of the time always have a contract in place. I made a lot of mistakes this year in terms of work, however also was protected by what is in my contract, so all in all I have landed up being okay. With the things that I have experienced, it has been a huge wakeup call into appreciating how important a contract is. Always have one, and you will always be protected.

Don’t be afraid to be you…

In general I am a very confident person, but to be honest, heading into 2018 I wasn’t feeling my best. I had lost so much confidence at the end of last year and really needed to take some time to build it back up again. For me, the gym and my PT was a massive contributor in this, as well as the simplicity of time. Gradually getting back to work, enjoying socialising with friends and really throwing myself into this blog, I found my confidence again. If anything, I found it again and so much more. I have never felt as confident in my life as I do now, and am really enjoying being myself and only ever trying to please me. I have really learnt that it is okay to be ourselves, wear what we want, buy what we want, accessorise our home the way we want and do anything else that makes us happy. Never be afraid to be who you really are.

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