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So I had this idea for a blog post whilst indulging in one of my seriously bad guilty pleasures, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It is one of those programmes that really a lot of us love, but if you took the time to ask people who hadn’t watched it, they would claim to know a lot about them even though the one and only thing they do know is that they are reality stars. There is this association within our society that connects reality stars with being ‘talentless’, as well as a lot of other assumptions based on a few simple facts they may know about an individual. I personally think it has taken a lot of talent for the Kardashians to get to where they are, but that is a whole other topic of conversation and would probably need its own blog post.

I wanted to put a post together all about these assumptions that we have in 2018 and ultimately, why we all need to get over them.

I am more than willing to hold up hands up and say that I have done and still do make very quick assumptions based on first impressions and just knowing a few small facts about someone. Sometimes I find it really hard to see a different side to someone if I have already made up my mind about how I feel about them, which really is not something I am proud of. It just seems to be in me and I find it incredibly hard to overcome! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would never let anyone know or judge someone based on this, but I definitely need to work on being so quick with my assumptions.

When thinking about this post, I did a poll on my Instagram, where I asked everyone something that they would assume about me from just my social media alone. Social media has definitely played a role in how quick we are to judge people, as it is a lot easier to do so from the comfort of being behind our phone screens. Social media, and particularly Instagram is an amazing platform, however it is incredibly fake. You don’t know someone from following them online and you certainly cannot make any assumptions regarding their personalities or generally what they are like as a person. I am very lucky to have some kind and thoughtful followers so was very lucky to get some lovely feedback from my poll, however a lot of them did give me food for thought.

The most common response from my personal feedback was that I am very ambitious, focused and think a lot about my actions. Obviously, I put a lot of thought and effort into my blog and social media so this did make me incredibly happy that people are noticing that. This response would be made purely because of those who follow and read my work, and it definitely shows that sometimes social media is not such a negative place. From a blogging point of view, another common response was ‘wondering where bloggers get their money from in order to buy clothes’. This is something that I have come up a lot on my social media, particularly with my interior images, where people will comment and even direct message me asking how I afford it. Honestly, I don’t mind people asking as they are intrigued, but what does bother me is when people assume I am a ‘spoilt princess’ because of what I post on my social media. This is a very quick assumption based on the material items in my images and is not a representation of me as a person. I am not writing this to defend myself or even answer the question, but it is a typical case of someone making a wrong and offensive comment on me as a person. There are a lot of assumptions like this made nowadays and it can really effect peoples mental wellbeing. Luckily, I am a very strong person and don’t take any offense to what people say, however not everyone is like me.

Essentially, the point I am trying to make is not only are our assumptions often very wrong, but they can also really upset or offend people. We live in a world now where we are encouraged to be whoever we want to be, dressing in the way we want, wearing makeup, colouring our hair and adopting personal inks and piercings. These decisions we make on a daily basis are not a representation of who we are as people, therefore, making assumptions based on these things is a very wrong thing to do.

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