A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Kieran, the manager at Dior beauty House of Fraser in Bristol. Dior for me has always been my go to for true luxury and elegance in a beauty brand, from their fabulous range of makeup and competitive skincare products, not forgetting their gorgeous fragrances. The first product I ever bought from Dior was a bright red lipstick a few years ago, which I still use and love to this day. In fact, it is my staple lip colour during the festive season. It is a part of their infamous Dior Addict range, in a beautiful silver packaging, that boasts high quality and a unique selection of colours. Being able to go along to Dior, I was incredibly lucky to try out a huge variety of their products, which was absolute heaven. My face was transformed, and Kieran created a look which I have been trying so hard to replicate ever since.

Dior for me hasn’t just got it with beauty, but also their fragrance and fashion. Being a keen follower of those high up in the fashion industry, I adore admiring those wearing bespoke Dior and am always able to identify when it is a piece from this truly beautiful brand. Victoria McGrath from Inthefrow always looks incredible in her Dior pieces.

During my experience at Dior, I learnt a lot about the beauty and skincare products they have on offer, as well as the services they are able to provide at the counters. I love my makeup and skincare, however have always been someone who finds it quite hard approaching counters and asking to test out products. It just isn’t in my nature and I am always unsure as to what services they actually offer. At Dior, Kieran and his fabulous team in Bristol, work so hard to provide an exquisite service and will always be open to helping you select the right products for your beauty bag, and your skin needs. I honestly felt like I was in the best hands, and it was just so heart-warming to speak with someone who was so passionate about the beauty industry and the brand they work for.

Before starting my makeup, Kieran and I discussed my usual makeup habits and what I love in my looks, as well as a variety of others things of course. I think in the end I was at the counter for over two hours! Time flies when you’re having fun! The look I was going to have was developed around the beautiful eye shadow palette named ‘inflame’. It really brought my eyes to life and was so rich in colour. Using these deep red tones, I also got to experience a whole variety of other Dior products that best complimented the eye look as well as my skin type and of course personality. I usually go for a very subtle, feminine look, which I think Dior cater for extremely well. Their makeup products and looks created are always representative of their brand, and in my view completely timeless in their beauty.


The first step in creating the look was obviously removing my pathetic excuse for an everyday look and a applying a little skincare. Kieran started with a Micellar Water, known from Dior as a new generation of Micellar Water, that offers a combination of powerful makeup remover as well as a comforting texture. Up until this point, I had not yet found a product that didn’t irritate my skin. This was so gentle, I had no idea that it even was a Micellar Water. Followed by this was the Capture Youth Redness Soother Serum, a product designed to sooth and balance out red or sensitive skin. This beautiful products contains a blend of cotton peptides derived from natural sources for skin, that appears smooth and even. As a bonus, the bottle is incredibly beautiful and would look perfect on any night stand.

To then hydrate the skin, Kieran used three key products. Dior Hydra Life Intense Rescue Sorbet Crème, Dreamskin Perfector and Dreamskin Cushion 012. I was reassured by the cream that my skin was hydrated, and was thrilled to try out the two products from the Dreamskin line, designed to prevent lines and signs of ageing. All the products worked beautifully together and my skin felt baby soft. For me, what was also amazing, was just how good my fresh faced skin made me feel.



I am always very basic when it comes to my face makeup, often using the lightest foundation from any range and just a little contouring to make me look awake! Pale problems!

To begin with, Kieran used the Dior Airflash Mist and Setting Spray to prep the skin allowing for a more even coverage of foundation. This was a very cool product, that all you have to do is spray over your face as opposed to rubbing in as I have always done with other products.

The foundation used was also a spray from the Airflash collection, however Kieran opts to spray onto the brush as opposed to face to reduce product wastage. I couldn’t agree more with him on this. It was very light in colour, obviously to match my skin type and was applied incredibly easily. It had amazing coverage and a beautiful dewy finish which I always sway towards when choosing a foundation. To finish the foundation look and keep everything in place, Kieran used the Forever Translucent Loose Powder (001).

To add some colour and definition to my face, Kieran used the Nudeair Mineral Bronze which I absolutely adored. It added just the right amount of colour to my face, whilst also keeping a very natural and polished look. To the apples of my cheeks, I got to try the Rouge Blush (250), which just added that little bit of colour that the look was in need of. This is very new to the Dior range. Finally, to highlight, Kieran added a subtle amount of Nudeair Luminizer (002), which just completely brought it all together. I love a light sweep of highlighter, and always dread leaving the house with too much on! This look was the perfect amount for me.


As I mentioned earlier, this whole look was based around the eye colour, which is from a 5 shadow palette called Inflame (767). The beautiful rich tones really brought my eyes to life, and the lessons Kieran taught me for applying eye shadows were just completely priceless. I have always completely winged it when it comes to eye makeup (no pun intended), so it was really nice to hear from an expert and learn all about how it is actually meant to be done. Starting with the light shades around the eye and in the corner, Kieran then applied the beautiful red to the centre before finishing with the darkest shade along my lash line. The final stage was where it really all came together and the look ‘Inflame’ was glaringly obvious.


To finish the eyes, Kieran used the Pump n Volume mascara which added endless length to my lashes. I couldn’t believe how long and volumized they were! I have only ever had one designer mascara before and this really reminded me of how incredible they are for a quick and easy look. You really do get what you pay for.

Then for brows, we used the Browstyler which was so simple. You draw through where you feel you need a little more colour and texture in your brows and then brush through, brushing the hairs upwards. My brows looked defined and instantly volumized. It was so quick, which is the biggest thing I usually look for in a brow product.


To finish this beautiful look, I opted for a red lip as I knew it would complement the eyes perfectly. Also, for me, whenever I think of Dior I think of glamour and sophistication, which red lips always adhere to. It was an obvious choice really. Before applying the lipstick, I got to try the Lipglow, which is a hydrating balm that is perfect for nourishing the lips and providing the perfect base for any lip colour. The lipstick used for this look was the Rouge Dior Matte in shade 666. It was a striking red, that utterly brought my whole face together. I looked ready for a picturesque Dior ball, which sadly wasn’t the case this day. The look had to be sported around the house and local supermarket instead!


I was absolutely in love with my makeup look and everything Dior had to offer in House of Fraser Bristol. The service was phenomenal and it reminded me of how much I enjoy luxury makeup. If you are looking for a luxurious experience, or would just love to get to know Dior beauty a little more, head down to this counter and explore everything they can offer you. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

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Thank you so much to Kieran for this wonderful experience.




This post is in collaboration with the Dior counter at House of Fraser Bristol, however ALL views and opinions are entirely my own.

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