So a few months ago I jumped onto the Rodial sale hype and ordered a few products to try out. I ordered three products and paid £40 for what should have cost £252. I wanted to put this post together, as there will probably never be another time in my life when I can afford, or even want to pay this much money for skincare. A brand like this is something that I would just never consider having as part of my everyday skincare regime, so this was the only opportunity I would have to test out the products and see if they really are worth the money. I bought a selection of products, mainly from the most popular section, as well as a hero product box to get a little variety of what they offer. I have never used Rodial before, nor heard too much about them, so this was a real opportunity to see what they were like with no assumptions already in my mind. I want this to be a very honest review, so will also be comparing the products to those I use already as part of my healthy skincare regime.

I never want to use this as a space to spread negativity, however just as an introduction, the reviews are very mixed when it comes to what I have tried.

My current skin care regime, which I have been using for a long time before trying Rodial includes brands such as Guinot, Alumier MD and BeautyLab London. It has taken me a while to find products that are right for me, but I finally got there. My skin has never felt or looked healthier. One thing I wanted to achieve from the Rodial products, for the cost, was instant results and a much healthier glow. For me, this didn’t happen. Obviously, everything I say in this post is only relevant to my experience and my skin type. So what didn’t work for me, could still work for you.

Bee Venom Moisturiser

This was the product that I was most excited about, as it is the only product from Rodial that I had heard of before buying into the brand. This product is claimed by beauty critics to be revolutionary in the industry, using an advanced formula that revitalises the skin for a naturally younger finish. Some of the key benefits include the use of bee venom to plump and smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles; vitamin C to promote an even skin tone and correct sun damage; as well as long lasting hydration. I have probably used this product the most out of the whole selection I purchased from Rodial as it is the one I was the most excited for. As I said before, this is going to be an entirely honest review, so this is the product that I needed to start with as I have very mixed feelings. I definitely noticed an instant glow to my face after using this product and during the days afterwards (whilst carrying on using it morning and night), as well as a much more even skin tone. However, compared to using my usual moisturiser from Guinot, I definitely noticed that my skin was not as hydrated as normal. I also found that the product was not rich and did not feel luxurious when applied. For the price of £160, I would expect to have all these features, especially compared to my Guinot product that costs £50. All in all, it is an okay product and definitely does a lot of what it suggests, but for the price tag I do expect to be blown away.

White Brightening Mask

This so far has been my favourite product out of the whole Rodial selection. I started using face masks in about March of this year when I really wanted to better my skin care regime. I have got through countless of products trying to find the right one for me, and if I’m being honest, I have found  a few that I like but none that I love. This one, I have really enjoyed using. Unlike most other face masks, it has much more of a gel like consistency, and is a clear product that you apply evenly over the face. It covers very easily and doesn’t dry the skin out by any means. I always remove the product after 10 minutes with some warm water and my face is left to feel baby soft. The results over the next few days are always consistent, with a much more hydrated face and even skin tone. It is an easy to use product and in my opinion, well worth the money.



Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel


So for me, this is the product that I have seen the least results from, probably because it is something that needs to be used over a longer period of time, and being only 20 I probably don’t need my skin to look plumper yet. There may be a few people hating on me right now for saying that…but give it 10 years and I will probably bring this product out again! I have heard really good things about the long term effects of using this, so would definitely still recommend it if you suffer from dehydrated skin and to reduce the effects of ageing.

Stem Cell Superfood Cleanser



I was really excited about using this product as I am such a sucker for a really nice cleanser. You can easily take this product out the pot with your hands and work it into your skin like a cream, however it obviously doesn’t soak in. This cleanser was so gentle on the skin and easily removed all remaining makeup and thoroughly cleaned my skin. Using the muslin cloth I removed the product with warm water and was left with super fresh, baby soft skin. Following my remaining skincare products my skin felt incredibly after using this product.

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