I cannot believe for the life of me that Christmas weekend is officially here… IT IS CRAZY! But, it is also amazing at the same time! I am so ready for the next few days, indulging in some of our Christmas traditions and ultimately having a bloody good rest. Today I am working, and even though it is going to be incredibly busy, I am looking forward to the excitement and positive atmosphere that should be around. Then tomorrow, for what I hope will become a tradition I am going to watch the Nutcracker with my grandparents. We are actually watching it in Bristol, in one of the event cinemas where it is streamed live from London. I have grown up watching the Nutcracker, falling more and more in love with it every time. It really is the ultimate start to Christmas. 


Christmas Eve

For us, this day is usually spent with all the family, as Christmas day itself we all tend to stick to being at home. This gives us the opportunity to enjoy some presents and have a pre-Christmas roast dinner. I am head chef this year and plan on serving slow roast pork with homemade dauphinoise and my famous lemon and herb green veggies. This is a firm favourite in my family and is definitely starting to become a tradition. However, in recent years we have enjoyed it on Boxing Day as opposed to Christmas Eve. 

Then, in the evening after doing the food prep, my grandma and I have our long standing tradition. Every single year for the last seven, we have sat on the sofa (me in my Christmas PJs) and watched The Holiday with a glass of Baileys with a heap of ice. This tradition is probably my absolute favourite of the whole year and we just never seem to get bored of this film. I mean personally, if the whole thing could have just been Jude Law and Cameron Diaz, I might have enjoyed it even more.

Christmas Day

I love my Christmas Days at home, mainly because the three of us have really got into a sweet little routine. We always start the day in bed with stocking presents, which my grandma always seems to nail. I mean, Benefit Mascara and MAC Lipstick… yes please! We then have a proper Christmas breakfast, Eggs Royale, with a huge Mimosa, enjoyed quickly in our PJs. Then we get ready and I get started on the roast. The reason that I cook is only because I really enjoy it and I would much rather let them have a rest, than my grandma getting stressed in the kitchen. Let’s be honest, the tradition of me cooking on Christmas Day is never going to change. I am also a massive control freak and love everything about this meal!

Then in the afternoon, after we have eaten, we gradually get through our presents and collapse on the sofa in a complete food coma. In fact, my grandma and I usually devour all Champagne or alcohol in the house, leaving us feeling giddy! The only way I can describe our Christmases is utterly fun. We always have such a good time and I just love the fact that we are at home together, just eating and having our presents. In fact, I get even more excited about giving them their presents as opposed to receiving them! 

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is probably the least consistent for me, mainly because I am so sad that Christmas is over that I don’t really care what I do! That being said, in the last two years, Boxing Day has been the time that I get to spend with Finn, so obviously they have become more important! It is just so lovely to have three days enjoying the traditions and being with those I love.

What are your Christmas traditions? 

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