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The amount of thought and time that goes into my annual Christmas decorations is a little ridiculous, and it is definitely only the beginning. I mean I don’t even have a whole house yet, nor an extremely large budget. I just cannot help myself and the excitement of getting it all sorted just completely takes over by the time November 1st kicks in. This date however is not to get the decorations up, but to make my endless to do lists, buy the things I need and most importantly decide on colours schemes. I do take it all very seriously, but let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be Christmas without all our individual quirks. Mine is to decorate the house, yours may be to buy and wrap all your presents before the beginning of December, for example.

I just cannot get enough of this time of year, and since being in my flat, it has been a real opportunity to let all this excitement out and be very creative. I don’t get to do this during the rest of the year, so it is such a breath of fresh air come December.  

The first year I was in the flat I went for a very traditional red and gold theme, followed by a ‘frosty white’ theme in 2017. This year I wanted to stay with the white, however with an injection of a little more colour. This is why I opted for white with flashes of copper. As much as I want the whole look to be modern and exciting, I also want it all to represent the traditional Christmases that I had growing up. You can easily get this balance right, as long as you are careful with the decorations you choose and the tones within the colour scheme. I always buy a real tree, because for me it wouldn’t be Christmas without one, despite how annoying those pine needles are. The deep green colour alone from this really bulks out any other colours added to the tree, or even the room. 

In terms of the rest of the house, this year I decided to do a little more. The first addition to my Christmas collection is the beautiful iron star with green foliage which was a gift to myself from The White Company. My grandma got one of these last year and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It is so simple, yet strikingly beautiful and is the perfect companion to the rest of the room. This year, The White Company also released a heart shape, as well as both shapes in a miniature size. I also got the mini heart to go at the top of my tree. They are both such great quality, and in my opinion, amazing value for money.

The second addition for me, and another reasonable piece, is the mini light up Christmas tree that I have proudly placed by my TV stand. Cox and Cox had some amazing sales on during Black Friday weekend, so I decided to treat myself to the tree and some copper baubles. I was astounded at how beautiful the little tree was when it arrived and I love how evenly and beautifully placed the lights are. They are battery powered, which also means that it will be a good piece to have through the years! 

Finally, to mix things up a little this year, I decided to buy a mini tree for my bedroom. As much as I shouldn’t be saying this, I spend a lot more time in my room than I should. Sometimes if I am working from home, I will get up at 8 and just work from bed for a lot of the day, or in the evening I will have a bath and then indulge in some Friends in bed. I wanted my room to feel festive, so I decided a tree was the way to go. What is also great is that my bedroom door is opposite the front door, so when I get home, I can see the tree straight away. It has made my room and even the hallway feel extremely festive. For this tree I did opt for the traditional red and gold theme, which just looks unbelievably cosy, especially in the evening with fairy lights on. 

So that is everything… I hope you love how it all came together as much as I do! Please comment your blog URLs below so I can have a read and a nosy at your decorations!

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Christmas Trees – I always get my trees from Waitrose UK. They always last through the whole season, are so beautifully healthy and the staff are always so helpful when it comes to choosing and getting it home.

Copper Baubles – Cox and Cox 

 Copper Tree – Cox and Cox

Star – The White Company


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