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#HollysMustHaves #MyMarks

Holly Willoughby is now a very known face here in the UK, mainly for her role as popular morning presenter on ITV This Morning. Holly is not only recognised for her talent on screen, but also for her incredible fashion sense. For this reason, I really think that Marks and Spencer have done an incredible job in collaborating with her. One of the main reasons that I love Holly and her outfits is the fact that she is very real. She has a very beautiful figure, wearing clothes that are very easy to create everyday looks with. I get so tired of watching fashion shows and reading magazines where the clothes are not fit for everyday life, nor for anyone above a size 8.

Holly has always been portrayed as a woman like us all, juggling work and motherhood, having a keen interest in fashion and working hard to balance what must be an incredibly busy life. This collection is very much in keeping with this. These clothes have been selected for women doing a lot during their day, but who also want to look and feel fabulous for it all.

This latest range of Holly’s Must Have items launched last week, and contains pieces selected by Holly herself. On a first glance of this collection, it is very apparent that all of the items have been very carefully chosen and what I love the most is how they all go together. The colour palette is very wearable and suitable for the majority of skin tones, as well as styles that can be adapted and mixed with other products from Marks to flatter any figure and create a sensational look. The coat, which caught my eye instantly, is definitely the centre piece for this range and for such a reasonable price point, it is simply a must have in your wardrobe. The dusky pink perfectly balances with the other tones of the collection, as well as neutral tones we all already have in our wardrobes. After trying on the coat, I can confirm it is extremely warm and cosy, boasting great quality and a perfect fit for all.

When visiting Marks and Spencer in Cribbs Causeway, of which I am already a regular visitor, I was greeted by one of the managers who had kindly set aside the collection for me to try. As any fashion lover would understand, I was so excited to try the pieces and see which worked for me. Obviously, as with any clothing range you are going to have pieces that you prefer more than others, and this was no different during my experience. However, this was not based on the quality of the individual products, but more so on what flatters my figure and what I choose to wear as part of my personal style.

Without a doubt, my favourite outfit is the striped jumper, paired with the black mini skirt and pink coat. This was the outfit that caught my eye straight away when I was scrolling through the collection online, and Holly just looks phenomenal in it. What I love the most is how versatile it is, being able to go from day to evening, as well as mixing and matching the pieces to create different looks.

The skirt itself goes with pretty much every top in my wardrobe, and can also be worn throughout the seasons. The look is very easy to create and just looks effortlessly chic.

The striped jumper itself also looked incredible with a lot of other M&S pieces, such as the work trousers. I am not a trouser person, mainly because I have never put much time into finding a pair that suit me. The second I tried these M&S ones on, recommended by the lovely manager, I was shocked at the great fit and style that actually flattered my legs. They are easy to throw on for work with a pair of heels, and look even better with the striped jumper. The jumper itself looks happy – which is the only way I can describe it. When I was trying it on and even looking through the images we got, it puts an instant smile on my face. Again, the coat can be thrown on top for a quick, out the door, beautiful look.

Every piece in this collection is of such great quality and can all be very easily matched with other M&S products. It also suggests that M&S is really moving forward in who they market themselves too, as personally I have never seen them as somewhere I would shop for my own clothes. Underwear, yes…every day! This collection has completely changed my opinion and has made me look at all their clothes in a very different light. By having the knowledge to put a good outfit together, and create one that makes you look as good as it makes you feel, M&S deliver on every level. They have such a variety of different products, each designed differently, ensuring there really is something for everyone.

#HollysMustHaves #MyMarks

Thank you so much to everyone at M&S who looked after me during my visit.

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This is a paid advertorial for Marks and Spencer UK. However, all views and opinions are entirely my own.

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