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So, in this digital age, as a fashion lover I still very much see the benefit of paper magazines. I love the feeling of holding a thick glossy magazine, trying all the perfumes and flicking through the designer adverts. It is a hobby that I have enjoyed for years, that I most likely inherited from my grandmother and her mother. In my eyes they are a timeless piece of media, and in terms of fashion, they are a huge part of keeping the industry alive. Social media and online blogs will never be able to succeed in the same way, as they are not as user friendly, nor manage to contain the same content produced and enjoyed by the consumer in the same way.

Magazines are at the heart of the fashion industry, being consumed by those besotted with it, and used by brands to help them stand out against the rest.

So yes, in my opinion they are great, but how can we actually use them to influence and rebrand our own, everyday wardrobe. Bearing in mind, the majority of us don’t have the income to indulge on Gucci and Chanel three times a week. I mean, maybe one day! I have listed my top tips below, with all the information you need to use magazines strategically and for your own benefit, rather than the benefit of the brands featured.

Think Budget

First things first, what magazine are you reading? The likelihood is, well in my case, Vogue is never going to help me rebrand my wardrobe as I can barely afford a hair clip featured on Gigi Hadid, let alone whole outfit. Yes, you can be inspired by magazines, but they also do need to be slightly relatable if you are using them for the purpose of rebranding what you own. I like to use magazines such as Hello Fashion, as the items featured are much more main stream and can be bought on the high street quickly. They also tend to feature a lot of higher priced items with cheaper alternatives, showcasing where you can find the best dupes.

One Item… Not Outfit

My massive mistake when flicking through a magazine is going past a look when I don’t like the outfit. In reality, just because I don’t like the outfit as a whole, I probably do like the individual pieces. Don’t be too quick to dismiss what a model is wearing and always break down the look and brands featured, as I can guarantee you will always find one thing you can make work for you.


I love jewellery and adding accessories to an outfit, however I am not very imaginative. I always tend to stick to the same pieces, as well as brands, never straying from what I know. Stylist always give an outfit a new leap of life with accessories and are so knowledgeable when it comes to brands and colour choices. In magazines you have the very best stylists working their magic, showcasing how you can wear new accessories and what is on trend that season. Taking note of this can really bring your own wardrobe to life.

New Brands

I have always found magazines are great when you want to discover new brands. Obviously, social media is also amazing, but magazines really pin point new and upcoming brands that they know already have a good reputation. They also can be amazing at shining the spotlight on very independent brands that often get forgotten on social media. I have discovered a lot of my favourite brands through magazines, and still do to this day. Keep an eye out for where everything featured is coming from, and if it is somewhere you have never heard of, look it up and see if it could work for you.


Skin Tones

Ultimately, we are all different, and clothes are often better suited to one person than another. I am by no means saying that you cannot wear something if you like it, but you can definitely be guided by what is suggested in magazines. I personally always sway towards models and celebrities with blonde hair and lighter skin tones, as this is what I am. They have been dressed by those who know their stuff, and it really helps to show me what is best suited to my wardrobe and also what I could try that I had never considered before.

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