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If I had to define my style in three words it would be classic, relatively simple and most importantly true to myself. I don’t follow trends just because other people are wearing certain things, as usually it just isn’t me. I grew up in a family where we all love fashion, so naturally it has just become a part of my life, and I have just always had a natural passion for it. Before I can even remember I was dressing myself, choosing ridiculous outfits and throwing a tantrum when being told I couldn’t leave the house in my choice of clothes.

As with everything in life, as you grow up, your style changes and transitions throughout the seasons. However, we all have key pieces in our wardrobe that never change, and become a strong part of what we choose to wear every day.


Obviously, there are a few pieces that we all have in our wardrobe and can’t live without, so I wanted to keep this post very specific to my style. There is no point in me writing about the things you already know, so I thought long and hard about this, trying to think of pieces that can not only work together but fit most styles. The main thing when it comes to staple pieces in a wardrobe is that they will never go out of fashion, despite the crazy trends splashed across Instagram.

Black Jeans

I mean jeans in general are just a massive staple in every wardrobe, however black just always stand out a lot more for me. There is not a single thing they don’t go with and they are perfect through the seasons, day to night, for any occasion. For my figure type I always go for skinny high waisted, however I love how other people can pull off great styles, such as black bootcut! In the Summer time my favourite style is light wash boyfriend jeans, but for my figure they don’t work at all!

Light Coloured Blazer

A blazer for me has been a huge part of my style since I was about 15. I remember watching all the women on reality programmes going out in the day in jeans and a blazer and just thinking they looked so chic. They are pieces in a wardrobe that easily make any outfit look effortlessly put together, therefore are a staple all year round. In the Winter, throw a big coat over the top and in the Summer they can turn a crop top and shorts into a much more sophisticated look. My go to shops for blazers have always been Zara, H&M and now Stradivarius.

White Trainers


I have not always been a trainer kind of girl, but recently I have really adopted the look and reached for them pretty much most days. Not only are they a comfortable choice of footwear, but they have now become a fashion trend, taking them from a casual look to something much more put together. One of my favourite looks over the Summer was blue jeans, white trainers and a blazer. It was an outfit that took two minutes to put together in the morning, but looked perfect day to night. My favourite places for trainers in 2018 were New Look and Dune London.

Black Over Shoulder Bag

The bag featured in this post is one that I have been lusting after for what could be years, as they are all completely timeless in design and practical in colour, texture and ease of use. I know this as I bought the nude colour a few years ago and have been loving it ever since. In December I visited by bestie who lives in Chester, where they have a huge designer outlet with a Michael Kors. I landed up buying myself an early Christmas present, and I think I have potentially used it every day. The style goes with any look, and I have quickly learnt how much of a staple piece it is in my wardrobe. Black goes with pretty much everything, like the jeans, and an over shoulder bag can be worn throughout the day, for a casual or dressed up look.

Statement Belts

A few years ago now I made my first ever designer purchase from Gucci in magical Paris. I bought the black leather belt with a gold GG, which had been on every single Instagram post that year. I know I know, it is a lot of money for a belt, but I would buy it three times over. I cannot even count how many times I have actually worn it and how much I love reaching for it when getting ready in the morning. As with the bag and black jeans, it goes with pretty much everything and completely transforms an outfit. However, even though I went for the Gucci belt, I am not saying that you need one. Any brand will do as long as it has a statement buckle and adds texture to your outfit.

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Coat – Marks and Spencer

Jeans – H&M

Boots – Ted Baker

Jumper – Boohoo

Bag – Michael Kors


The coat featured in this outfit was part of a paid for collaboration with Marks and Spencer. View the post here.

However, this blog post was no sponsored and all views and opinions are my own.

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