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Today I wanted to talk about something that I believe is very relevant to the younger generation, all aspiring to be something in life and make a name for themselves. I too, am in this generation. Nowadays we all talk a lot about what house we want to buy, what car we want to drive and where we want to be in 5 years time. This seems like a relatively new attitude towards life, and can be perceived to be good and bad all at the same time. I have been watching Kylie Jenner grow up since I started to watch the Kardashians years ago, and have always had a keen interest in her life, mainly because we are the same age. I mean, I love watching all of them just for the pure escapism of the programme, but Kylie has always stood out for me.

Kylie Jenner has almost become the youngest self made billionaire, all before turning 22. Whether you love or hate her, no one can deny that that is not an incredible achievement.

Having always shown herself to be relatively quiet and family orientated on the show, it is very clear that her determination and passion for beauty has got her to where she wants to be. She strategically took her insecurity, her lips, and turned it into a multi million dollar business. Looking at what she has created over the last few years, at such a young age, she inspires me everyday to work hard and focus on my goals. Okay yes, maybe it helped that she had money and millions of Instagram followers behind her, but being a consumer of her products and follower of her brand, she works hard. It is amazing to see someone so young have so much drive for life,  particularly when most people I know who are mine and her age have no idea what they are doing in life.

So, how do we take a page out of Kylie‘ book?

Well firstly, being in a family consisting of 5 daughters, Kylie must have grown up with a lot of pressure to be like them. Not that there is any horrible competition in their family, but she must have had an urge to make a name for herself and create a brand that makes her different to her sisters. In fact, her sister Kendall has too by following her dreams of being a supermodel. We all conform to this pressure growing up, whether it stems from siblings or friends. Kylie used her platform and focused on not only the one thing she is truly passionate about, but also the thing she was insecure about. So, naturally, my first point would be that we need to identify our insecurities, accept them and see how we can use them to develop a name for ourselves. This could apply to anything in life. One of my biggest insecurities used to be social situations and putting myself out there. With the career path I have chosen, blogging and generally wanting to have some good friendships, I have had to overcome this. I stared it right in the face and proved to myself that I was capable of getting over it.

Secondly, Kylie has shown that by using the resources you already have you can become something. For a lot of people, like her, social media has been the key to success. However, this point again can differ depending on your situation. If you are a little lost in life, have dreams but don’t know how to make them come true, start by figuring out what you can use that is already in your life. For example, you want to be a doctor and your best friends dad is a doctor…talk to him and see how he got there and what he would suggest! In my case, I wanted to focus my career on developing my own business. My grandad owns and has been running a very successful business for over 30 years. I utilise his experience and skills, and always ask him for advice. I didn’t have to go out of my way to get there, and he is always more than happy to help. Whether you have someone directly in your life, or perhaps a little more distant, we all know someone who can help.

I think one of my favourite things about Kylie has to be her work ethic. Before even turning 22, she has earned a name for herself as the youngest self made billionaire. She may have been on a roll, but I could name a lot of people my age who would have got to a certain point and already given up, with the attitude that they had already made enough for a lifetime. I love how she has a genuine passion for her brand and her work ethic drives her to carry on. In my opinion, I truly believe that this is only the beginning of what she is going to achieve. So, what does this mean? Personally, I think it means to achieve full happiness in life you must have a passion for something that isn’t just driven by money.

Finally, Kylie may have used her social media to grow her business, but in general she is a very private person. I think she has got the balance completely right of sharing what she wants to share online, without having to share too much about her and her life. Particularly when it came to her pregnancy. I mean, I do think it is pretty phenomenal that she managed to hide her pregnancy from the whole world, considering they are the most watched family in America. She proves that even if you need social media for your business, you can also remain private and keep a lot of your life to yourself. I think social media is great, but I also think having a life offline is even more important.

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