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With the new year comes new opportunities, and I have found a new leap of life in the first few weeks of 2019. So many ideas have been rolling around my mind, and the blog has been a big part of that. At the end of 2018, I saw a huge increase in the development rate of the blog, making a little money on the side, enabling me to put more time into my hobby. However, with that I also want to make sure that I get the balance right in 2019. Yes, I may be doing more sponsored work, however, I still want to use this space as somewhere to share my tips and tricks, as well as everything I am passionate about it life. So with that, today I am discussing a pretty basic topic, aimed at bloggers or those of you who are considering starting a blog. There are a lot of us now in the UK making a living from our online platforms, but there are much fewer who have the ability to do so full time. I myself, even after four and a half years, am still only part time. So, as you would imagine, I have had to budget my time wisely. I need to be spending enough time on my blog to make it desirable to prospective companies who want to collaborate, however I also need to have enough time for my actual job which pays the bills.

Blogging part time comes with so many challenges, and the biggest emotion I have felt over the years is guilt. Guilt that I am not putting enough time into my hobby for it to grow, and also guilt that I am spending too much time on it and getting distracted from my paid job.

Ultimately the only way around this feeling, and how you can just about keep your head above water is by budgeting your time. For about a year, I have had a set time during the week to blog, and try to stay as organised as possible. I work a month in advance, so for example, during January, I am spending my time getting content together and scheduled for February. Not only does this keep me sane, but it also means that if I can’t spend as much time on the blog during a week or two, I know that I still have time to get on top of everything. My average time spent per week is about four hours, just spread across two evenings. When you think about that is not much time at all. However, that isn’t my photo time. My photo budget is around 3 hours a month, which Hana and I usually do on a Sunday morning. So again, just one Sunday a month is easily doable. Having this structure can make a very big difference.

To help with this, towards the end of the year last year I also started using a weekly planner. It is has completely transformed my weeks, as I have everything laid out and I can time manage incredibly easily. They are cheap and cheerful, and will definitely help if you are struggling to blog part time.

My next piece of advice would be on content. Since my blog has gone from strength to strength, I have had an increase in companies emailing to work with me. Obviously, this is incredible and makes me feel very proud of what I have accomplished. However, these collaborations are extremely time consuming. Therefore, I have had to start thinking a little more strategically and only take on what is going to benefit me, and what I actually can manage to complete in the time frame. The majority of brands will understand your having to say no, just be sure to end the email with a polite gesture along the lines of, ‘please consider me for future campaigns’.

Ultimately, we live in a world where we have to stay on top of our bills and finances, so that of course means that work comes first. What also is really important is our social lives and time to switch off. Therefore, this all has to be budgeted into your weeks and months. We must go to work and we must take care of the ones we love, so you have to see blogging as something that must fit in with that as opposed to the other way around. Really, if you can get your head around how that works, there isn’t much else that you can do. Don’t fret if you don’t have enough time to get a post done or a social media image published, just do what you can and be proud that you are sticking to a hobby that could flourish into something so much bigger.


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