The products featured in this blog post have been gifted to me by Tropic Skincare.

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So a little while ago, Ryannan contacting me via Instagram regarding some products from Tropic Skincare. Ryannan is an ambassador for the brand and was really keen for me to try a few products to see how I liked them, as she is so passionate about everything they have to offer. I have been trying the products Ryannan kindly sent me over the last few months, and have really loved getting to know this brand. As you are all aware by now, discovering new skincare brands is something I love most about blogging, and it always amazes me when I find products I love just as much as the ones before.

Tropic Skincare stand for three things: freshly made, cruelty free and natural. What else could you want from a brand?

All products made by Tropic Skincare are freshly created by the Beauty Chefs in their Surrey kitchen every day. This in itself, made me love the brand as it seems so personal that it is all made in a small kitchen, not that far away from home. When I picture a lot of big, famous skincare brands, which don’t get me wrong I still love, I imagine them all being made in huge factories by robots, with very little love going into them. When I read more into Tropic Skincare, this wasn’t the feeling I got. It felt like a very personal, family driven brand, which it is, and something about that just made me connect with them. 

Susie, founder of Tropic Skincare, approached Sir Lord Alan Sugar back in 2011 where she did not win the series, but he did invest in her company anyway as he did see big potential in the brand. Susie says “My grandma, a medicinal chemist and toxicologist, always taught me that, like our bodies, our skin needs feeding with healthy, nourishing and, most importantly, natural ingredients. Growing up in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland, Australia, I was surrounded by an abundance of natural ingredients, including fresh aloe vera plants and exotic fruit trees. The environment I grew up in has had a huge effect on the products we create at Tropic.”

All ingredients sourced by Tropic Skincare come from the Amazon rainforest, Polynesia, Australia and many more exotic regions brimming with powerful, botanical actives. All the products created by Tropic Skincare are cruelty free, which is something that is becoming so important to me now, as well as not using derivatives that harm the welfare of animals.

So, what products have I been using and loving?

Smoothing Cleanser | £16  & Vitamin Toner | £14

I always categorise a cleanser and toner together, as they are always used one after the other in my skin care regime. I have always had difficulty finding cleansers that work for my skin, as I have very sensitive skin that is prone to irritation from bad products. Therefore, I am only ever able to use products that contain natural ingredients. Since discovering a variety of brands that are healthier for my skin, I have found the process of finding good cleansers even easier. This range is no exception. The cleanser is easy to use, melts away makeup and leaves my skin feeling fresh and perfectly clean. The toner is gentle on the skin and does not cause any irritation. Both together, I feel reassured that my skin is well looked after and nourished keeping it healthy on an everyday basis. I would also like to add that I think the price point of these two products is amazing. The mid-range price point has not affected the good quality of the products. So, I am one happy bunny.

Skin Feast Nourishing Moisturiser | £24

My favourite part of the day, well two times a day, is moisturising my skin. I love how comforted it makes me feel, and my face always feels so alive when I have hydrated the skin properly. I have got a few moisturisers in my collection that I love, and this one has quickly become a favourite amongst them. It is silky soft, not at all oily, and super hydrating. The benefits of the moisturiser also mean that my makeup is applied more evenly, and without a doubt, lasts longer throughout the day.

*skincare tip – in the morning, always do your skincare first. Then have your breakfast and shower. This way your skin has time to absorb the ingredients and the effects will last much longer.

Super Greens Nutrient Boost Oil | £42

About two years ago, I started using my first ever serum, and have loved them ever since. I have tried and tested a few different products, and have to say, have not yet found one that doesn’t work for me. This vibrant green oil was the first thing I noticed in my package, and I was so incredibly excited to try it. The Super Green Nutrient Boost Oil is an award winning beauty oil, which should be used after cleansing and toning, just before applying your moisturiser. This product itself sinks into the skin providing it with all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Serums and oils work mainly to prevent signs of ageing and pigmentation, so unfortunately at my age, I cannot yet tell you if they actually work. However, I am reassured by the science behind them, and have utterly enjoyed using this product. It just feels so good knowing all the green goodness is going into my skin. 

Mini Tamanu Balm | £16

Moving on to body now. This balm was a product that Ryannan raved about when we first started talking, and I was so excited to try it as I never have tested anything like it before. It is a multiuse product, designed to target scars, stretch marks, eczema and signs of damaged skin. Enhanced with anti-oxidant rich ingredients, this product is known as a skincare hero, and a must have for every bathroom cabinet. I am all for being proud of our bodies, lumps bumps and all, but if there is something on the market that can reduce things that do concern me, then I am going to try it. I tested this product on one area of my body. Just above my boobs, I have stretch marks that are still quite purple. My boob size changes a lot with my weight, so stretch marks to often appear here for me. I have been using the balm for a few weeks, and have already seen the marks slowly start to reduce. No, it is not a miracle worker and has not made them disappear completely, but I am confident that with time, they are going to keep getting less and less.

Coconut Cream Whipped Body Velvet | £28

The final product that I was able to try is the Coconut Cream Whipped Body Velvet. I was so excited about this one, as I love trying anything new to moisturise my skin. And, anything coconut has my undivided attention! The first thing I noticed about this product was the silky smooth consistency, that just melts into your skin when you apply. It isn’t overly oily, which I love, and it adds such a lovely natural glow to the skin. A complete must have on your bedside table to top up each evening.

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The products featured in this post were gifted to me, however I have not been paid to produce this post and ALL views and opinions are entirely my own.