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Yellow seems to be the in colour at the moment, well I guess in theory it is actually mustard that is in but you know what I mean. I am loving this trend, however have found that adding it to my wardrobe has been quite the challenge. How do we make the trickiest colour in the industry work for us? I have a very light skin tone, and bleach blonde hair, which in my mind has always been the most difficult combination with yellow. A few years ago on a Summer holiday in Spain, I spotted a very tanned, beautiful Spanish lady with picture perfect brown hair rocking some yellow linen trousers and a black top. I thought she looked gorgeous and I have always wanted to be able to pull off the look ever since. Obviously, I am never going to look like her as she was very different to me, but I would like to one day master the yellow look.

Yellow is without a doubt the most difficult colour to make work in the fashion industry, however, by following the right trends and catwalk looks, the perfect outfit can be achieved.

Shade of Yellow

So first things first, what shade of yellow are you choosing to wear? I have been a firm lover of mustard since it came on trend in 2018, however am starting to warm to the idea of wearing a much brighter yellow. The key thing to remember is that the shade of yellow does determine the rest of the outfit. For example, I think black and mustard look amazing together, but think white is a better companion for a brighter yellow. Obviously, this is just my personal preference. So, step one would be to decide on the yellow you are trying to style and then figure out the rest.

Skin Tone & Body Type

A big thing with yellow is, by what I have found by doing a little research online, is that a lot of people are quick to say that you need to have a  certain body shape and skin type to be able to pull of yellow. Personally, I think this is rubbish. As with everything, as long as it is styled in a way that suits you, yellow can work for everyone. So let this go and just enjoy exploring how to wear this vibrant colour.

2 Colour Look (Primary Colours)

With yellow, the main thing I noticed when researching looks was that most outfits consisted of two colours. The ones that featured more just didn’t quite look right, hence why the majority was two. This follows my general outfit rule anyway of never really wearing more than 3 colours in one outfit. Anyway, I think yellow looks amazing paired with prime colours such as red or blue. In fact, the night my grandma met my grandad years and years ago, she was wearing red jeans and yellow clogs! The trend must have come back in! The pairing of the primary colour with the yellow adds a really retro vibe to the look, and something that in my eyes will always be iconic.

Smart vs Casual

What I love about playing with yellow in my wardrobe so far is how it can be varied between day and evening looks. Yellow paired with black and a good accessory is perfect for the evening, or a yellow top with jeans and some pumps is an elegant day look. Don’t limit what yellow can do for you in your wardrobe, as it really is a day to night colour, as well as season through season.

Unlikely Matches

When it comes to styling yellow, I think the best thing to do is let loose and try out unlikely combinations. Whether that be a grey jumper with yellow trousers, red jeans with yellow shoes or even a yellow top with a green skirt. Whatever it is, it should be a look that you love and feel comfortable with, whatever the colour combination. Whenever I have studied how people are wearing yellow, it is often looks that I would never have thought of creating, therefore this really is a colour where you need to think outside the box.

One Accessory

When it comes to accessorising your outfit, my best advice would be to keep it simple. Have one accessory that is a staple piece of the outfit after the yellow, in order not to over-power it and keep in subtle. This could be a statement belt, bold necklace or dropped earrings. I also think that the shade of the accessory can have a big impact on the look. I would suggest nothing too heavy, as again it will have the same impact as too many accessories.

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