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You may remember a few weeks ago I did a blog post titled, The Kylie Jenner Generation. Well, I am sort of carrying on with the theme, completely coincidently. Today I wanted to review the infamous Kylie lip kits – the products that have made her, her billionaire status and probably the most seen beauty item coming through border control into the UK. I had a moment of madness when I bought these, as she did a rare free world wide shipping and that dangerous swipe up on her Instagram stories. I had wanted to try them for ages, but just couldn’t justify paying for them, the shipping AND customs. So, in my head, with free shipping, essentially the customs was the delivery charge. That is how I made sense of it – you may disagree with me, but too late now!

As I had never tried them before, I wanted to buy two colours that were very different to each other. This is why I bought a nude shade, and a berry red for the evenings. This way I could really put them to the test as I had a shade for each occasion, and they are the most used colour tones in my makeup bag. One thing I have always noticed from Kylie’s lip kits is the incredible colour selection. There is not only such a wide variety, but each and every one is so unusual and pigmented in tone.

The first I chose was the nude toned one, named BARE, which is a velvet formula. I am not the biggest nude wearer, however, these lip kits on other people always look flawless in nude. They add a subtle and enhanced finish to a makeup look, easy to wear every day. The lip kit is probably the easiest liquid lipstick I have ever applied, as the brush is perfectly shaped and the product is ideal in texture. So many I have tried are too runny, hence making it so difficult to work them onto the lips. In terms of wear, I love how long this lipstick lasts for. It definitely needs topping up once or twice in the day, however I love topping up as I find day wear products look awful a few hours in. The Kylie lip kit has never dried my lips out and keeps its fresh matte look all day long. The colour is extremely pigmented and has a pinky undertone, meaning that I never look like I have got foundation lips.

The second colour I chose was a deep berry red called KRISTEN, which is a matte formula. My go to with most evening looks is a deep red, and even in the day when I want something a little more fancy. I think there is just something about red tones that goes perfectly with my pale skin tone. Hence why I adore my red coat, bag and jumper! So, what I did notice about this lip kit was that it is really different to BARE. The formula is different (because it is matte), the wear is different and the overall comfort of the product is different. No, it isn’t bad, but I do have to be more aware when I choose to wear it. I always condition my lips first, as it can slightly dry them out if I wear it for over about 3 hours. However, as with BARE, it is very easy to apply as the liner and the brush give you complete control. The colour is also so rich, which I adore, and doesn’t fade in the middle whilst wearing it. So, not 100% perfect, although I would definitely buy it again, as well as any other lip kit.

Overall, I wasn’t expecting raving results from these lip kits. I thought they were just going to be overpriced products that only sell because of the face behind them, however I am loving using them. I definitely reach for them automatically each day, and am very impressed with the colours and comfort of them. Without a doubt, will be placing another order when they do free delivery!

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