This blog post contains a gifted trip, whereby I am reviewing the service for Dermalogica. I also have a previous working relationship with The Barn, Somerset.

This week I was incredibly lucky to visit The Barn in Somerset again, this time getting to enjoy one of their facials from Dermalogica. Since working with Dermalogica I have found a love for this brand, in particular the science behind the products and the innovative thinking of everything they aspire to create. I was so excited to learn more about the skincare brand and see how the facial would work on my skin. Kelly, owner of The Barn and experienced skin therapist, was going to be doing my facial and I couldn’t have been happier. I absolutely adore the brand Kelly has built and truly respect her knowledge and passion for the service she delivers.

The Barn itself is just complete paradise and somewhere you can go not too far from home to totally switch off. Out of the oldest building in Loxton it has been transformed into a beautiful, tranquil space with the perfect balance of colour, warmth and gorgeous music throughout. The whole atmosphere completely calms you as you walk through the door, enabling you to put your mental wellbeing first, which has become a rarity for a lot of us nowadays. As you can imagine, with this ethos in mind, I was so excited to experience the facial as I would get to relax whilst also taking care of my skin. Win win!

Dermalogica facials are completely bespoke to the client, and their skin at the time of treatment. Therefore, there are no set facials, and everything is decided by a highly trained therapist to ensure the very best results. The two facials in the service menu are named ‘PRO30’ and ‘PRO60’. The ‘PRO’ stands for professional and the number stands for the length of the treatment in minutes. When I found this out, I was astounded. I think this is such an incredible way to provide a service as I know how different all our skin can be, as well as what is needed to make it healthier.

My skin is very dehydrated, especially at this time of year, with the heating and fans in the car and at home. Despite by best effort with skincare, which I do religiously twice every day, it is still very difficult to completely prevent this. Regular facials are a great way of increasing hydration, so I was really excited to see how Kelly could help me with the amazing products and technology provided from Dermalogica. This included ultrasonic, which is a machine that lightly brushes on the skin, increasing the cleansing action by six times. This ultimately ensures that the therapist is working on completely clean and fresh skin and therefore it will receive the maximum benefit of the products about to be used. This was also used during the exfoliation stage for the same reasoning. A really cool piece of technology that Kelly used was something to measure my hydration levels. The desired levels are around 60, and before the facial my skin was between 30 and 35.

During the facial, a microcurrent was used, again to push the product deeper into the skin, in a process called iontophoresis. The products used were extremely refreshing on the skin and I really could feel the magical work they were doing. As you can imagine, I also got to indulge entirely in a beautiful treatment room, enjoying Kelly’s fabulous massage skills, whilst lying on a warm bed with the cosiest duvet. The whole hour was just total bliss and I love the fact that I could relax and unwind, whilst leaving my skin in such good hands.

After the treatment, my skin was instantly clearer with such a fantastic glow. However, it was not oily, nor red, which I have found it can be in the past. I was really impressed with the increased hydration level and my skin definitely felt much healthier when leaving. At the end of my treatment my skin hydration levels went up to 40-45. I think it is amazing that not only have Dermalogica created the technology to increase hydration levels by that much, but also the ability to be able to measure it! I am such a sucker for cool things like this.

To finish my treatment, I also got to be one of the very first people to use the latest product from Dermalogica – a moisturiser designed for skin aged around the same as mine. The principle behind it is prevention rather than cure, therefore I was so excited to try this out, as well as take a little home to see the effects. The product is called Prisma Protect, with all the ingredients your skin needs to stay hydrated, as well as an SPF 30. The smell of this product is incredible, and I love the rich and silky smooth texture, without leaving the skin oily. This product only launched yesterday (7thMarch), so get your hands on it before it gets swept off the shelves!

Overall, I was so impressed with the facial, as I have been with all the Dermalogica products I have been lucky enough to try. The Barn is the perfect place to experience all this brand has to offer, and I will without a doubt be booking myself in for another treatment!

A very big thank you to Dermalogica for this treatment, and to Kelly at The Barn for another wonderful visit.

The Barn, Somerset 


This blog post is in collaboration with Dermalogica, however all views and opinions are very much my own.

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