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So, todays post is all about a fashion balance that I personally find very difficult to master. I have been brought up in a family where we all adore fashion, putting different outfits together and enjoying exploring what is new in the industry. However, I feel like my generation is the first in my family where fashion has changed and transformed into a much more practical task in the morning rather than something, we all enjoy. Therefore, to try and fit into society a little more, I have very much had to learn how to mix my style to be comfortable as well as stylish like my grandma. When I say this to her, she thinks it is ridiculous that I don’t just wear what I want, but most of the time I would just much rather not stand out too much with pearls and heels on!

It amazes me how fashion has transformed in the last 100 years. In 1919 women would leave their home in a dress, heeled shoes and a hat! That was the norm! Oh, how I wish we could go back to then.


Since 1919, I would personally say that the English fashion trends have become very Americanised, with comfort at the forefront of our minds. We seem to be living in a time where people simply don’t care in general about the clothes they choose to put on their back and would just rather go out knowing they are going to be comfy. I am all for being comfortable and feeling happy in your clothes, however, I do think there is nothing wrong with putting a little more effort into your style choices. I love being able to wear chic looking clothes, generally from the high street, that are both practical and pretty. So how do we get this balance right?


So, my biggest secret weapon on two occasions is always jewellery. The first occasion is when I am wearing something that is much more comfortable than stylish, and the second when I am wearing an outfit that is extremely neutral in colour. Jewellery has the power to completely transform any outfit into something glamorise, chic and exciting. It is something that has transitioned through the years, in terms of style, but the principle of it has never changed. My grandma and I share jewellery, we always choose the same and we always pair it with the same sort of outfit. It is a timeless collection to have in your wardrobe and is always something that you can keep and cherish for years to come.

Blazers or Structured Jackets

One of my favourite outfits, and something that I could wear everyday if it didn’t become boring is jeans, a white top and a good quality blazer. Blazers have always been a staple piece in my wardrobe, through each season, and I love how much they turn any old outfit into something sophisticated and beautiful. However, if you are going to use this tactic, my biggest piece of advice would be to ensure you are spending a bit of money and shopping in the right place. A blazer is very much something that you do get what you pay for, therefore if you buy something very cheap, it will not give the same effect. My favourite places to shop for blazers on the high street include Zara and Topshop.

Accessories / Statement Belts

As with jewellery, accessories are a great way of making an outfit more stylish, in particular a statement belt. Since the release of the ‘it’ belt from Gucci, the classic gold double G, the belt world seems to have been taken over by giant in your face shiny styles. We all seem to be wearing a statement belt with every outfit, and I am absolutely loving it. In fact, over the last two years I have collected quite the collection. I just adore how they can make a boring outfit more interesting, how they flatter your figure by pulling your waist/ hips in and how they always seem to add the perfect amount of textures.

Choose where you shop wisely

In terms of buying stylish clothes, that are comfortable, I would also say that where you choose to buy them from is very important. Ultimately, when it comes to fashion, you do get what you pay for. My favourite brand at the moment who have nailed the balance of comfortable and stylish is Mint Velvet. Everything they seem to be releasing is beautifully made, individual in design and most importantly, extremely comfortable. I have bought quite a few things now from them, across all areas, such as dresses, knitwear and shoes. They are also a great place for jewellery! Essentially, I just think that in order to create a wardrobe that you love that always has the balance right, you need to have some great go to brands on your radar that you know can work for you.


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Jumper – New Look

Jeans – H&M

Shoes – Dune London

Bag – Ted Baker

Jacket – Miss Selfridge



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