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Do you ever get the urge to just throw everything in your makeup bag out and replace it all with shiny new products? I love new makeup and exploring what is new on the market. I am very much a trend hopper when it comes to beauty, and just want to try absolutely everything that I see being advertised on Instagram. The two products featured in this post are no exception to this, however I have had a good previous experience with both brands, therefore it is easily justified to myself. I love mixing up my makeup looks day to day, getting creative in the morning and matching it to my outfits when I feel like being super organised.

When I try out new makeup products, the real test always comes a few weeks later when the products have really been used and experienced different times in life. These two products have definitely been put to the test, and I want to tell you all about them.

Nars Climax

I first found out about this product when my favourite blogger, ‘Inthefrow’, went on the press trip for the launch of the new mascara from Nars. She seemed to love the product and I loved the ethos and thought behind it. I popped it on my Christmas list last year, and luckily for me, Santa delivered. I think the big thing that attracted me to this product originally was the beautiful red, clean looking packaging. I am a sucker for anything aesthetically pleasing. This mascara has been a joy to test out and I really have loved using it every morning. With any mascara I wear, I always use the Maybelline lash primer underneath, as well as a generous squeeze from the eyelash curlers. This definitely effects all mascara that I wear – it makes everyone last longer through the day and definitely increases the length of the lashes. My favourite thing about this mascara is the chunky brush, which adds a lot of volume to the lashes, as well as a beautiful length. It is rich in colour and holds all day. My one criticism of this product is that it definitely smudges under my eyes after a few hours if I wear it on my bottom lashes, which is very common. Due to this, I only use it on my top lashes, and use a thinner, high street brand to add a little colour to my bottom lashes.

Naked Cherry Palette

I think these beautiful palettes from Urban Decay have become a staple piece in all our makeup bags, for one reason… they are amazing! I have four of them now, including this one and just think they keep getting better and better. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this Cherry palette as it is such a girly, bold statement piece for any collection and I could think of so many looks you can create with it prior to getting one. I love how it can easily be taken from day to night with the variety of light and bright shades to darker, glittery shimmers perfect for any night out. The quality of this product is just as amazing as the others, each shade being very pigmented and so rich in colour. They all blend extremely well and work so beautifully together. An absolute must have for any makeup enthusiast! Also, any eye look created with this palette is complimented completely with the Nars Climax mascara.

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