It amazes me how much interior change through the years. Even from my grandmas’ style, to my mum and now to me. I am a little OCD when it comes to my home, and I like everything to be in order. I would describe my style has very modern, light and fresh with hints of comfort and warmth, as well as traditional features. My dream is to have a home with a big kitchen, with a huge AGA being the centrepiece. However, for now that is not possible, so I have had to learn to use what I have. In terms of furnishings I knew straight away that I wanted to use white and light-coloured furniture, as the walls had already been painted grey. Not only is this because I prefer this colour, but also I love how you can change it up and adapt it more easily based on how you are feeling at a certain time. It is also very easy to adapt depending on the season, as you always have a neutral base to work with. That is why I wanted to put a post together about adding colour to a very white home, and how you can easily mix everything up often to add variety. Also, a very white home can often look a little sterile, which let’s be honest, is not cosy.

I have become obsessed with colourful accessories and changing up my home depending on how I am feeling and the time of year. Having the white base makes life so much easier to do that.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are the first way to add colour to your home. They are probably the most expensive out of all these tips I am bringing you today. However, with the rise of interior sections on the high street, it is becoming a lot easier. Soft furnishings for me include rugs and throws, artwork and ornaments. For example, my new dining table is very white, with white chairs and a ghost chair. To add texture, I opted for an exposed light wood bench on the other side of the kitchen, topped with a fur rug. This is a mink pink coloured throw, which I got for Christmas after finding it in a little village market. I love it, and think it is the perfect pop of colour for the table setting. Another example is the pink chair area by my TV, where I have also put a large print, the famous Prada print we all know so well from Gossip Girl. Before I even had the flat, I knew that was one thing that had to be somewhere. I love that it is level to the chair, and you can admire it from the sofa, whilst also adding the perfect block colour with the grey and pink.

Changeable Décor

Another great way of adding colour to a home is by using changeable décor. For me this includes magazines, books, retail bags and flowers. These are things that can all be changed every few weeks but are great at adding a pop of colour and texture to a space. In my hallway I always try to keep one or two retail bags, usually Jo Malone on the shelf. It looks so feminine, adds texture and also means that they get a second lease of life. Magazines are a must around the house, on the dining table, coffee table or on the step in my room. I always go for colourful fashion magazines, and the glossy finish always looks great around my home. Flowers are the next stage. I have always loved flowers and it is definitely a tradition I inherited from my grandma. I always try to have fresh flowers in the kitchen and in my bedroom. I usually buy mine from Aldi as they are great quality, last ages and of course a very good price. They just make me happy every time I look at them, and I love how I can choose different ones every few weeks to change up the look of the house. However, I am now a lot more limited in my choice as I have my little Nelson the cat. Obviously, there are a lot of flowers that are poisonous for cats, so goodbye lilies and tulips!

Small Hints of Colour

I am all a bit the little hints of colour. My bedside tables had to be white, and I love that style that a lot of influencers on Instagram have from IKEA. I totally copied everyone and went for the same, with some pretty boxes on the bottom. However, to change it up a little and add that small hint of colour, I chose some bright turquoise and gold knobs. They are punchy in colour, but because they are small it is the perfect balance between the white and neutral toned table and being bright and happy. Other things that work perfectly include ornaments, jars in the kitchen and towels in the bathroom.


Plants are an amazing way to add colour to a home, whilst also giving the space a leap of life… literally! Although, I have to admit, I am not the best person at keeping them alive! One of my best friends bought me a plant for Christmas last year (2017), and by some kind of miracle it is still alive. Apparently, she bought me one that doesn’t need to be looked after a lot! I love the plant itself and think that it adds the perfect amount of colour to the space. Fake plants can also be a great way forward, as long as they are not too obviously fake. The little plastic ones by my desk are some of my favourites for that deep green colour against the copper, as well as my hanging plant in the hallway. They really add the perfect pop of colour around my home.


My last piece of advice for adding colour is using metals. My favourite lamp in my home is the copper lamp on my desk, as well as the gold ones in my bedroom. They are amazing at adding colour and texture, whilst also being minimal and fitting into the space perfectly. The copper in my overhanging lounge light also works perfectly to add a contrast of colour, as well as my shiny kettle and toaster in the kitchen. I also believe in mixing metals, as I think the variety really helps with the colours in the home.

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