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Blogging in 2019 is difficult. Whatever reason you blog for and whatever result you want to get out of it, it is a difficult road to get anything out of it. However, it is more than doable. The biggest challenge is finding your niche in this very saturated market. The starting point is always to figure out the ethos of your brand, what you stand for and how you are going to run your very own online bubble. We hear so often nowadays of celebrities and social media influencers working to build their brand, entrepreneurs making a name for themselves by the brands they create and now bloggers too, growing themselves through the brands they create using these wonderful online platforms. It is the way you grow, and nowadays, it is impossible to grow without having a structured and solid brand.

My brand has chopped and changed over the last five years. As I have grown, my brand has grown, and therefore the way I blog has matured with time. One thing to remember when developing a brand is that there is always room for change and improvement – you never have to stick to what you agreed with in the beginning.

When I first started this blog, five years ago in May, I had no idea what I wanted to get out of it and what I wanted it to be like. I just wanted to write. I had so many ideas building up in my mind and so many projects that I couldn’t wait to get started on. I joined Google blogger, used on of their basic templates and off I went. I didn’t have a logo nor colour scheme, and nothing at all was constant. At the time, that didn’t bother me, and it certainly didn’t affect me. I do think a lot of people can be too focused on what everything is going to look like and the aesthetics, forgetting the true meaning of what a blog should be about. So, I thought I would quickly talk through what I think is the best way to build a blogging brand, once you are off and going with your blog posts, as well as social media accounts.


Once you have decided on the kind of brand you want to build, it is then the point that you can begin to put it into play. From a blogging point of view, once you know what you want, you have to get it everywhere. This includes your logo, cover pictures, highlights on Instagram as well as the general them of all your content. I would say your first base has to be the design of your website. After using my blogger template for a few years, I then invested in a custom-made design, which transformed the look and my overall brand. From this I was then able to create the branding for everywhere else. A logo is always the best way to decide on what you want, as everything else very swiftly follows.

Usernames & Blog Name

A name for a blog is a very big part of its brand. In fact, a lot of us now laugh at blogging events how we think of each other by our blog/ Instagram usernames rather than our actual names. I constantly looking at someone and go to refer to them as what they use online! It is silly really – but I guess if that is what we know them as then they probably are doing something right. Choosing a blog name can be very difficult, so my biggest piece of advice is to choose something as simple as possible, that reflects you, is punchy and memorable.


Having a proper email for your blog is essential. I started mine up less than a year ago, and wow do I wish I had done it sooner. It isn’t better in terms of efficiency, as you can just as easily get your emails from a random internet account, however it is a lot more professional. Each brand that wants to work with you will see it as soon as they get in contact and it does make a big difference, especially where you keep your contact details.

Professional at all times

This is something that I have really learnt in the last year – not so much from a blogger point of view, but more from my marketing work. I have worked with other bloggers on behalf of clients and have really noticed a different between them. It is always obvious instantly who treats their blog more as a business than a hobby, and it becomes apparent very quickly whether or not I would want to recommend them to said clients. As a blogger, you are your selling point, so always remain professional. You can be kind and show good manners, whilst also getting to the point.


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