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So, it is probably no secret by now that I love to travel – last year I was lucky enough to visit eight different places, really feeding my hunger to see more of the world. I just love everything about exploring new cultures, experiencing the place and enjoying everything it has to offer. With that, I have become quite the pro packer. I have very much learnt from my mistakes over the years, and am now able to throw everything together quickly, reassured that I always have everything I need. Packing can be quite a stressful process, especially if you are going somewhere new. I mean I can’t even imagine how stressful it must be if you have children – having to pack for you and them! Anyway, that problem for me is something way in the future.

I thought I would put together a little guide on my best tips on how to pack effectively, as well as the little touches to make life a lot easier on the other side. Packing before you go in an organised manner will mean that when you get to your destination, you can have a stress-free time knowing everything is planned and ready to go.

My first point is on outfits. Not just to plan your outfits – which I do – but also to create and pack items that can be worn together. Every time I go away, I lay the outfits out on my bed, always trying them on first, taking a picture so I remember what I had planned. However, what I mean by items together is choosing outfits that can be mixed and matched together to make some solid looks. For example, when I last went away, a few weeks ago for my birthday, I chose a red jumper, midi skirt and some basic items as my staple pieces. This way I could mix everything together depending on my mood and what we were getting up to. So, on the travel day I wore jeans and my red jumper, then on an evening I wore my red jumper with a red toned skirt. Then the next day, I wore the same skirt, with the same boots, but with a basic black top. I used to pack a lot of items to create outfits, however with the weight limits I got sick of taking so much stuff. By doing it this way you take up less space and it is much less stressful putting outfits together on holiday.

Following on from that point, we then have accessories. I have got really strict with myself in the last few months, ensuring I am only taking accessories that are absolutely necessary. Making sure I am careful with my outfits and mixing everything together as I mentioned, it is automatically easier to take less accessories. For my birthday trip I had a lot of red toned outfits, so all I needed was a red handbag, a little gold jewellery and a tan belt. These could be worn with every single outfit in my suitcase and automatically took up less weight and space than before. I used to take around four handbags per trip to go with different outfits and it was ridiculous. For a trip, I always make sure I have a smaller over shoulder bag, which in this case was my red bag, and then I take a large handbag on the plane. This is essential for me as hand luggage and then is so useful if I need a big bag whilst I am away, especially for a pool/ beach holiday.

My summer holiday rule is always to use my beach/ pool bag as my hand carry-on bag. Two birds with one stone as they say!

My wash bag rule is simple. NO FULL-SIZE PRODUCTS. I have a large collection now of little Superdrug bottles that I bought empty that I fill up every time I go. They fit neatly into my wash bag, take up less space, and automatically ease so much off the weight limit. It is so unnecessary to take giant bottles and products, especially for a mini break. I don’t really buy the travel size products they have in store as they are so overpriced and doing it myself really requires little effort. The one thing I always buy at the airport is a mini pack of water wipes. I use these to take the top layer of my makeup off every night, but they are also amazing to have with you on the plane.

My next piece of advice is hand luggage. Now this one differs from person to person; however, I have a few set rules for myself with hand luggage. The first is, I rarely take a little suitcase. It is just stressful and annoying, and really if you are strategic with your big case, you don’t need the extra space. I always take a big handbag, making sure I don’t over fill it, as sometimes you do have to carry it for a while. I also take one that will definitely fit under the seat in front of you, otherwise it is so irritating having to go up and get everything out of the locker when you want it. A few key things for your hand luggage include: headphones; laptop/tablet; snacks; book; wallet for your travel documents; water (bought after security).

What are your best packing tips?

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